New Poll - AvP Movie (again)

by Prezes
    |     AbsoluteAvP
With the release of the AvP Movie getting ever closer, I thought I would do a poll on the theme. In our original AvP Movie poll (from eons ago), 50% of you wanted Alien 5 first ! Close behind, you said that you were dreaming of it. So here we are, 2004, and AvP Movie will be with us shortly, but is it what you wanted??? If you have been keeping up with the rumours, is this what you thought it will be all about? Will the producers make another A:Resurrection and kill the genre? Is your heart pumping at the mention of the movie? Will you be camping outside you local cinema to be the first to watch it??? Tell us We had 1175 votes four our original poll, and I can

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