Species: Predator

by the_demigod
    |     AvP 1 by Rebellion
Predator outline for AvP [ Species: Marine | Species: Alien | Discuss in Forums ] Predator Stranded in the complex, you fight your way towards the waiting ship. Predator IS the way to play this game! You can cloak and approach your various targets unseen, killing them instantly. You can change vision modes and see everything everywhere. You can take massive amounts of damage and still fight. Your weapons are superior. Weapons: Wristblades Ammo Type: NONE Ammo Capacity: NONE Primary Fire: Quick strike Secondary Fire: Hard strike [allows trophy collection] Shoulder Cannon Ammo Type: Plasma charges Ammo Capacity: Connected to energy supply Primary Fire: Standard fire Secondary: Power Up Shot Energy Pistol Ammo Type: Electrical energy pulses Ammo Capacity: Connected to energy supply Primary Fire: Standard fire Spear Gun Ammo Type: Barbed spears Ammo Capacity: 30 Primary Fire: Standard fire Throwing Disc [Home on Target] Ammo Type: Disc Ammo Capacity: 1 Primary: Throw Equipment: Medicomp Another name for a medpack. Uses energy, so you need to be well charged up before any revitalisation occurs. Secondary fire puts out flames. Problems? Yes. You get knocked out of cloaking mode. You scream [just like in the movies], so EVERYONE knows where you are. Zoom Mode A sniper's tool. Zoom up to 3 times. Best use? In conjunction with Spear Gun. Head shots are messily enjoyable. Cloak Simply put: you're invisible. Problems? Yes. Uses your energy, so use it sparingly. Grappling Hook [some missions] A superb way of climbing otherwise inaccessible areas. Climbing down is also easy. Used skilfully, it allows to climb heights MUCH bigger than the hook's own length... Vision Modes Normal mode: just what it says. Predtech mode: good for tracking OTHER Predators. Makes finding your Disk a lot easier. Thermal mode: perfect for tracking humans. People glow in various colours [according to the various temperatures]. Allows auto-tracking ON humans. Electromagnetic Spectrum mode: perfect for tracking aliens. They glow silery, while everything else is dark red. Auto-tracking ON aliens. Tactics: Predator vs Marine Multiple choices are open to you, from long-range sniping, to close-up kills [cloak, sneak up and use wrist blades]. Auto-track and your shoulder cannon obliterate Marines totally. Predator vs Alien Here, their speed is a tough challenge, limiting your options. Pistol will be your mainstay weapon. Despite the Pred's inherent size and strength, hand-to-hand is still NOT advisable. [ Species: Marine | Species: Alien | Discuss in Forums ]

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