Predator 3

by Hicks
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Everything about the rumored third Predator film.

The information and news in this section is based on rumors and speculation aquired from various sources such as the Internet, magazines, interviews, and television specials. AbsoluteAvP staff do not endorse the information as fact, but as a basis of what may be to come. Please use good judgment when browsing this section. Latest Rumors February 1, 2002 MovieHeadlines.Net had an anonymous report submitted to them regarding Predator 3: "The Northern Scott, here in Moray, has some potential casting for the recently mulled "Predator 3". Seems Danny Glover (Predator 2) is most certainly back to reprise his role of lieutenant Mike Harrigan. And from the sounds of it, Predator 3 is the one that will open the door for the Predators VS Aliens project. Regards, Shaun." November 18, 2001 The movie news web site Counting Down lists Predator 3 with a June 1, 2003 release date. The site also provides a brief story summary: American marines go to a planet where Predators are staging an invasion of Earth. Movie Details Release Date: Unknown if being considered for production. Rating: Restricted, presumably. Running Time: Unknown. Tagline: Unknown. A 20th Century Fox Production Story: Robert Rodriguez (From Dusk Till Dawn) has been rumored as the director/screenwriter for the project (which in itself is just a rumor). Another rumor also circulated in 1997 which stated Rodriquez was kicked of the project. No new rumors have named a replacement. Director: Robert Rodriquez (From Dusk Till Dawn). Producer: Unknown. Predator Design: Stan Winston (Predator, Predator 2) would be an ideal candidate if the project ever becomes a reality. Original Music: Unknown. Cast: Both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Glover have been rumored to have their characters re-cast for the third film. Story: One rumored storyline places Dutch (Schwarzenegger) and Harrigan (Glover), the only two humans to defeat a Predator warrior, captured and taken back to the Predator homeworld. There they are apparently forced to fight in a gladiator style arena for the pleasure of the Yautja species. And just recently a rumor places American marines on the Predator homeworld to stop a plan for the Yautja invasion of Earth. Eat This: Predator 3 has about a snowball's chance in hell of being produced. The Alien franchise has proven more sucessful and financially viable and yet Alien 5 still does not look like it will ever be produced. So why would Fox pass up an opportunity to further the Alien legacy with the production a third installment of Predator? Simple, they wouldn't. If Robert Rodriquez is the biggest hope for the project, it's in serious trouble. The Hicks Meter: "I say we take off and nuke the entire project from orbit. Only way to be sure."

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