Alien 5 Plot

by Corpral Hicks
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According to Planet X, a member of Game Gossip, he has gotten news from his 'source' about Alien 5, get aload of this:

"If AvP is succesful or not A5 will be directed by Redley Scott with the Bio Team in mind to include Bishop II, taking them further in their search of the Alien to it's homeworld to include the Space Jockey.

1. From my understanding the Bio Team find a 2nd Space Jockey floating in space with no life signals.

2. Bishop decides to board it and claim it by international spaceship laws.

3. A lot of things go wrong inside the Derelict ship when the Bio Team find them self facing Aliens inside.

4. The Derelict ship turns on by the fire fight and returns to it's home planet to include the remaining Bio Team members.

More to follow guy's got to hide my source. This is a very possible course of A5."

Of course this is only rumour.

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