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Creative Assembly nominated for Bafta Game Awards

The Creative Assembly team have been nominated for an amazing 6 awards!

Alien: Isolation passes 1million mark!

Alien: Isolation, the multi-award-winning survival horror game from Creative Assembly, has sold over one million units worldwide.

Alien: Isolation release date announced!

We now know when the game will hit the shelves!!!Today SEGA with 20th Century Fox has announced the official release data for the latest incarnation of fear in this franchise.Can you wait that long?

Prometheus has landed !!!

Prometheus hits the cinemas this weekend. It's been a long time since we had any good additionas to th genre, and this is set to deliver everything we have been waiting for! We have the trailer below!

A few updates

As a few of you noticed the other week the site had an update. The scripts been updated, things have had a few tweeks. AJAX will be enabled very soon.

Game Give away !!!

A New Year and a new beginning! I hope you all have had a great time over the last few weeks and now it's going to get even better !!! The great people at Vivendi Universal Games have provided us with copies of the PS2 version of Predator: Concrete Jungle So, we will be giving away copies of this game over the coming weeks. Answer our questions to get your little hands on a free copy!!!

More walkthroughs posted!

Loads more walkthroughs have now been posted. If I was to list them, we would be here all day. We now have listed walkthroughs for levels 1 to 18 !!! Go on have a browse, Predator: Concrete Jungle section.

Continued Predator: Concrete Jungle Walkthroughs

We have been continuing to upload more of the Official Walkthroughs for the most recent member of the Aliens vs Predator Genre, Predator: Concrete Jungle. Have a browse in out section relating to this game for the full list of available walkthroughs.

Predator: Concrete Jungle

We have 2 more walkthroughs for you for the Predator game. Level 2 & Level 3 These are from the officialwalkthrough, if you have your own segguestions and comments feel free to post them up in the forums !!!

Screen Shots of Predator game

I have set up a dedicated section in our gallery for Predator: Concrete Jungle game related pictures. There are also screen shots from the game to give you the initial taster of the game. Post your favourite screenshots and share it with all of us!!!


We have brought you the walkthrough for Predator: Concrete Jungle.

New Predator Game info coming soon...

We have been working hard to bring you loads of new stuff for the new Predator: Concrete Jungle game. Check back soon to start discovering the truth.... [enough with the X-Flies chit-chat]

AVP Update

Over at the Empire site, some intresting news has been posted on a future AVP sequel, that should be here sometime in 2006. http://www.empireonline.co.uk/site/news/NewsStory.asp?news_id=16767 "In addition to the truckloads of news (well, ok, enough to wallpaper the inside of a fiat uno) we

Feature Update

With the release of The Incredibles on DVD today we have brought to you a feature! Go to the Recent Releases section and have read about the movie! There are loads of images with more still to come ! Go and have a look! The Incredibles

Aliens vs Predator Movie & DVD info

As the AvP Movie is on the shelves of all most every shop in the world, we have brought some info on this marvel of modern technology. AbsoluteAvP has articles on this subject, and now we have also included it in the releases section. Have a browse and a read of the stuff you can expect to find on the DVDs for the AvP Movie

Aliens vs Predator The Movie is now on DVD

With Aliens vs Predator The Movie being out in the shops over the last few days, we have brought you all the info you need on the movie releases. Check out AvP Movie Overview in the movie section or DVD Info in the AvP Moview Info Section !!! There is also a new poll to voice you opinions. If you want to say more, then visit our forums !!! Movie Chat !!

AlienTimline & Alien Encyclopedia

For those that have not visited these Hosted sites, SM has uploaded some updates. Wonder over and have a look at whats new ! That an order marine! Cick on the link on the left

ALIENS script available

If you would like to make available the complete script for the ALIENS movie, I would be more than happy to send you a copy. This is my version which took three years to finish. Originally, it was James Cameron's Final Draft version. Since it was nowhere near "final", I made it read word-for-word, scene-for-scene as in the uncut edition of the movie (the one now on DVD). Two other Aliens oriented sites have gladly posted it for fans, so if you are interested, please let me know. So you know, it is Windows Word .doc format. Contact me a phaota1@fastmail.fm. Thanks. - Elak Swindell

New Poll

With most voters holding the belief that Aliens Vs Predator The Movie being all that you expected and more, you either have very low expectations or are easily pleased by simple action movies

Chapter 3 of "The Tracker" is up

Just thought I would let you all know, that I dug out the disc and dusted it off. So here is chapter 3 of The Tracker, I will be checking chapter 4 then posting it as well. Here is an excerpt: He walked over to a portal or window and then pointed at me to look. I did and when one sees space from the first time not in a movie or from a planet, it is rather disconcerting. I stared at the black space, small streaks of light from distant stars all going by . I felt small, very alone and unable to speak. I did not hear the old one leave my side, but I dropped the carcass of the rat thing and just stared into the vastness of the inky blackness that I saw before me.

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