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Prometheus has landed !!!

Prometheus hits the cinemas this weekend. It's been a long time since we had any good additionas to th genre, and this is set to deliver everything we have been waiting for! We have the trailer below!

AVP Update

Over at the Empire site, some intresting news has been posted on a future AVP sequel, that should be here sometime in 2006. http://www.empireonline.co.uk/site/news/NewsStory.asp?news_id=16767 "In addition to the truckloads of news (well, ok, enough to wallpaper the inside of a fiat uno) we

Aliens vs Predator Movie & DVD info

As the AvP Movie is on the shelves of all most every shop in the world, we have brought some info on this marvel of modern technology. AbsoluteAvP has articles on this subject, and now we have also included it in the releases section. Have a browse and a read of the stuff you can expect to find on the DVDs for the AvP Movie

Aliens vs Predator The Movie is now on DVD

With Aliens vs Predator The Movie being out in the shops over the last few days, we have brought you all the info you need on the movie releases. Check out AvP Movie Overview in the movie section or DVD Info in the AvP Moview Info Section !!! There is also a new poll to voice you opinions. If you want to say more, then visit our forums !!! Movie Chat !!

ALIENS script available

If you would like to make available the complete script for the ALIENS movie, I would be more than happy to send you a copy. This is my version which took three years to finish. Originally, it was James Cameron's Final Draft version. Since it was nowhere near "final", I made it read word-for-word, scene-for-scene as in the uncut edition of the movie (the one now on DVD). Two other Aliens oriented sites have gladly posted it for fans, so if you are interested, please let me know. So you know, it is Windows Word .doc format. Contact me a phaota1@fastmail.fm. Thanks. - Elak Swindell

Making of AvP. A Fox Special hosted by Lance Henriksen.

Before the AVP Movie came out, there was a TV special that aired. It was The Making of AvP. I have uploaded it so the community can view it if they missed it. You will need: GameSpy ID www.gamespyid.com DivX Video Codec: www.divx.com AC3 Audio Filter: http://ac3filter.sourceforge.net/#download You can get it off my site: http://www.planetavp.com/acidglowskins/ Or the direct download here: http://www.fileplanet.com/dl.aspx?/planetavp/acidglowskins/moavpdivx.rar

Movie is OUT !!!

So everyone in the UK is missing in action as they are in their local cinemas watching the movie. To give you something to read about, for those that have already seen in back in August and are awaiting the return of us Brits from the silver screens, there is a new article on Bill Paxton. He has been in many movies and is the only one that can say he has been killed by a Terminator, a Alien (Xeno), and a Predator. He has also danced with Tornados, fought with gun-slingers, tried to seduce the wife of a secret agent whilst working as a car salesman, survived the accidents of his attempt to land on the moon, faced the mighty ice-burg whilst on the 'unsinkable' ship, getting killed outside his sub to allow the stealing of an Enigma machine, fallen of Mt Everest, lead Rescue International.... What more can I say !!!! Read about the man, now !

AvP Movie Out Soon

There are only 22 days remaining before Aliens vs Predator the movie is released in the UK. Do you know if your local ciname will be showing it? Have you booked your cinema ticket yet?

AvP Movie Info

With the release of Aliens vs Predator movie almost here. We have posted a number of articles for you to read. Cast Production Team Movie Notes Also, numerous articles have been updated, so go and viewed them to see whats new!!! Read on for more info on the recent updates to the section articles.....


Just got in a shipment of AVP Movie Posters and after I get my copy framed for my office, I decided I would hold a contest. If you buy or download a copy of my book from the link at www.sknr.net I am trying to get the pics of the posters up. They are the black gloss ones of the Predator and one of the Alien and it has the

Alien 5: What IF??

Everyone is excited by the upcoming AvP movie. But what about sparing a thought for the sequels to our long standing "twins"?? The Alien and Predator movie series--are they dead?? Is the AvP genre now the sole inheritor to a legacy spanning 2 decades?? Read what Hicks managed to gather regarding the Alien 5 movie. here's a sample: Would Sigourney Weaver and her aliens infest Earth this time? "Earth would be interesting, and there is talk about it," said Scott, who sounds bored with that premise. "I say we should go back to where the alien creatures were first found and explain how they were created. No one has ever explained why. I always figured that a battleship carrying bio-mechanical organisms that could be weapons was sent into space with some space jockey who didn't last long." Read the whole article

New AVP Pictures

Well AVPWorld has posted a link to another site which features the Fangoria pictures: Check the rest out


Well over at AVPWorld they've posted an article about some AVP downloads and among them is a supposed title theme for the new movie: "It is an orchestral peice with a few digital bits, heart bits and predator laughs, it sounds more like game music, and I seriously doubt it is the proper theme for the movie." Check it out


Well over at AVPWorld they've posted an article about some AVP downloads and among them is a supposed title theme for the new movie: "It is an orchestral peice with a few digital bits, heart bits and predator laughs, it sounds more like game music, and I seriously doubt it is the proper theme for the movie." Check it out

new concept art

Well AVPWorld and AVPGalaxy posted these within minutes of each other after both webmaster found a post in the forums. Heres the info off AVPWorld: "Well it seeems that over atopoulos Studios, some really cool concept pictures of AVP are posted on his site, this includes a cool picture of the Predalien and plenty more: " Actually 8 more. The rest on AVPWorld and The rest on AVPGalaxy

New Picture

Well over at AVPGalaxy they've posted a new picture of AVP, it is infact the new picture from Empire magazine, I also have the magazine but I dont have a scanner at the moment: AVP Picture And at AVPWorld they posted a little extra "The same article mentioned the design of the AVP Queen is going to be different from the one in Aliens. It will in fact but the same as one of Camerons earlier designs, a slimmer version."

AVP Article

Well over at sci-fi.com they've done an article about Carsten Norgaard injuring himself: "Carsten Norgaard, who plays an oil driller in the upcoming SF crossover movie Alien vs. Predator, told SCI FI Wire that he broke a rib filming a fight scene with the Predator. "It was a scene where I get punched seriously," Norgaard said in an interview. "I was pretty much out of air when the first big hit happened. I felt something. We had to take a recess for 15 minutes and kept on going."" Check it out -Thanks to AVPGalaxy

New Trailer

OK FELLOW XENOMORPHS AND YAUTJAS There is a new trailer at the avp-movie.com site. It is labeled new blood and it is AWSOME. It goes over some of the bigger characters. trust me. You wanna see it.

Fan Movie Interviews

Well here are 3 interviews i've had with people who are making there own fan movie, these interviews are for my avp site AVPWorld; Well I've had an interview with Steven Johnson, the guy behind the new spoof based on the AVP movie: "Corpral Hicks-So what is your involvment in this project and how did you get involved? Steven Johnson- Solo operation run by me. The movie consists of hand drawn artwork, plus art from AvP1 and 2, as well as audio from both games, mostly avp1." Check out the interview here Well I recently had an interview with Damon Weller, one of the men behind the new Alien fan film, Alien 5-Squared: "First of all, the film is a dark comedy, a parody/homage really. It's a toy movie, so it can't be all that serious. ALIEN 5 took place in Outer Space. At the end of A5,(as Alien fans could probably guess) Ripley barely escapes alive with Bishop, but little do they know... there is an infected stowaway aboard their ship!" Read the rest Well I recently had an interview with Stoppable, who is incharge of a new AVP fan film called Deadly Species: "Corpral Hicks- Tell us abit about the story of this movie. Stoppable-3 preds one blooded and 2 nobloods is send down to the planet to hunt.they meet xenomorphs and much bitter fighting stands before them." Unfortunetly due to language reasons Stoppable didn't understand some of the stuff I asked and have corrected as much as I can but it's still readable. Check it out. Also expect to see this movie in the AVP Fan Film section soon enough.


Thanks to Aliencollection.com for this news: AC.com recieved news of the AVP footage being shown at the Starfest. "I just saw the AvP presentation and it was AWESOME! It showed footage from the film, which looks sweeter than hell, and also a cast featurette (Lance Henrickson was there). I got a promo coin that says AvP on it, and has Aliens & Predator on both sides; a promo hat that says Weyland Industries on it. The footage featured clips from the movie that have never been shown before, it showed the Predator's weapons and what they look like. And it had a quick little scene with the three preds on the top of the pyrimid fighting the aliens. I'll get you the pics shortly. Is that cool, or is that cool?!" We need some pictures of those coins.

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