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Hosted Sites !!!

The end of AvP2.Net has come You can now find all the hosted sites here at AbsoluteAvP.Com Visit these sites, a small glimps into the vast AvP community...

Get Back At Gamespy

Hehehe, }{elios here and i got news for you! As you know GameSpy is charging money for special features, which isn't fair. Well there is a way to get all thoes freatures for free! These patches give you the effect as if you were registered. Copy this link: http://kickme.to/equality PS. if the link is not available give it two weeks and it should work again. HEHEHEHE As you know i will say it again HAPPY HUNTING theres more to come

Cheat Patch

Sup everyone, }{elios here. Ive been stalking the forum lately and most people dont know where to get thoes special codes. Weather its a level you can beat or thoes xenos are too much for ya. I got the site for you. www.buggyvisions.com Warning: Cheating on multiplayer makes you look bad. Do not use the patch im am showing to you on multi. Cheating gets peope mad. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED HAPPY HUNTING

Alien Vs Resitent Evil

"The T virus was beggining to take effect he knew that he could not kill the alien so the virus control him and the rest...." All will be revield soon in this new epic tale of scary and epic proportions. How can the undead fight such a being of agility? Find out soon...

Alien Versus Predator Codes

CODE EFFECT ----------------------------------------------- These are all the codes known to me to activate this use the multiplayer team message button and type in and the one of the cheats listed bellow HAPPY HUNTING

Alien 5 and the Rerelease on Alien

HI all, Corpral Hicks here, bringing you your suply of AVP news. An article about a rerelease of Alien has been posted on Cinescape. The article talks about the movie being rereleased in the Cinema in time for the 31st of October, which as you know is Halloween. Read about it here In addition to that the article also mention about a comment Weaver made on the rumored Alien 5. You read about this on AVP World and AVPNews. Corpral Hicks signing out!

Clan Recruting

Hey Corpral Hicks here. I wanted to tell that my clan the BSMD is recruiting. We need preds and Corps and Marine. ONLY people who live in the UK or Ireland and use MSN. Anyone interested PM me, say in the Forums or go to the site

The Complete Record of Alien Encounters - Part 3

Who got facehugged on the Sulaco? Was it Newt? Ripley? Try Hicks. If we make the reasonable assumption the time from the hugger breaking Newts tube, spilling acid, the fire starting and the EEV’s being evacuated occurs in realtime, then Hicks is the only viable host based on the above evidence... And could the hugger have been responsible for Hicks’ bleeding? Revelations abound aplenty in The Complete Records of Alien Encounters - Part 3!

Trial For Glory Chapter 5

Ok here it is, Chapter 5, its now uploaded to GameStory so go and feel free to read it!! all comments etc please post on the DX, Chapter 4 Thread, Thankyou all!! ENJOY!! Pre'la-tor hung off the side of the platform as the Ooman typed in the code on the door. Pre'la-tor quietly slid himself back onto the walkway and stood. The Ooman finished and the door opened. Pre followed the soft meat inside and the door shut. He looked around the small room occupied only by him and this Ooman....

New affiliates

After some technical delays, I've finally added a couple of new affiliates over there on the right of screen. They are AvP2 Daily and Iron Home. I will be also adding a link to BSMD Clan in the next day or two. Check 'em out. (Best use the links in this post as the right hand links have been playing up we'll get 'em fixed ASAP).

Alien 5 - Cameron and Scott?

Following on from the tidbit last Thursday, AP have posted more on Cameron's new IMAX Titanic doco Ghosts Of The Abyss and there's more on the rumoured Alien 5. "Minus Cameron as writer and director, Schwarzenegger stars in the upcoming Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. The movie was directed by Jonathan Mostow, assuming the role of upstart director taking over someone else's franchise, which Cameron did when he directed 1986's Aliens. Alien director Ridley Scott initially was not amused, Cameron said. The two subsequently have talked about doing an Alien film together, with Cameron writing and producing and Scott directing, Cameron said. David Fincher's Alien 3 -- which killed off characters Cameron created, essentially negating the outcome of Aliens -- has braced Cameron for anything that Terminator 3 might deliver. "I'm like so over that by now. You can't hold on to that stuff," Cameron said. "There's nothing they can do to me on Terminator 3 that's going to be as outrageous as that." The entire article is here (again via Dark Horizons).

AVP World Update

Hi all, Corpral Hicks here. I have updated my Website majorly. Loads of new pages and sections. Stuff like a Clan Directory and Merchandise info as well as much more. The site is http://www.avpworld.cjb.net

Computer Animated Movie!

I am inviting people of the AvP community to have a little peak at my into sequence to an Aliens film that I will hopefully be making. I am releasing the first 1minute 26seconds just incase I never get round to releasing it. I have a vague story in my head. I wasn't originally intending to make a full film, but it seems to look good so far - so why waste it and leave it how it is. If anyone is interested in helping, I could use a modeller with experience of 3DS Max (version 4 minimum). Anway, the file is just over 11MB, so please check it out, and post comments in the forum here http://www.currie.me.uk/downloads/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=6 Thanks Immortal

Cameron on Alien 5

There's been stories circulating about James Cameron returning to the Alien franchise of late, but only if Fox ditches the proposed Alien vs. Predator project to be helmed by Paul Anderson. No mention of AvP in this article from the Edmonton Sun (via Dark Horizons), but lots of talk of returning to Ridley Scott territory rather than rehashing the 'Ripley and soldiers' concept of Cameron's own installment.


Have you clan listed! I've put up this much needed feature. It allows all to view the many clans that exist in this genre. So post or find the details of your clan! -Prezes

Game review!

For anyone who has ever played or heard about halo i have just done a game review on it. please go and read it and tell me what u think. thanks. Alien Lord!

Extinction of Sadogoat

Those of you who frequent AvPNews will be familiar with the work of Sadogoat. And you are probably aware that he has now departed AvPNews after a long and glorious stint as an Admin. Well before he departed he filed this interview with Mike Arkin of Zono who are currently making the rather sexy looking AvP RTS Extinction. Well worth a read for AvP and RTS fans alike!

New Group

Hey all, Corpral Hicks here. I have started a Yahoo group for people to talk about AVP Fiction. Doesn't matter whether it is Fan Written or Published talk about it! Link below! http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/avp_fiction/ Check it out and join it! Add your homepage to the Links. Tell everyone about your new Pred FanFic on Soup Fiction or the new Aliens Comic on Amazon You can talk about Slof's work to Anise's! Check the Group out!

Clan News

Hi all, Corpral Hicks here. This is news to all Clan Owners of AVP2. When surfing I stumbled aboard a nice find! http://avp2.planetclans.com/. This site offers a place for Clans to get to know each other and so forth! Also it others free Forums for Clan that don't have any! Always worth a look! Corpral Hicks

Hicks is Back

Hi All, Corpral Hicks here. I have been offline for a while and unable to get to a PC. I am speeding up the update to my site which I expect to be done within the week. Once that is done I will be getting an update on my stories, which will include the last chapter of Genesis, the last Chapter of Mell and Dachande - which I need lots of question for mail them to corpralhicks_avp@yahoo.co.uk, a new Story called Aliens: 24 Hours which will be Complete, the start of a new story called Aliens: Survival of the Fittest and a Short Story called Aliens: Hudson Savour. All to be done within the new 2 weaks! Keep checking Back!

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