Alien: Resurrection

by Hicks
    |     Alien Saga
Everything about the resurrection.

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Released: 1997
Rated: Restricted
Running Time: 109 Minutes

Tagline: Witness the resurrection

A 20th Century Fox Release, A Brandywine Production

Story:Joss Whedon, based on characters by Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett
Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Producer: Bill Badalato, Gordon Carroll, David Giler, Walter Hill, Amy Jupiter, Lisa Knaggs, Antoine Simkine, Edouard Valton, Sigourney Weaver
Original Alien Design: Hans Rudy Giger
Original Music: John Frizzell


Sigourney Weaver as Ripley
Winona Ryder as Call
Dominique Pinon as Vriess
Ron Perlman as Johner
Gary Dourdan as Christie
Michael Wincott as Elgyn
Kim Flowers as Hillard
Dan Hedaya as General Perez
J.E. Freeman as Dr. Wren
Brad Dourif as Dr. Gediman
Raymond Cruz as Distephano
Leland Orser as Purvis
Carolyn Campbell as Anesthesiologist
Marlene Bush as Scientist
David St. James as Surgeon
Rodney Mitchell as Soldier
Robert Faltisco as Soldier
David Rowe as Soldier
Garrett House as Soldier
Rod Damer as Soldier
Mark Mansfield as Soldier
Daniel Raymont as Soldier
Chip Nuzzo as Soldier
Steven Gilborn as Voice of Father
Robert Bastens as Sleeper
Rico Bueno as Sleeper
Alex Lorre as Sleeper
Ronald Ramessar as Sleeper
Nicole Fellows as Young Ripley
Tom Woodruff Jr. as Lead Alien
Joan LaBarbara as Newborn Vocal #1
Archie Hahn as Newborn Vocal #2
Regan DuCasse as Surgeon
David Britten Prior as Alien

Story Synopsis:

200 hundred years have passed since Ellen Ripley died on Fiorina 161. Aboard the medical research vessel USM Auriga, a team of scientists clones Ripley from her extracted DNA and removes the alien Queen embryo which was growing inside her at the time of her death.

In order to continue their experiments with the aliens, the scientists commission a crew of smugglers to bring them a shipment of "hosts" to be used to grow more aliens. The smugglers, the crew from The Betty, decide to stay aboard the Auriga where they discover the cloned Ripley. The new Ripley is made up of both human and alien DNA, resulting in heightened strength, a sixth sense about the aliens onboard, and acidic blood.

The aliens use their own acidic blood to escape from the laboratory and most of the military crew on board escapes leaving Ripley, the crew of The Betty, the medical officers, and one surviving kidnapped host behind. Dr. Wren reveals that he wants to continue his experiments and bring the aliens to Earth. Ripley convinces Call to set the Auriga to crash instead, heightening the need for the survivors to escape the Auriga.

Ripley feels that the Queen alien is in pain and she goes to see her. She finds that the Queen shares her own DNA and has become capable of giving birth. The newborn she delivers is an all new breed of alien/human hybrid which proves to be even more deadly than the others, including the Queen herself!


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