Species: Alien

by the_demigod
    |     AvP 1 by Rebellion
Species outline for AvP [ Species: Marine | Species: Predator | Discuss in Forums ] The Queen, your Mother, needs you to fulfill many tasks in her domination of the military/research complex. They [always?] involve killing, although... sometimes you are asked to press buttons and stuff... Weapons: Claws Primary Fire: Claw Attack [that's all there is to it] Tail Spike Seconday Fire: Tail Attack [also simple] Jaws Primary Fire: decapitation [if correctly centered on head of 'subject'] Health bumped upwards considerably. Skills: Leap Crouch+jump= long leap. Good for covering long distances. Climbing Walls, ceilings are all yours. Drawback? Yes. It is extremely easy to get confused [as to where is 'up' or 'proper left' or 'floor'] and stick your head out into a corridor you HAD to avoid for health reasons... Vision Modes Navigation mode: allows you to see everything and everywhere. Strong light sources will blind you [lets be honest- its an alien Night Vison Goggle thingy] Hunt mode: you see like a human, except your prey is illuminated with an aura. Humans have a blue aura, while Predators have green. Tactics: Alien vs Marine Tough opponents, armed to the teeth. They can track you and simply fill your surroundings with flying death. Covert, sudden, surprising, rapid...are all keywords for your attack. "Get the hell out of there!" is your motto for withdrawing. Take them on ONE at a time. If the Marines are mixing with civilians, jump right into the center of the group. Chaos will be your assistant. Alien vs Predator Go in close. Have your tail poised and ready. Head bites are rather EFFECTIVE too... Don't try to hide. He'll find you [that's what he does for a living...] Speed and surprise are you key strengths... [ Species: Marine | Species: Predator | Discuss in Forums ]

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