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Making of AvP. A Fox Special hosted by Lance Henriksen.

Before the AVP Movie came out, there was a TV special that aired. It was The Making of AvP. I have uploaded it so the community can view it if they missed it. You will need: GameSpy ID www.gamespyid.com DivX Video Codec: www.divx.com AC3 Audio Filter: http://ac3filter.sourceforge.net/#download You can get it off my site: http://www.planetavp.com/acidglowskins/ Or the direct download here: http://www.fileplanet.com/dl.aspx?/planetavp/acidglowskins/moavpdivx.rar

Movie is OUT !!!

So everyone in the UK is missing in action as they are in their local cinemas watching the movie. To give you something to read about, for those that have already seen in back in August and are awaiting the return of us Brits from the silver screens, there is a new article on Bill Paxton. He has been in many movies and is the only one that can say he has been killed by a Terminator, a Alien (Xeno), and a Predator. He has also danced with Tornados, fought with gun-slingers, tried to seduce the wife of a secret agent whilst working as a car salesman, survived the accidents of his attempt to land on the moon, faced the mighty ice-burg whilst on the 'unsinkable' ship, getting killed outside his sub to allow the stealing of an Enigma machine, fallen of Mt Everest, lead Rescue International.... What more can I say !!!! Read about the man, now !

Movie Almost OUT!

For those of us in the UK, the wait is almost over !!! 36 hours remain before we can watch the AvP Movie! I'm now back on-line, and will catch up with stuff over the next few days ;).

--AvP Movie Sound Pack--

Predators: All taunts, pains sounds, netgun, disc, shoulder cannon, cloak, spear, laserlock, predvision loops, vision changes and zooming Aliens: All taunts, pain sounds, death sounds, the facehugger has very cute taunts lol. The queen has monstrous taunts. Humans: pistol and death sounds..the movie didn't have much on them..bleh..oh well. It's based for the Alien and Predators really. Menus: Buttons, rollovers, clicks and menu music in different menu tabs. Get it off my site and much more. I left a few previews on my site. http://planetavp.com/acidglowskins

AvP Movie Out Soon

There are only 22 days remaining before Aliens vs Predator the movie is released in the UK. Do you know if your local ciname will be showing it? Have you booked your cinema ticket yet?

Alien in 30 seconds re-enacted by bunnies!

Bunnies here, bunnies there, bunnies everywhere, kinda leads to the question, what does bunnies have to do with alien??? There work is extremely efficient at summarizing the main points in different movies, one of which is ALIEN!

Alien vs Predator The Movie 2

Unfortunatly, Alien vs Predator the movie 2 probably wont be coming out ever, instead...

AxP: Realism Mod Review

Ive played many mods of the Alien vs Predator 2 universe, projam, stalker, but AxP: Realism takes the cake by a long shot. This mod has some of the newest and best ideas ive ever seen in a...

Predator Gladiator

Want to test your predator melee skills against an onslaught of endless drones, runners and praetorians??? Well heres your...

Alien History

Every wanted to know everything about aliens and the USCMC. Even though our hosted sites do have some of the history, this pdf file contains everything in the alien universe, from....

Yeyinde's Skins

Ive seen many AvP2 sites showing off there skins, but not everyone has talent, ive seen aliens looking like raptors, predators looking like spiderman. There a bunch of crap, but Mr. Yeyinde has proven to be an ....

Projam Review

PROJAM is a mod for AvP2 that redefines all the skins, sounds, physics, and gameplay for both the Multiplayer and Single Player experience. It makes the game more true to the movie franchises.

Predator: Concrete Jungle Delayed

The predator is back, only now hes in the past..or is it future? Well, its both actually! Vivendi Stuidos has announced that Predator: Concrete Jungle will...

Alien vs Predator Chess Set

Ever wanted to play chess with your favorite species in AvP? Ever wanted to have a "Queen" go against a Elder Predator? Heres your chance!

Resent goings on @ AbsoluteAvP

We have some very nice work of Dead Bringer in the AvP Universe gallery section. Have a look, they are VERY GOOD. I have noticed, some of you have not yet had a look at the articles dedicated to the 'big thing' in the cinemas at the moment (thats if you live in the USA). So have a look:- Cast Info Preduction Team Info Film making Notes I dont know if you have notices, the article of all those who have unfortunatley past away and have worked in the Aliens/Predator films is also up in the movie section. In Memory

New things @ AbsoluteAvP

There have been many updates over the last few days. As the movie we all have been waitting for is in the cinemas in the US, we have many movie related stuff here. Don't forget to look through the production notes, cast bio's & prodution teams' bios. Cast Production Team Movie Notes According to our last poll, many of you think that the Nazi probably built the pyramid during WWII in which the cannon foder will find itself in. Now you got the chance to vioce your opinions on the movie in our NEW POLL. Also, we got producion art in our AvP Movie gallery section. Have you seen the desktop images for the AvP Movie???? No??? We have had it posted for YOUR viewing pleasure for since June !!! Get them now!

AvP Movie Info

With the release of Aliens vs Predator movie almost here. We have posted a number of articles for you to read. Cast Production Team Movie Notes Also, numerous articles have been updated, so go and viewed them to see whats new!!! Read on for more info on the recent updates to the section articles.....


Just got in a shipment of AVP Movie Posters and after I get my copy framed for my office, I decided I would hold a contest. If you buy or download a copy of my book from the link at www.sknr.net I am trying to get the pics of the posters up. They are the black gloss ones of the Predator and one of the Alien and it has the

Alien 5: What IF??

Everyone is excited by the upcoming AvP movie. But what about sparing a thought for the sequels to our long standing "twins"?? The Alien and Predator movie series--are they dead?? Is the AvP genre now the sole inheritor to a legacy spanning 2 decades?? Read what Hicks managed to gather regarding the Alien 5 movie. here's a sample: Would Sigourney Weaver and her aliens infest Earth this time? "Earth would be interesting, and there is talk about it," said Scott, who sounds bored with that premise. "I say we should go back to where the alien creatures were first found and explain how they were created. No one has ever explained why. I always figured that a battleship carrying bio-mechanical organisms that could be weapons was sent into space with some space jockey who didn't last long." Read the whole article

New Poll @ AbsAvP

So, as the AvP movie approaches, and we all get excited about the teaser that teases us with its teasery, let us focus on the usual dillema, present in all scifi films, and encapsulated nicely by the DVD commentary to "Sphere": the character sees musty footprints going off into the darkness of an alien spaceship and decides--"we go that way", to which the actor playing the IDIOT, yells off-screen "NO!!! NEVER go that way!!" The new Poll is: A pyramid, 2000 feet under the ice: what can you expect to FIND? Have fun.

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