Predators: Fighting, Weapons, Teamwork, Oh My!!!

by {TBW}Killa Dutch_L
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Multiplayer Essay for fighting marines [Discuss in Forums] Predators: Fighting, Weapons, Teamwork. All the preds on the net, listen up (Marines too, maybe you can learn some pred secrets). Fighting. Fighting: simple, right? That's what most people think until they get out there and go up against a Marine who actually has skills... Melee Preds The first thing you should do on a level is look for perches and vents (I know you think this isn't making sense but just wait). You know how when you try to sneak up on a Marine carrying a smartgun or any other automatic weapons, they turn around and start blowing you away? Well that's where your vents and perches come in: First of all, you haul ass to the nearest one, and when the Marine walks by, bye bye head. But wait you say, what if the marine is smart (which is surprisingly rare these days)? Well, then you use your brain too (duh). When you are running and you come to a vent, stand next to it but don't jump in. You would be surprised to see how much that works. If he starts catching on to that, start looping around the vents and come in from behind (Marines--motion tracker doesn't help you out then huh?). Secondly, when you are running around looking for prey, a little thing that you can do to ensure that you get the trophy is this: make sure you hold your combi (or whatever else you are using) at eye level at all times. And if the Marine spots you and starts shooting, a simple jump over his head not only takes you out of his line of fire... it usually confuses him as well. Sniping Preds When you spawn you had better find a perch... because you DO NOT want the marines to start tracking you (I guess if you have good skills you can go to mobile sniping, but that's not for most). So when you are in your perch, make sure you are looking around at all times, always moving your target reticle (is that right???). This insures that you will spot marines a long time before they spot you. The worst mistake a sniping pred can make is shooting shots wildly at a marine who is running. This alerts them because of the sound and if there is a wall behind them it could give them some sense of where you are. Marines have automatic weapons, they pump out way more rounds then speargun does, duh. Weapons. First off, I want to clear up one HUGE misconception about the Predator's weapons: the disc is NOT the best weapons. Well, it may be if you are going against a newb with a pulse rifle, but when you start going against skilled marines who can dodge and can kill you with one shot...I would say that your best bet would be to use combi or netgun. Here's why: When you have combi or netgun you can easily sneak up on even the best marines, everyone has their back's turned at some point. The thing that kills you when you use disc is: it uncloaks you and it is easy for a good marine to dodge. Teamwork. As you may know, most people who play as pred on multiplayer do not work as a team. This is a mistake. Marines have an advantage right off the bat because they basically are forced to work together when fight preds. I mean, no one wants to go up against a pred alone right? So when you are pred, going up against a whole bunch of marines is not your best bet. I suggest using traps. When you are in a level like quarantine, they work best. First off, you get one of your teammates to go and sit in a vent right off to the side of a hall. Then, you (or whoever) should run around a corner, shoot a couple of shots at some Marines, then haul ass. The Marines, seeing you run, want the kill so bad so they WILL chase you (I guarantee it). Then when they run by your bud in the vent, they don't have a chance. If he kills a few Marines and they catch on and turn around, take out your plasma pistol and blow their asses up. Well I hope this helps, and preds, whoop some ass out there. {TBW}Killa Dutch_L [Discuss in Forums]

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