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Corpral Hicks is Back

Hey people, Corpral Hicks here, I have been offline for sometime and am now back, I will be getting to work on updating AVPWorld with all the new news and if anythhing here has changed I would appricate an PM! Hicks out!

Alien Quadrilogy DVD Box Set

Good news for DVD enthusiasts (or bad news for us poor schmucks who shelled out for the Legacy Box a little while back). DVDBoxOffice.com has come out with some details on the forthcoming - December 1 supposedly - 9 disk Alien Quadrilogy (I'm sure that's a made up word...) The set reported to include: - Both theatrical and special editions of Aliens - Fincher's original 2 hour 50 minute cut of Alien3 - Alternate opening and ending for Alien Resurrection - Alien Legacy doco - Alien Evolution doco - Dark Horse comics With thanks to Dark Horizons.

Aliens vs. Predator : Extinction Website

The Official website for the forthcoming RTS Aliens vs. Predator : Extinction from Electronic Arts and Fox Interactive is now up. Plenty of screenshots and a sweet looking trailer (no gameplay shots, but some tr

The Complete Record of Alien Encounters - Part 4

At long last, my magnum opus is completed and on-line for your perusal. Ein sample... Which brings up an interesting and oft asked question, was Ripley pregnant following her sexual encounter with Clemens? And is this incarnation of Ripley pregnant also? There are a great many variables that need to be considered – Was Ripley on contraceptives? Was Clemens fertile (Morse mentions there’s no rubbers, so that’s out)? Does hypersleep screw up a woman’s menstrual cycle? Does coming out of hypersleep the wrong way screw up a woman’s menstrual cycle? Does carrying an Alien embryo screw up a woman’s menstrual cycle? Was Ripley ovulating? For the whole box and dice (with pictures) click here.

AvP Film Set For Shooting in October

Chris Faile of FilmJerk reports that the much anticipated Aliens vs. Predator film will go before the cameras in just 4 months. The article also gives us run down on the film's characters. Good news for those waiting for the film with baited breath, while the rest of us will wait for confirmation from Fox. Thanks to 'Loccus' for the heads up.

Alien Desktop Wallpapers

Hey all, Hicks from The Alien Experience here, just wanted to let you know I have made a couple of Alien related Windows wallpapers for your desktop. One promotes the Alien rerelease into theaters this Halloween and the other promotes the release of the the Alien Quadrilogy boxset in November. They are both available in 640x480 all the way to 1024x768 resolutions. You can download both off my web site.

AvP: Extinction

I'm probably just being retarded since probably all of you already know, but there is an AvP RTS on the way, and it's headed to the Xbox first. It's called AVP Extinction, and it's made by EA. Since I subscribe to Official Xbox Magazine, I've seen screenshots and, sadly, it's still pretty ugly. It's texture resolutions are quite possibly worse than original AVP on low res at the moment, yet I've heard that the gameplay is supposed to be unique, in a way. Don't start sweating (if you've never heard this before) just yet if you only own a computer, because I'm sure that it will eventually head to the PC. Another thing I'm being retarded about since EVERYONE should know by now, but Halo 2 is coming out, and it's being planned for the PC (that might just be a rumor, though). It will hit Xbox in late spring 2004. Just thought you all should know since it's like the best Xbox game I've ever played. Seeya all online (me b Sergeant Jason) P.S.: Xbox roks and Halo's the best (other than AVP 2.

Site Update....

The site has been updated, as you have noticed the menus are slightly different... With the ever increasing content on these pages, we have made the menu structre to enable you all easier browsing and stoping new visitors being overwhelmend by all the things we have on offer ;) Also a number of banners (many thanks to SM & Hicks) are now available in the Link 2 Us section. Help us to keep the community growing !

Interactive Alien Game

Hi all, Corpral Hicks here, While surfing Alien Experience I came across a rather interesting site, The ALIEN interactive game. It is a website based on chose what you do book. I think it is great and have completed it, hope you luck in finishing it to all. Good Huntings

Aliens vrs Predator Freeware

Ok this is the last peice of news i will be posting (i hope). I thank the AvP fans and the people who played my game for their support but that edition was only a beta version. What really need are people who are willing to make sprites for my game. Its simple and if youre interested please e-mail me at one_man_legio@hotmail.com only apply if you really intend on doing this (not like the other six morons i had before). The characters i need to make are a real alien drone, alien queen, predator (another, doesnt matter what), a sinthetic human, colonist, smart gunner, dropship pilot and a human general. Any other AvP realated characters will also be accepted. Untill then 1ML (also i'd like to thank planetavp.com for featuring me that was a blast now is only theforce.net saw my star wars game....)

The Alien Experience - Revamp

Site Director of the rather spiffy Alien Experience has just issued this press release... "After a few months of inactivity on the news front, and updates to the site itself, we are back online at our new home on the AbsoluteAvP servers (big thanks go out to Prezes and the_demigod). We have a whole new design, and a ton of new content, and for the first time we are proud to say ALL pages and sections are open! But, in the weeks and months to come, we will add further content such as video and audio clips, picture galleries, fan fiction, outtakes, memorabilia information, plus more news and information on the Alien 5 and Aliens vs. Predator film rumors. As well, we will add more content on the Aliens vs. Predator 2 video game, and pending video game titles for the PS2 and PC CD-ROM. Not to mention updating you on current and upcoming Alien and Aliens vs. Predator comic titles from Dark Horse. Basically, we will be adding even more content to what we think is the most complete Alien franchise site on the Internet today. So, browse the site, comment on the new look and new content, and keep coming back for more." The Alien Experience

AVP freeware

Ok im sorry but the link for the Aliens Vs Predator Beat em up game wasnt working...well it is now so all of you go check it out and spread it all over the net (The site not the actual game file). Also remember that it works on some machines and not others. Why...i don't know but if there are any other bugs or problems gimme a holar. www.geocities.com/thepredator8 Untill then 1ML

Trial For Glory Chapter 6

Ok guys and gurls, the next chapter of TFG is up on GS its called Retribution, so umm go and have a read!! ENJOY!! The creature hissed at its threat, Mar roared at it, intimidating it, it opened its mouth and lunged at the stretcher, the big Skar'ku pulled himself off the stretcher and groggily got to his feet, the creature was not as tall as him, and looked quite delicate, but there was more to it than any one person knew....

Website Update

Yo all, Corpral Hicks here. Just here to say that I have fixed all the broken links on my site - AVPWorld. I have also added a poll to it, and am currently working on more content update. Sorry about the lack of news and updates to it, but I havent had the time!

Alien Lord's website.

I have started building my own webbie. It is nothing much right now, but I am adding some to it each day. so in about a year it should be huge. But here it is. www.freewebs.com/alienlord/ that is if u want to go and see it.


Hey all, Guess what...dunno well i do theres a cool street fighter style avp game on the net. its at www.geocities.com/thepredator8. Its' a beta version but hey its cool. Anyways check it out 1ML

New Avp Reviews Coming

Hey there, }{elios here once again. I'm proud to announce that I've completed my AvsP2 review and it should be posted shortly. I wrote 'em since I noticed they're misising. If you want any review for a game P.M me and ill look into it.

To All Alien Movie Fans

}{elios here, while i was stalking through sites i found something interesting. "Rumours that Cameron may be re-visiting the the Alien franchise have proved to be well-founded; the project is definitely in the pipeline but anyone expecting to see another Aliens will be disappointed to hear that, while Cameron will be involved, he won't appear behind the camera. 'We're definitely looking at another Alien film but that wouldn't be something I'd be directing,' he told us. 'I'm just going to be writing and producing that one.'"

New Yautja Site in the Mix!

Ok guyz and gurls! I have just recently made a new site mainly yautja based, but there is a few xeno bits here and there, it has only just been uploaded so there is still alot to go, as far as i am concerned it is FAR from finished. the address is: www.freewebs.com/markhyland enjoy!! Mar.

James Cameron Interview

For those of you in the UK, this month Empire film magazine (The one with the Matrix front cover) has a very nice interview with James Cameron. He talks about Terminator 3 and why he didn't direct it, but the most interesting is about the Alien series. He said he was constantly arguing with Sigorny Weaver in Aliens because she never wanted to touch a gun in the film (got her wish in Alien 3 didn't she). He also talks about the possibility of Alien 5, noting that he does not see Sigorny as a vital part if they want to reguvinate the franchise. So, if you're in the UK, go out and at least read the article in the shop if you don't buy the whole thing (it is a number of pages long though, and worth a couple of quid)

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