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A few updates

As a few of you noticed the other week the site had an update. The scripts been updated, things have had a few tweeks. AJAX will be enabled very soon.

Game Give away !!!

A New Year and a new beginning! I hope you all have had a great time over the last few weeks and now it's going to get even better !!! The great people at Vivendi Universal Games have provided us with copies of the PS2 version of Predator: Concrete Jungle So, we will be giving away copies of this game over the coming weeks. Answer our questions to get your little hands on a free copy!!!

Feature Update

With the release of The Incredibles on DVD today we have brought to you a feature! Go to the Recent Releases section and have read about the movie! There are loads of images with more still to come ! Go and have a look! The Incredibles

New Poll

With most voters holding the belief that Aliens Vs Predator The Movie being all that you expected and more, you either have very low expectations or are easily pleased by simple action movies

Resent goings on @ AbsoluteAvP

We have some very nice work of Dead Bringer in the AvP Universe gallery section. Have a look, they are VERY GOOD. I have noticed, some of you have not yet had a look at the articles dedicated to the 'big thing' in the cinemas at the moment (thats if you live in the USA). So have a look:- Cast Info Preduction Team Info Film making Notes I dont know if you have notices, the article of all those who have unfortunatley past away and have worked in the Aliens/Predator films is also up in the movie section. In Memory

New things @ AbsoluteAvP

There have been many updates over the last few days. As the movie we all have been waitting for is in the cinemas in the US, we have many movie related stuff here. Don't forget to look through the production notes, cast bio's & prodution teams' bios. Cast Production Team Movie Notes According to our last poll, many of you think that the Nazi probably built the pyramid during WWII in which the cannon foder will find itself in. Now you got the chance to vioce your opinions on the movie in our NEW POLL. Also, we got producion art in our AvP Movie gallery section. Have you seen the desktop images for the AvP Movie???? No??? We have had it posted for YOUR viewing pleasure for since June !!! Get them now!

New Poll @ AbsAvP

So, as the AvP movie approaches, and we all get excited about the teaser that teases us with its teasery, let us focus on the usual dillema, present in all scifi films, and encapsulated nicely by the DVD commentary to "Sphere": the character sees musty footprints going off into the darkness of an alien spaceship and decides--"we go that way", to which the actor playing the IDIOT, yells off-screen "NO!!! NEVER go that way!!" The new Poll is: A pyramid, 2000 feet under the ice: what can you expect to FIND? Have fun.

Gallery Update - another

A new category has been created in the gallery, one just for the upcoming AvP Movie ! The 6 desktops have been posted for YOUR viewing pleasure. So, head over, have a look, download the desktops and just have general browse around ;)

Gallery - Update

You may have noticed that the gallery has received another upgrade. You can now view comments and post them, aswell voting for your favourite pic. Keeping checking for further updates ;)

The NEW Look Of AbsoluteAvP.Com

As you may have noticed, AbsoluteAvP.Com, has a new look !!! A few extra things will appear on the pages over the next few days to complete the updating process, but most features are now up. The Private Messaging has a very different look and new function to make things much easier for all.

Site Update

On Sunday the 2nd of May, the AbsoluteAvP.Com site will be updated. You may experience some trouble, we apologise for the inconvenience, and request your patience as these necessary updates are carried out.

New Poll - AvP Movie (again)

With the release of the AvP Movie getting ever closer, I thought I would do a poll on the theme. In our original AvP Movie poll (from eons ago), 50% of you wanted Alien 5 first ! Close behind, you said that you were dreaming of it. So here we are, 2004, and AvP Movie will be with us shortly, but is it what you wanted??? If you have been keeping up with the rumours, is this what you thought it will be all about? Will the producers make another A:Resurrection and kill the genre? Is your heart pumping at the mention of the movie? Will you be camping outside you local cinema to be the first to watch it??? Tell us

Competition Results are in! ! !

For all those that entered the waiting is over, the results are here. The person chosen at random is: Alien Lord, New Species Congratulations to the winner, and apologies to everyone else. Keep trying, it could be YOU next time!

AbsoluteAvP backup ! ...in away....

As most of you have noticed, the site has been down for a few days (that includes the emails as well). It will take us and Network Solutions some time to sort this out (there is no other way, but to wait for Network Solutions to get their act together). Therefore you can now access AbsoluteAvP through AbsoluteGamerz. Just got to www.absolutegamerz.com/avp You can also access all the hosted sites this way! Unfortunately, the gallery function has been suspended for the time being. I am working on bring it back as soon as possible whilst we deal with this awkward problem of our inaccessible domain. Please be patient and continue supporting us. Prezes

Work Can Now Begin- Let's Kick Some Ass!

Now I have the stuff needed off of the_demigod, I can begin uploading articles.

Site Update....

The site has been updated, as you have noticed the menus are slightly different... With the ever increasing content on these pages, we have made the menu structre to enable you all easier browsing and stoping new visitors being overwhelmend by all the things we have on offer ;) Also a number of banners (many thanks to SM & Hicks) are now available in the Link 2 Us section. Help us to keep the community growing !

AVP World Update

Hi all, Corpral Hicks here. I have updated my Website majorly. Loads of new pages and sections. Stuff like a Clan Directory and Merchandise info as well as much more. The site is http://www.avpworld.cjb.net

Game review!

For anyone who has ever played or heard about halo i have just done a game review on it. please go and read it and tell me what u think. thanks. Alien Lord!

New Website!

Hi all, Corpral Hicks here! I would like to anounce the lauch of my new Website. AVP World! You can either get to it by http://www.avpworld.cjb.nett or http://uk.geocities.com/avp_world2003. Story update soon!

Site Update

I have updated the sites menu, you should find it quite easy to use and it takes up less space ;) However, if you are experiencing any trouble viewing it, please contact me

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