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Released: 1986
Rated: Restricted
Running Time: 137 Minutes

Tagline: This time it's war.

A 20th Century Fox Release, A Brandywine Production

Story: James Cameron, David Giler, Walter Hill
Director: James Cameron
Producer: Gordon Carroll, David Giler, Walter Hill, Gale Anne Hurd
Original Alien Design: Hans Rudy Giger
Alien Design: James Cameron
Original Music: James Horner


Sigourney Weaver as Ripley
Carrie Henn as Newt
Michael Biehn as Hicks
Paul Reiser as Burke
Lance Henriksen as Bishop
Bill Paxton as Hudson
William Hope as Gorman
Jenette Goldstein as Vasquez
Al Matthews as Apone
Mark Rolston as Drake
Ricco Ross as Frost
Colette Hiller as Ferro
Daniel Kash as Spunkmeyer
Cynthia Scott as Dietrich
Tip Tipping as Crowe
Trevor Steedman as Wierzbowski
Paul Maxwell as Van Leuwen
Valerie Colgan as ECA Rep
Alan Polonsky as Insurance Man
Alibe Parsons as Med Tech
Blain Fairman as Doctor
Barbara Coles as Cocooned Woman
Carl Toop as Alien Warrior
John Lees as Power Loader Operator
Louise Head as Newt's Double #1
Kiran Shah as Newt's Double #2

Story Synopsis:

Lieutenant Ripley is found drifting in space in the Narcissus by a deep space salvage team, 57 years after she destroyed the Nostromo and escaped the horror there. Back at Earth, on the space station Gateway, Ripley is reprimanded by Weyland-Yutani for her actions leading to the destruction of Nostromo and her flight status is revoked. Haunted by images of her encounter with the alien, and with an opportunity to gain flight status once again, Ripley agrees to accompany a squadron of United States Colonial Marines to LV-426 to investigate a communication interruption there.

Once on LV-426, Ripley and the platoon quickly realize the situation is far more than a simple communication interruption, Xenomorphs arepresent. Newt, a young girl, and only colony survivor quickly bonds with Ripley and provides some insight into the events that unfolded at Hadleys Hope. The remaining colonists are located under the atmosphere processor, cocooned and incapacitated.

The ensuing battle, and dropship crash, causes damage to the primary heat exchangers and main cooling towers, that will cause an imminent thermonuclear explosion within the next four hours. The marines battle their way out of the complex with only Ripley and a badly injured Corporal Hicks surviving. Newt has been captured by the aliens and Bishop, the synthetic, is remote piloting the second dropship from the Sulaco.

Bishop flies the dropship to a safe area and Ripley arms herself to go back into the atmosphere processor to find Newt. Her mission is successful, but on the way out of the alien hive, they meet a massive Queen. Ripley battles her way out, but the Queen follows. Bishop blasts off with Newt and Ripley safely onboard and escape into orbit just seconds before the processors explode.

But, back on the Sulaco, there's a visitor. The Queen stowed away on the dropship and tears Bishop in two. Newt hides under the floor and Ripley straps into a power loader for a one-on-one battle with the 14 foot tall alien. Eventually, Ripley knocks the Queen into the airlock and blasts it into space. Bishop, Hicks, Newt and Ripley are safe and head back to Earth in cryosleep.


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