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Comic Interviews

I have had 2 interview with the people involved in the fan comic AVP:Dissolution. I had one interview with Brian Watts, Writter and Director of the project and another with Miguel Fernandez, the artist in the project. Brian Briggs Interview and Miguel Fernandez Interview. Check em out.

New Comic

Well seems there is a new comic in production called Aliens vs Predator: Dissolution. This comic is being made by Rival Comics here's abit of the storyline: "When their ship malfunctions and is forced to land, Captain Lillian Bell and her crew find themselves on the surface of a strange jungle planet with few signs of life other than the plants and ancient, inhuman temples that stand on the planet's surface. Their attempt to explore the temples goes horribly wrong, however, when they find themselves in the midst of a Xenomorph hive, and nothing can prepare them for the horrors that are yet to come when they discover that there is another species roaming this planet as well: the Predator. Four months later, a Marine 'rescue' crew arrives, completely unaware of the hell that they will unleash..." Visit their site for some image of whats gonna be in the comic Thanks to Darkness of AVPGalaxy for the news.

ALien Predator Busts

Palisade Toys, they have posted up 3 of this years Alien and Predator bust releases for the first half of 2004. These include the Aliens: Special Edition Bust, the Predator Elder(same as AVP?) from Predator 2 and finally the Queen Chestburster from Alien 3. They claim to be releasing some AVP bust the second half of the year but due to FOX's request they can't post any details. They did however told us this was the movie all fans had been waiting for. Click Here, you may need to scroll down the page abit.

AVP Footage

Empire Online has posted an article on their view of some AVP footage. This report does contains spoilers, but heres a sample: "The clip finished with an alien of each species staring each other in the face with barely a foot between them before a close-up on the black carapace sees a pair of inner jaws shoot out to stamp the AVP title on the screen." Read it here.

AVP Music

Well according to IMDB Marco Beltrami(Terminator 3) is to be composing the score for the new AVP movie while only using Alan Silvestri's theme for Predator. Check it out

Unleashed Review

Well not really that big news but IGN have posted a review on Aliens: Unleashed, the moblie phone game. Check out the review here.

AVP Movie Props

I have found pictures of two of the props from the AVP movie. The pictures are of a ceramonial dagger and a predator spear. Predator Dagger Predator Spear.

AVP Movie Figures

Spawn.com have posted their list of new Figures for the AVP movie. The five interestingly named figures are due out in August. The list includes: Scar Predator Elder Predator Chopper Predator Grid Alien Space Alien Visit the site here.

Hicks Figure in MM7

Well Spawn.com have posted up some of the new figures to be featured in the Movie Maniac 7 Series, and guess what my man Hicks is in. Not photo as of yet but theres a small page for him. Click Here.

AVP Co-Writer Movie Credit

While not a big article or anything and contains no spoilers, Cinescape has posted a small article on the co-writer of the script of the new Alien vs Predator movie. Read the article here.

Lance Interview

Well Web-Magic have posted an interview with Lance Hendrikson and in this interview he's asked various questions and unfortunetly one statement from Sucide Squad Set Report is confirmed true. If AVP fails, Alien 5 and Predator 3 are gonna be ditched in favour of futhurment of the AVP series. This interview does contain a few spoilers. Read it Here.

Trapped Within Freedom: Chapter 1

Well, it has been a short while, but out of the ashes rises the once proud, defiant body of Mar. I am back, for now at least, while i have been away there was a lot of writing done, this and a new fic of mine that is on the way soon. This is the latest chapter of TWF, theres a small teaser down the newsie, and the rest is on gamestory, have a read, comment on the threads etc, hope you like...

AVP Movie Set Report

Well over at AVP Galaxy, they've been set a set report from another vistor to the set of AVP: "We left in the morning by bus from the hotel and the marketing director of the film was expecting us inside. (I can

AVP Movie Picture

Over at Lance Hendriksen News, they have just got back from Prague, and brought back with them, the first picture of Charles Bishop Weyland. "I have just got back from Prague where I was lucky enough to meet the cast and crew of Alien vs. Predator including Lance Henriksen! What an experience, these people made me feel so welcome. There's a real team spirit with this film and they're all having a lot of fun! Lance gave me a fantastic interview: we chatted over coffee and for a couple of hours Lance shared lots of stories about his movies and roles including AvP, Millennium and Frank Black ... and many many more. I'm busy writing up the transcripts of the interview and will soon post it on this site, with photos. Lance is the best, he is everything I expected and much more: funny, handsome, kind, magnanimous, down to earth, totally cool. He's a top guy. And Alien vs. Predator is going to be such a hit, a must-see this summer. I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone over in Prague for making this such a special experience, particularly Geoff and Lance." Check out the picture below: Thanks to AVP Galaxy for the news.

AVP Movie Busts

Well, I found these sketchs of the new AVP busts from Figures.com, and they look very interesting: The Images may take some time to load, so be patient.

Alieb and Predator Figures

OK, so McFarlenes have posted pictures of their next set of Alien and Predator figures, due out this July. Their list includes: Alien Warrior Alien Predator Predator the Hunter My personal favorite being the Warrior Alien(Alien Drone) Visit the Site Here.

McFarlenes to Do AVP Figures

A while ago I posted an article on AVPWorld claiming that Mcfarlenes may be featuring figures from the new Alien vs Predator film due out later this year. Well according to Figures.com, McFarlenes are going to be the company bringing us the figures as a seperate set to the Movie Maniacs. Heres a bit from the article: "High-end resin collectibles will be in the good hands of Palisades. Very much like McFarlane, Palisades is no stranger to the properity. Palisades' upcoming AVP pieces were shown at the UK Toy Fair in the form of concept art. Due to licensing restrictions via FOX, we are not permitted to show you these. I will say that an Alien and Predator with intricate interlocking bases are involved. As is an Alien Queen. " Sounds cool, Read the article.

AvP - News From The Set

SuicideSquad has posted some news of his Alien vs. Predator set visit in Prague over at AvP Forums at GameGossip. Some choice schnippets imparted to SuicideSquad from the publicity department: *** POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT *** - If AvP is successful Fox will forego Alien 5 and/ or Predator 3 in favour of AvP sequels. - No immediate plans for an AvP3 game (which seems to be at odds with reports from Fox Interactive). Another AvP game may come out to coincide with an film sequel. - The discrepancy between the spelling of Weylan and Weyland between Alien and the sequels seems to have always meant to be Weyland according to Paul Anderson, but was a production mistake in the first film. - Bishop in Alien3 is supposed to be an advanced model android with red blood. - AvP will be regarded as canon in the Alien and Predator universes. - There never was a Yutani character in this film. - The combatants? 3 Predators versus about 3000 Aliens. - At least 2 hours in length. - Budget of around $70 million. - Another teaser soon, with a trailer around April. - Aliens resemble most the Resurrection design but black rather than brown. - Lotsa chestbursters. Lotsa of Pred self destruction (how with only 3 Predators?) Queen involved. Predator mothership involved. - Lots of in-camera effects with CG enhancements. - No comment about PredAliens. Donning my editorial hat for a second, I find some of this info a bit dubious, but this is nothing to do with SuicideSquad and we thank him most profusely for sharing the details of his visit. A scholar and a gent, and no mistake!

An Anime AVP?

Over at PlanetAVP, someone has emailed them claiming that Capcom is trying to aquire the license from Fox. He including no source or prove of this, so consider this a rumor

Predator 3 Scripts and Rodriguez Interview

MovieHole, has posted an interview with Director Robert Rodriguez. In this article, Predator 3, or Predators as he calls it, is mentioned: "Oh, "Predators", yes we're the "Predator 3", it's call "Predators". It was back when I was doing "Desperado". I wrote "Desperado", it was going to get made like end of September, and then "Last Action Hero" bombed, so they said we're not making any movies for a year, like next year. So I was like what am I going to do until then? So I took a writing assignment, and one of the writing assignments that was out was "Predator" sequel. " Read the article here. After reading the previous article i looked into Pred 3 a bit more. According to IGN, there are currently 3 scripts. One called Predator 3: Deadlier of the Species, Predators and Predator 3. Predator 3: Deadlier of the Species is written by Sam Park, and feature Dutch stuck in LA during a blizzard and a Predator Huntings him. The second Predators, is set in the 17th Century, on a boat, and the crew have to fight the predator using week weapons. Maybe this is where the Pred from Predator 2 got his gun from? The last, Predator 3, being the old rumored script where Dutch and Harrigan would get taken by the predators back to there homeworld. Check It Out.

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