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New AvP Featurette

They have just released a new AvP featurette titled "The Making of the Creatures". The featurette can be seen Here. As you may have guessed, it is about the making of the Aliens and Predators for the film. It may have some spoilers about the design and equipment of the two species.


Well I've spent about a month updating the site AGAIN. New layout, new forum and new content again. Have a look round and please sign the guestbook with your comments. I have removed the .tk domain name and am keeping to .cjb.net and the oringial domain url which is www.angeltowns.com/members/avpworld/.

AVP Movie

The Making of Creature Feature has been updated with some new scenes from the avp movie: Check the rest out

New Toys

Well Palisades Toys are making an Aliens Playset which comes with all your favorite marines(YEAH HICKS) and 9 aliens. Cool eh? Check out the picture Order your copy now Thanks to Bugstomper for the news.

New Poll

Ok people. There is a new poll up at www.absoluteavp.com The poll is on what your favorite types of each species are. Im not trying to create an argument here or anything so lets keep it civil. This is not a poll on which is the best species. Enjoy ALNS


Over at Sci-Fi Wire they've posted an article about the creature effects of the new avp movie: ""The previous films have always been very tactile and kind of close quarters, and AVP will be no different," said Gillis, who created the makeup and creature effects for Alien Resurrection and Starship Troopers, among other SF films." Check it out.

New Poll

What would make a great AvP game. With the new poll you can have some input. not saying that anybody who makes the games actually comes here. but just to see what everyone likes the most. or would like the most for a new game. Hope you enjoy the new poll. ALNS

AVP Movie

Well over at Dark Horizons, they've reported that several minutes of new movie footage was shown at Fox ShoWest: "Heaps of new footage appeared in this extended 4-5 minute trailer complete with lots of action shots, FX footage and an explanation about how the scenario of the movie is setup. The money shot at the end (an ancient temple with three predators on top and hundreds of aliens crawling up it) is sweet, as is some of the new Predator gear and the temple sets. Extremely quick cut, this looks a lot like what'll be used as the basis for the final trailer" Check it out.

New AVPWorld Forum

Well due to the deletion of Allied Forum, myself and Slof have taken seperate path, Slof as started her own and so have I. AVPDose is dead, so dont expect to see another forum or site. AVPWorld Forum Its follows a new layout and colour system, and banner. The colour syheme and banner will be whats avpworld next design. Of course it doesnt have as many members as before but check it out, sign up and chat.

New Fan Movie

Well I've had an interview with Steven Johnson, the guy behind the new spoof based on the AVP movie: "Corpral Hicks-So what is your involvment in this project and how did you get involved? Steven Johnson- Solo operation run by me. The movie consists of hand drawn artwork, plus art from AvP1 and 2, as well as audio from both games, mostly avp1." Check out the interview here

AVP Movie

Well this weekend the AVP movie site is being updated but IGN got itself a preview, which is avaible to all of the fans out there. avp-movie.com/ign/ Username: avp Password: weyland The site includes a poll option and a very nice flash intro, desktop backgrounds and production stills. Its a cool site check it out.


AICN has posted an article about an interview with Ridley mentioning the new AVP movie and the possibilities of Alien 5 & Predator 3: "Fox are waiting to see how Aliens vs Predator does, and then they'll do the Alien movie, and I believe a Predator film too. Again, if I'm involved in it, great, if not, then that's luck of the draw. " View Article Here

New Poll - AvP Movie (again)

With the release of the AvP Movie getting ever closer, I thought I would do a poll on the theme. In our original AvP Movie poll (from eons ago), 50% of you wanted Alien 5 first ! Close behind, you said that you were dreaming of it. So here we are, 2004, and AvP Movie will be with us shortly, but is it what you wanted??? If you have been keeping up with the rumours, is this what you thought it will be all about? Will the producers make another A:Resurrection and kill the genre? Is your heart pumping at the mention of the movie? Will you be camping outside you local cinema to be the first to watch it??? Tell us

new Pictures

Well FilmForce have posted another interview with director Paul Anderson, and within this interview they have 3 production photos: Check it out.

More on Pred Game

Well over at GameGossip they've posted an article about Vivendis game from last year and the upcoming ones this year: "Additionally, following various reports around the net, Vivendi confirmed that 2004 will see the release of Predator across the Xbox, PlayStation 2 and PC platforms. Check back later today for more news." Check It Out.

AVP Reviewed

Apparenty, film and radio critic, Gareth Von Kallenbach, saw 30 minute of the new AVP Movie. "Flat out rocks.Good action and great visuals," Remember this is only a rumour, but lets hope its true, because this movie can do good things to the AVP Uni. Thanks to David Shipley of Planet AVP.

AVP Busts

Well Palisades have released an article on their new busts. Check out the article here

AVP Pred

Again thanks to Skull Splitter for this picture:

AvP Teaser Trailer Online

A new teaser for Paul Anderson's Aliens vs. Predator is now online at Apple.Com.

Alien 5 Plot

According to Planet X, a member of Game Gossip, he has gotten news from his 'source' about Alien 5, get aload of this: "If AvP is succesful or not A5 will be directed by Redley Scott with the Bio Team in mind to include Bishop II, taking them further in their search of the Alien to it's homeworld to include the Space Jockey. 1. From my understanding the Bio Team find a 2nd Space Jockey floating in space with no life signals. 2. Bishop decides to board it and claim it by international spaceship laws. 3. A lot of things go wrong inside the Derelict ship when the Bio Team find them self facing Aliens inside. 4. The Derelict ship turns on by the fire fight and returns to it's home planet to include the remaining Bio Team members. More to follow guy's got to hide my source. This is a very possible course of A5." Of course this is only rumour.

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