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Cory Bauer - Predator Hunter

Want the low down on the Predator fan films Dark Jungle and Hunter's Match? What went wrong with Hunter's Match? Are there more Pred films in the works? And what is this SBOOB thing anyway? Look no further than this exclusive interview with director Cory Bauer.

RoboDan's Alien Trailer

RoboDan has just submitted a short teaser for his upcoming Alien trailer project. Some of you may remember Dan's kick ass AvP trailer a little while back. This this schnippet, this one promises more of the same. Check it out! (Note: You'll need Quicktime)

AvP2daily.de is back

Hi! Yes, wonders happen. www.AvP2daily.de is back and ready to rumble. I would be happy if you spread out this news! Kind regards Nico "GL Spa" Lindner www.gelance.de, Germany Partner of AvP2daily.de spa@gelance.de

Predator : Hunter's Match

According to AvPNews and director Cory Bauer, the fan film Predator : Hunter's Match, the much anticipated (and long thought abandoned) follow up to Predator : Dark Jungle has picked up production again and is about 60% complete. Expect to see it ready about the time McFarlane's Movie Maniacs 6 is in stores. You can get the lowdown at Sboob Entertainment. NOTE : Despite the logo up there on the right, this is a fan produced film, and in no way connected to Fox or Uncle Rupert or anything. It is not an official sequel to Predator or Predator 2.

AvP1: Marine MP strategies

AvP by Rebellion has never really gone away--it lurks in the muddy waters of the community and people STILL dream of its inherent horrors and different gameplay. Static_J took upon himself to refresh our memory about the survival skills needed for Marine MP gameplay: As many of you know, playing AvP online is a totally different experience than playing single player. On the AAP message board there was a thread started to give tips to some of the other members. I thought id share some of the strategies that i use with you guys due to the shortage of good Marine players in AvP:Gold Edition. It's to help you guys that play marine to maybe learn how to play a bit better. Enjoy the article here and discuss it in the forums. NOTE--we are on the lookout for an AvP specialist--so if you like and KNOW the game, mail me for a chat. Same with a Primal Hunt Specialist :-))

The Complete Record of Alien Encounters - Part 1

This is something I've been working on for around 6 months, and it's pretty well finished (pictures will accompany it when some access issues have been sorted out). This piece describes each and every Alien encounter from the films, and offers theories and extrapolations (some new; some old) based on what we see and hear in the films - and ONLY what we see and hear in the films. Part 1 describes some ten encounters that various members of the Nostromo crew had with the Alien in it's many forms. Yet it took some time to pick up the Alien, which is subsequently lost, then gained again shortly before Dallas' demise. Does the Alien exert a natural electrical (or some other sort of) field that can play havoc with instruments? Did it pass through shafts that had some of shielding, blocking the tracker from picking it up? Or did Ash not build them properly -either by accident or design? This is just a schnippet. The whole thing encompassing all four films runs to 63 single spaced pages without pictures. Parts 2, 3 and 4 will be published in the coming weeks, as will approximately 160 reference pictures. The whole thing is available here, and if you have anything to comment about it, check the forums.

Happy New year AD2K3

Yessssss!! Its the year of Our Lord 2K3, and no--the Lord ISN'T Unreal Tournament!! I'd like to wishhhhhhhhhhhhhh You ALL a Happy New Year--tons of happiness, good relationships and pleeeeeeeenty of money to buy games with. I'm back to the world of gaming, so you'll see some wickeeeeeeed activity around our various endeavours. For now--thanks to dvVIII, SM, AlienSlof for their massive help, and to ALL of YOU for taking them time to visit us. Prez and me are looking forward to a bright 2k3--our various websites are coming [slowly, I know] to life. The Network is gonna grow pretty fast in 2k3. Once again--may the Internet and hardware Gods shine their Love on you and your comp.

Diary of a Xeno - new chapters!

After a little problem with uploading I have finally solved it and now have two new chapters of my epic, Diary of a Xeno 2 up. I hope the wait was worth it as my Alien Queen displays her deviousness once more! Snippets: Ch.18: A month later, Helen stood in the hive, gazing at a seemingly endless sea of eggs. She scratched her head in puzzlement. S

AvP CGI Film

I have recieved word that there is an AvP CGI film being created. It is a fan made film, and here are the details that I have. Story Synopsis: Aliens Versus Predator

AvP2 Timeline

Cameron Rhyne has written an exceedingly detailed account of the events surrounding in the incident on LV-1201. Check it out here. A definate must for AvP2 fans and continuity nuts alike! Don't forget to discuss it in the forums.


I've finally managed to get access to all the components on the server, and now our Online Gallery is back up & running! So go a head and visit it! We have some great pictures and art works submitted by our memebers. You can also submit your own artworks! Go ahead, visit it now

Diary of a Xeno - Ch.17!

This gives info on how the rock wolves could eat xenos without a problem and old S'liithy goes into breeding overdrive! This is a real steamy one! A (non-steamy) bit:

Alien 5 news...

Well, seen a teensy rumour that there is gonna be an Alien 5 movie with James Cameron directing... I sure do hope he does! The storyline is rumoured to be something along the lines of the Aliens get to Earth and cause havoc as only Xenos can! Sounds like the restaurant's open at last for us Aliens! The details can be found HERE!

Anise's Aliens Music

Anise has created a piece of music inspired by Aliens - I've heard it and it's excellent. It can be downloaded from here. Have a listen then discuss in the forums.

AvP2 Essays Aplenty!!

Both Alienslof and Killa Dutch have chimed in with some AvP2 essays... Don’t get me wrong though: although it is a one hit kill weapon (usually), if put in the hands of a novice, it can be an easy kill for an opposing player. Check out the full story in The Art of Sniping. However if the Alien is more your bag, baby... I can't stress this enough - USE THE WALLWALKING! Spend a lot of time on the ceilings in dark corners and ambush - many people I've played against are used to games where you don't need to look up Have a read about Alien survival here. Then hit the forums.

Diary of a Human

For fans of Alienslof's Diary of a Xenomorph, make sure you check out the human perspective on things... This essay has been rewritten since the arrival of the third and current Queen, this particular Xenomorph is of special interest, and it is her and her current hive of which I shall be recording. I am using a different approach to studying them than before, starving and poking them doesn’t work. Take an optic at the whole shebang here and let her royal Slofness know what you think on the forums.

Gallery Changes!

Okay, as promised, we've reworked the AbsoluteAvP Gallery structure. The changes are simple: - Game Pics is now AvP2 Pics Category, since it WAS filled with AvP2 pics. - we've added a NEW AvP2 PH Pics Category intended exclusively for Primal Hunt pics. If you played it, you'll have plenty of screenies to submit. - we've added a NEW AvP by Monolith Pics Category intended for those of you who enjoy or enjoyed the first game and would want to share your AvP passion. Movie Pics stay unchanged. Movie Props stay unchanged. A:CM Pics stay unchanged, seeing that the game is as good as dead. :( AvP Universe Pics stay unchanged--it still holds all the amazing Fan Art you submitted. :) You can submit your game images at any time, in fact, we're WAITING FOR THEM!! We're not sot sure what to do with Free4All--it might get moved to AbsoluteGamerz Network Home but at some later date. It should fit better THERE.

On Queens and more...

Sterling Olson chimes in with a piece about how Queens progress to Queen Mothers, and beyond... When a Queen mother dies, the remaining Xenomorph Queens duke it out to decide the new leader. To solidify a Queens power she must now molt to Queen Mother stage. Read the entire article here then voice your own opinion on the Xenomorph Matriarch in our forums.

(-AK-) Clan

Nothing rotten in the state of Denmark! (-AK-) Killer has drawn my attention to the homepage of the (-AK-) Clan. They have 15 members at the moment (and counting), predominantly made up of our Danish brethren. If you're into AvP2 multiplayer check out their page.

Fighting, Weapons, Teamwork.

{TBW}Killa Dutch_L sent in an essay outling his views on HOW the nasty MP gameplay SHOULD operate: The first thing you should do on a level is look for perches and vents (I know you think this isn't making sense but just wait). You know how when you try to sneak up on a Marine carrying a smartgun or any other automatic weapons, they turn around and start blowing you away? Well that's where your vents and perches come in... Enjoy the whole thing and remember to discuss it in our forums.

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