Species: Marine

by the_demigod
    |     AvP 1 by Rebellion
Marine outline for AvP

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Your are having a bad day. Abandoned by your fellow soldiers, you're in an alien infested complex, brandishing your trusty Pulse Rifle and a Motion Tracker. You can switch on the Night Vision equipment to see the gnashing jaws of death as they bite into you.


M-41A Pulse Rifle

Ammo Type: M309 10mm x 24 AP rounds, M40 grenades
Ammo Capacity: 99 rounds per clip [why not 100?]
Primary Fire: Standard Armour Piercing [AP] round fire
Secondary Fire: Underslung M40 grenade launcher

M-56 Smart Gun

Ammo Type: M250 10mm x 28 caseless rounds
Ammo Capacity: 500 rounds per clip.
Primary Fire: Auto-track mode
Secondary Fire: Free-fire mode [auto-track disabled]

M240 Flamethrower

Ammo Type: Napalm canisters
Ammo Capacity: 100 units [per canister]
Primary Fire: Standard fire
Secondary Fire: NONE

Grenade Launcher


Ammo Type: Incendiary Grenades, Fragmentation Grenades, Proximity Mines.
Ammo Capacity: 6 per each grenade type
Primary Fire: Standard fire
Secondary Fire: Switch grenade type

M83A2 SADAR Rocket Launcher

Ammo Type: Anti-personnel rockets
Ammo Capacity: 1
Primary Fire: Standard fire
Secondary Fire: None


Ammo Type: Specifications unknown
Ammo Capacity: 800 rounds per belt
Primary Fire: Standard fire
Secondary Fire: NONE



Ahh, if only real medicine was as good. Each gives you 100 health. As a Marine you WILL need plenty of them...


That heavy thing which protects you from...death. Not always available. Each offers 100.
Best moment? Yes. You and the alien meet over YOUR armour. You need it. It... doesn't...

Motion Detector

Taken directly from the movie "Aliens", this little gizmo warns you of impending danger. Covering 180 degrees [left, forward and right of you] it will 'inform' you about any movement.
Drawbacks? Yes. Limited to a range of 30 meters. Doen't tell you the vertical positioning. Can only be used in 'normal' vision mode. Forces you to spin around, checking your soft 'rear' for dangers... making you expose the very same 'rear' to the front, which is now your back, which is where the enemy is...

Image Intensifier

Night Vision Goggles by another name. The gizmo assists you in 'seeing' when human eyes simply give up. Good for seeing enemies in dark areas.
Drawbacks? Yes. Switches off your Motion detector. Is too sensitive to light [no 'auto-dim' feature] in essence blinding you totally.
Solutions? Yes. If using the Intensifier in tight corridors- shoot out overhead lights for a uniform darkness.

Jet Pack [some missions]

It's a handy tool for maneouvering through areas designred specifically for the Alien. Slows down nasty falls too.
Best moment? Yes. Hanging midair in a room and shooting aliens crawling on ceiling and walls trying to get at you...


Those boring thingys used to light up the environment. Infinite number [who would count?]


Marine vs Alien

The crawling monstrosities are FAST and usually come in numbers.
Small numbers of aliens: Pulse Rifle is BEST. Walk your rounds into each one [ie, start firing from the ground and the rifle will jerk upwards, spraying the alien with projectiles]. Good for spasmic/fear-based reactions when you are suddenly surprised.
Big numbers of aliens: Smart Gun. Ignore the 'track mode'. Go for 'free mode' and spray as if you had a BETTER Pulse Rifle. Grenade launcher is good too. Just stay AWAY as the acid will kill you as well.
Watch out for: exploding aliens. They don't simply crumble to the ground. Acid and exoskeleton are sent EVERYWHERE.
Escape: Fall back firing. NEVER turn around to run...

Marine vs Predator

You can run circles around him.
Close up: anything that fires FAST and PLENTY. No explosive stuff- you'll die... he'll walk off.
Medium range: his favourite. Most of the Pred gizmo's will decimate you at this range.
Long range: SADAR is nice. Grenade Launcher is nice. If you can run from cover to cover, sniping the Pred with short bursts... that's fine.
Beware: red lights anywhere ON your body. That's his targetting gizmo, and it signals that... you're DEAD.

Marine vs Marine

The combat of dreams. Short. Nasty. Messy.
The very power of your weapons [used to such a good effect against Preds and Aliens] assures short fights. NO human body can withstand such deadly technology. FUN.

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