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Trial For Glory

OK!!! The next chapter for Trial For Glory is finally up on GameStory!! For those who were waiting for it here it is!! ENJOY!! Mar

Clan Recruiting

Hi all, Corpral Hicks here. My Clan the BSMD is looking for Preds, Corps, and Marine, in AVP2. The Clan recruits only people that live in the UK or Ireland. Our site is www.bsmd-clan.cjb.net or uk.geocities.com/bsmd_clan Also my Clan and the 9th_CMD are working on a Clan Utopia which is a group of Clans that get together to have fun,Tournies and other stuff. Click Here if interested.!

Machiko's Personal Log Part 3

We're resuming the posting of Machiko's Personal Log by Trinity. Today we have The laws of the Hunt: These are the top laws of Yautja society, they define the rules of the hunt. 1. Never attack an unarmed foe. In one hunt, a predator noticed that a man was carrying a squirt gun through the use of his electronic face mask. The man was left alone. 2. Never hunt a child.... And so it goes. Enjoy the third part of Machiko's Personal Log by Trinity.

AVP2 Lethal Tournament

Hello. My name is Bill Walters a.k.a. Quad Damage of the original AXP team. The AXP team releaseD its next AVP2 mod, Lethal Tournament, on March 15th, 2003. Lethal Tournament was almost going to be called AXP4. However, due to the severe differences in philosophies of their target audience, we kept them separate. The mod includes four (4) new classes for each race, that's 16 new characters! It also forces a reduced focus on tracking weapons, sports new menus and taunts, facilitates a gravitation towards superb fighting skills, and offers a ton of new features. Some of the features may look somewhat familiar, but don't be fooled (the readme.htm file describes all features in detail). Here's the link to the online readme file for the mod: http://www.planetavp.com/axpsiege/lethal/readme.htm Here are the mirrors to download it: http://www.planetavp.com/axpsiege/lethal.zip http://www.fileplanet.com/dl.aspx?/planetavp/axpsiege/lethal.zip http://lilman.c-gate.net/lethal/lethal.zip

Site Update

Hi Corpral Hicks here. Some of the Pictures of my Site didn't work but I have corrected all but 3 of them. These will be corrected during the next Update which will gave lot's of info in it! Also the Newsgroup of my Site is there for you so join it and talk about AVP.Click here and also visit AVP World!

New Website!

Hi all, Corpral Hicks here! I would like to anounce the lauch of my new Website. AVP World! You can either get to it by http://www.avpworld.cjb.net or http://uk.geocities.com/avp_world2003. Story update soon!

New Website!

Hi all, Corpral Hicks here! I would like to anounce the lauch of my new Website. AVP World! You can either get to it by http://www.avpworld.cjb.nett or http://uk.geocities.com/avp_world2003. Story update soon!

The Complete Record of Alien Encounters - Part 2

Finally I've gotten round to posting the second part of my magnum opus; The Complete Record of Alien Encounters - Part 2 in all it's glory. Click here for an in-depth study on the events that transpired at Hadley's Hope in 2179. Part 3 featuring the events on Fiorina will be up in about 2 weeks (famous last words...)

Predator: Hunter's Match Trailer

The official movie trailer for our short/fan film "Predator: Hunter's Match" is now available at our website, www.sboobtv.com For those of you who are unfamiliar with Predator: Hunter's Match, it is a Predator fan/short film that we started over a year ago, but was sadly scrapped due to time constraints, production issues, and a dying interest on our part. In early November I decided to pick the project back up again and see what could be made of it; Now, the film is nearly complete, and will be ready about the time you can buy Todd McFarlane's Movie Maniacs 6 in stores. When that time comes, Predator: Hunter's Match will be available exclusively on DVD, which of course will be packed with all kinds of extra goodies to accompany the film. "Predator: Hunter's Match brings Predator fan film to a whole new level, with stunning special effects, high-quality video and sound, and a team of soldiers whose vulgar language would make Jesse Ventura blush. If you liked Dark Jungle, you'll love Hunter's Match." -Cory Bauer cbauer@mac.com http://www.sboobtv.com


A couple of articles have recently had some updates and adjustments made to them. These include The AvP2 Timeline and the piece about the Alien3 Workprint. So go check them out or have another read if you've already done so.

Site Update

I have updated the sites menu, you should find it quite easy to use and it takes up less space ;) However, if you are experiencing any trouble viewing it, please contact me

New AvP Game for Consoles Coming Soon

EA and Fox Interactive have announced that a new AvP game, Extinction, will be made. The release date is somewhere in the Summner of 2003. The owners of PlayStation2 and Xbox "will appreciate the action and ferocious battles that are true to the movie franchises as they embark on a quest to annihilate their enemies in a fight for survival. The three fiercest species in the universe have been locked in a bloody conflict for years with no end in sight. After a small unit of Colonial Marines, dispatched to planet LV-742, reveals the presence of both Predators and Aliens, it is decided that the conflict must end once and for all with the ultimate goal of total universal supremacy. In numerous missions, players will take to the all-terrain, futuristic battlefields such as mysterious jungles and treacherous caverns in an attempt to root out their enemies. With ten upgradeable combat units per species, players must lead their virtual army to victory in an all-out battle for the planet or face extinction In this tactical strategy game, players will control the forces of one of the three species, planning their attack strategy, creating their own custom army, and choosing upgrades ranging from vision modes to weapon modifications. Each species offers a unique set of attributes forcing players to master a variety of tactics and play styles in order to be victorious. As Colonial Marines, players will rely on military training and the latest hi-tech weaponry from the Weyland-Yutani Corporation to save the human population of LV-742. The Predators must use their stealth and highly evolved hunting techniques to gain the respect of the council of Ancients. Aliens will attack in hordes to kill their enemies, impregnate them with facehuggers which evolve into the ultimate weapons. A variety of units will be accessible to the player, from basic infantry to specialized warriors like the Alien Carrier able to carry facehuggers in groups, the Predator Hydra or the Marine Sniper." Discuss this new development in our forums.

Primal Hunt quotes

We've all played it--many of you enjoyed it. AbsoluteAvP needs NEW quotes for the random quote generator [top right], so how about flooding this AGN forum thread with in-game quotes, messages, ANYTHING you found notable, funny, stoopid or plain weird in Primal Hunt. :) Remember: We're still on the lookout for a Primal Hunt specialist.

AvP: GBA, a reminder

If you missed it--have a read of Fomorian's enticing vision of an AvP game for the GameboyAdvance: I for one, would like to see an entirely different approach to the franchise: A 2d side-scroller. remember ALIEN 3 for the SNES? I think it should be like that. As the marine that would basically be the name of the game: You are alone (or maybe not ! GBA link up anyone?) and must contain the alien infestation. As the alien, you have access to a much larger range of surfaces since you can climb on walls and cellings (so you can get into air ducks and underground tunnels). You can speed your way through, or capture humans and build a lair. The pred should obviously have a great mobility factor (super jump, limited climbing with his claws) and the true action begins when you get into close combat, where you could have great control over your combat moves and send those marines flying (a la first marine to get killed in pred2). enjoy it here

Primal Hunt: An in-depth review

We have a fan-submitted AvP2:PH review. Here's a teaser: The Aliens vs Predator 2 add-on, Primal Hunt, is filled with good ideas and new settings that can breath some fresh air into an already excellent game. Unfortunately there could have been more of these and sometimes executed in a better way. Despite its bad points is Primal Hunt a must have for any AVP 2 player or a game that only the die-hard AVP 2 fans will enjoy? Find out in this review! If YOU would want to write a review of Primal Hunt, we have a special review page set up at AGN. Simply fill out the form and YOUR review will be added to our database. Help us build a user game review DB!!

The New Alien Toy

Naughty Burrito reports that: I am not sure everyone knows, but if you didn't, the new aliens and preds set has a hidden feature. The alien's clear top cowl can be removed to reveal a fully detailed skull. I mean eyes, nose and stuff like that. Just apply a little pressure and it comes off. No worries, you can put it back on since theres a peg to be fitted in.

Alien3 Workprint

No doubt many of you will have downloaded the clips of deleted Alien3 footage from Alien Legend in the past. This is just the tip of the iceberg... The Alien3 workprint is pretty close to the final draft script by Giler & Hill (revised April 10 1991), but there’s still quite a few differences between it, the Workprint and the final film. Click here to find out all about them.

Heavy Pred Tactics

Do you dig on the Predator, but shy away from the Heavy variety 'cos he's too slow? Fear ye not, for the Scorpion King has written something about tactics and advice for the Heavy Predator. Have an optic!

Alien3 Animation from Hungary

The aliens.scifi.hu proudly presents the first Hungarian Alien fan movie: L A C Z I ' s A L I E N 3 A N I M A T I O N Visit LACZI's Alien3 Animation site and download the movie NOW: http://aliens.scifi.hu/index.php?alien=3/animation#a32d

New Alien DVD Box

Amongst other sources (AvPNews, Dark Horizons, Digital Bits), The R2 Project, has reported that enclosed in the X-Men 1.5 DVD is a promo for the upcoming Alien Quadrilogy 9 Disk Boxset. Yes, 9 disks folks. Considering how much was crammed on the Alien DVD, Lord knows where they're going to find enough material for 9 disks, but there you go. At time of posting this remains a rumour, as there is no mention of it on the Fox website, which is still flogging the old Alien Legacy box. Worth a discussion in the forums non?

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