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The recent report from AICN claiming that the casting of Peter Weller as John Yutani was a fake. A rouse created by someone to prove that AICN post news without proper info and stuff!

John Yutani Casted

Aint it Cool News has posted an article stating that John Yutani, last of the duo Weyland-Yutani, has been casted. The person playing the part will be Petter Weller, Robocop. Heres a small bit from the article: "Last month I was fortunate enough to exchange e-mails with one of the press invitees (For his sake, I will not name him outright) who took part in the Prague AVP set visits, and he dropped MAJOR hints that a certain "Detroit Cyborg" would be involved in the upcoming movie. To keep a long story short, after a lengthy discussion and a whole lot of begging, I finally managed to squeeze some interesting details out of him. While this would come as quite a major spoiler, this is hands down the best news I've heard yet coming from a motion picture with Paul Anderson's name attached to it. " I happen to agree with Super Furry Animal who mentions that he would have thought Yutani would have been a japannse company man. Read the article here.

Predator Game

Hi all Corpral Hicks here, bringing your a com. of the new Predator Game. So far, we know the game isn't a 1st person shooter but most likely a 3rd Person Adventure/Shooter. The Game is due out sometime chrsitmas 2004 and it is being produced by Vivendi! Happy Huntings Corpral Hicks

Competition Results are in! ! !

For all those that entered the waiting is over, the results are here. The person chosen at random is: Alien Lord, New Species Congratulations to the winner, and apologies to everyone else. Keep trying, it could be YOU next time!

Poster Competiton is now open !

What better way of starting 2004 if not by getting a free Alien poster? Yes a free poster for simply being a member of our sites! So, enter the draw to have a chance of winning. The draw will take place on 18th of January at 18:00 GMT.

AVPWorld back online

After about four months of being offline, AVPWorld is back online. I have made huge changes to the site, this includes a new host and new URLs: http://aa.domaindlx.com/avpworld/, www.avpworld.cjb.net and lastly www.avpworld.tk. I have added more information to already existing sections aswell as new sections. A New Guestbook, a new Layout and a new banner. Be sure to visit. happy Huntings

Century of Flight

Today is the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers' first flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina on 17th December 1903. Orville, who flew the first 12sec, 37m (120ft) flight, and Wilbur are credited with achieving the first powere heavier-than-air controlled and sustained flight, completing four flights that day. Their four-year design and test programme included windtunnel testing and led to a proven three-axis control system that is the basis of that used on today's aircraft. The Experimental Aircraft Association has staged a re-anacment of the first flight at Kitty Hawk, with just as much success as the brothers had 100 years ago. In less than a month I have witnessed the very last ever flight and landing of Concorde and enjoyed the marking of century of flight. So, here are a few pics of the Concorde as it 'came home', that's Bristol in the South West of England. The last ever Concorde built (which was also here in Filton), and the last one that flew. It was a very impressive sight, and so many people had turnded up all over the city as the plane did it's tour around the region. We all clapped, some people waved their flags, and very nice moment. I'm very glad I got to see it.

The 8th Passenger Collectables Site

The 8th Passenger is a site dedicated to Alien vs Predator Collectables. It features pictures and info on alot of the stuff made on the movies: Figures, Posters, Trading Cards and like. Visit the site at http://www.8thpassenger.com HAPPY HUNTINGS

AVP Movie Storyline *SPOILERS*

Well thanks to AVP Galaxy an article on Dark Universe has been found. "The film opens in the year 2000 BC, as a Alien before a Predator blasts the creature. In the present day, technicians at a Wayland Industries' satellite receiving station make a startling discovery. A team of scientists is assembled and travel by an icebreaker ship to the Antarctic where a system of pyramids lies beneath the ice, seemingly proving archaeologist Wells' theory that ancient civilisations emerged from one master race. Inside the pyramids they discover human skeletons with holes in their chests and fossilised chest-bursters, while a sarcophagus room is discovered to contain advanced weaponry belonging to the Predators. Verheiden rashly initiates a process that sees a chained captive Alien Queen lifted from a vapour pool and begin laying eggs. On the surface five young Predators arrive to take part in their trials, armed with new weapons including throwing stars that expand to six long blades. They kill the project's drilling team and head into the pyramids, leading to an explosive showdown between the Predators, the Aliens and the humans. " Take a look at the Article


As most of you will know an AVP has been confirmed and fox has made a site for the movie.www.avp-movie.com. The site contains backgrounds for you to download for your desktop aswell as an option to sign up to be email with any new news on the movie. HAPPY HUNTINGS

Aliens: Unleashed- New Moblie Phone Game

Sorrent Games has brought out a new Aliens game for your moblie phone. Aliens Unleashed. "You are a United Star System Colonial Marine recruit- selected to become the best of the best-if you can make it through elite boot camp. You are stationed on New Quantico, a secret training facility on a newly inhabited planet. While practicing against synthetic Aliens, the unthinkable occurs... the synths malfunction. And then, your real training begins!" Thrilling ALIENS: UnleashedTM storyline Follow the gripping storyline as your character explores increasingly hostile locations in search of the threat. A tip system will help you unlock new areas and hopefully keep you alive. 1st person fighting system In-your-face views of 15 different enemy attackers, including Alien face-huggers that cling to your face and the Alien Queen as she swings her massive tail at your body. Exclusive Colonial Marine weapons and armor Utilize an arsenal of nine unique weapons, like the Bazooka and the massive Smart Gun, and eight pieces of armor that can be collected throughout the game. Sounds of combat Hear the electric roar of the Pulse Rifle, the explosions of your RPG rocket and the death scream of the Aliens.

AVPWorld and Allied Forum

Hi all Corpral Hicks here. Well I'd like to say thanks to Prezes for getting the site back up, and I hope you all enjoy the site. My site, AVPWorld is currently down due to the fact that I am redesigning the site. This includes new banner, and lots of new information. I hope to get the site done before christmas because I have almost finished. The Allied Forum has currently had a make over aswell thanks to the help of Forum admin, AlienSlof. Aswell as that I know set up a shorter URL for those who can't remember the exact URL to the forum just type http://www.alliedforum.tk HAPPY HUNTINGS

We are Back !!!

We are back on-line !!! I

AbsoluteAvP backup ! ...in away....

As most of you have noticed, the site has been down for a few days (that includes the emails as well). It will take us and Network Solutions some time to sort this out (there is no other way, but to wait for Network Solutions to get their act together). Therefore you can now access AbsoluteAvP through AbsoluteGamerz. Just got to www.absolutegamerz.com/avp You can also access all the hosted sites this way! Unfortunately, the gallery function has been suspended for the time being. I am working on bring it back as soon as possible whilst we deal with this awkward problem of our inaccessible domain. Please be patient and continue supporting us. Prezes

AvP Gold Sourcecode again

If you had trouble downloading the sourcecode for AvP Gold a little while back, I recently tried it and it was fine, so go give it another shot.

Alien Poster and AVP Movie Date

First off i'd like to say while going to the Cinema to see T3, i noticed a poster for the re-release of Alien. It was basically a normal alien poster but saying Directors Cut beneath the main title! Now second is another release date for the AVP Movie, August 6th, 2004. Thanks to the webmaster of AVP Galaxy for e-mailing me the site he got the date from. Check it out here

More Alien Re-release news

Okay chaps and chapettes, this is the Official synopsis from Fox of the Alien : Director's Cut and it's Halloween release. On the scariest day of the year, Twentieth Century Fox re-releases the scariest film ever made: Ridley Scott's "Director's Cut" of this science fiction / horror classic. For this newly-restored special edition, Scott has re-edited the film, incorporating new footage never before seen in theaters. ALIEN has been hailed by critics and audiences worldwide as a seminal work of the genre.

AVP: Extinction Review and Alien5 release date

Hi all, Corpral Hicks here. Just bringing you your new of a new AVP: Extinction review over at Brit Xbox. Heres a bit from the review: "The three fiercest species in the universe have been locked in a bloody, galaxy-spanning battle for years. With each new encounter, it seems the on-going conflict will never end. After a small unit of Colonial Marines, dispatched to planet LV-742, reveals the presence of both Predators and Aliens, it is decided that the conflict must end once and for all." You can read the whole review here. And aswell I bring you news of a possible Alien5 release date. It is rumored to be released sometime around christmas 2005 and directed by James Cameron!

Predator Mod for Morrowind!

I found this on PlanetAvP, and I know some of the people on here play Morrowind as indeed do I: Anyone remember that Predator mod for Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind that was talked about many months ago? Being created by a talented team of mod-makers -- Phil Hickerson, Phytoswasp and Zod316 -- it was supposed to come out soon... but it never did. To clear it all up, mod-maker Phil Hickerson was kind enough to mail PAvP on the status of his team's modification. It seems the whole idea of the mod was dropped months ago, but was resurrected just recently - and it's going great. This is what he said: "The plugin was resurrected about a month ago and my god is it coming out fabulously. I wanted to tell you about this.. before I sent you screen shots of models we had done and one spear that had actually been imported into MW.. now there are honest to goodness Preds in there, with quests and all sorts of yummy weapons. Being the 'storyteller' of the mod, I've actually made quite good sense of them being in that world. And let me tell you.. the Pred models we've done look beautiful. You know how much of a Predator whore I am, so I refused to put anything half @$$ in the plugin. Check out the screenshots I've attached.. forgive me if this sounds arrogant(it isn't meant to), but I think in terms of accuracy and detail, we've surpassed any attempt at a 3D Predator in a game to date. There is ZERO chance of the mod dying again, I've too much time in it now and too much work. A brief list of features for the plugin's first release; - Male and female Predators playable- they are to scale in the MW world - I.E. taller than everybody else. - Multiple Predator weapons and interchangeable armor pieces. - The ability to join the Predator clan, and there are quests and missions when you do. - Multiple Predator NPCs with unique dialogue and AI settings. - The ability to fight alongside fellow Predators. - 3D Models and textures created from reference photos and props/model kits for quality and authenticity. - Traits from the movies, including supreme strength, agility and the abillity to turn invisible at will. - A thought out backstory explains their presence, and it is revealed through quests and communication with the Elder Predators and other NPC's. That is not all.. but I have to refrain from spoiling everything!" -- Phil Hickerson He can be mailed here: beanspanx@aol.com AlienSlof.

Illegal Aliens?

AvP has a truly international following, so it's about time I plug a couple of non-English sites. First up is The Alien Web Site which is a fantastic looking site in Spanish. And we also have the excellent French site Planet Alien. I have seen some of the content of this site, but it's currently still being put together. Check it out towards the end of this month.

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