Marine guide to fighting predators

by {Fox I.}Alloran[T.C]
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More advice from the Prtedator specialist [Discuss in Forums] Most marines never stand a chance 1 on 1 against a predator. Theyíre invisible, fast, can jump from high places without losing health, have weapons that kill instantly, and have the ability to heal themselves whenever and wherever they please. Now I can list a lot more advantages a marine has over a predator but this is a guide for marines so lets keep moving. I occasionally find myself being a marine in somebody elseís server because its empty once you join but when you actually join the fight its totally full and everyone is a predator and the only people on your side are either lagging out or dumb morons who think its smart to knife a predator. Donít feel bad itís happened to everyone once in their lifetime. Now who here can take on 2 predators easily (2 predators who know what theyíre doing). I doubt anyone can unless itís their server with their settings in their level and the predators have the I.Q of a steamy pile of dogÖpoop. Well letís get down to the list shall we? Invisibility As most of you know, predators have the slight advantage in being able to turn invisible, BUT, even though you cant see them, you can still nail them. Your motion tracker will easily let you know how far away he is in what part of the level. Learn to picture a blueprint of your level lying over the motion tracker. Think about what high places could be 2 meters away. If your in the middle of an open field and the blip comes up right in front of you, well you wont really have time to fight but give a good old fashioned try anyway. Remote Weapons I think the largest advantage a marine has over a predator is the ability to place weapons far away and forget about them. Proximity mines and spider mines. Nobody uses proximity anymore because spider mines chase their target whereas proximity mines do not. Proximity mines are best used in cramped areas because unlike the spider mines, they explode in fire and a lot more violently. Spider mines sort of pop when they go off. Prox mines are like grenades, and they kill much faster and cause mere damage to those armored preddies. Automatic Weaponry Another advantage a marine has: their weapons. Predators donít have fully automatic weapons with (whatís 99x4 again?) well a lot of ammo and grenades at the same time to boot. Predators donít have weapons that shoot out flaming napalm at their foes do they? No and they donít have miniguns which spew out thousands rpm (rounds per minute. In real life the 7.62mm minigun is the fastest automatic weapon man has ever made) either. Lets not forget the exosuits. I donít have to go into detail there. They speak for themselves. Style Check Well the first thing I do when Iím up against a predator is find out his style. The two basic styles are melee (close quarter up-close-and-personal fighting) and sniper (if you donít know what a sniper is your basically an idiot). Also find out what class he or she is and use that classís weakness as your strength. Heavy predators are slow and cant jump long distances, whereas light predators run fast and are agile but can easily be killed by even a glancing grenade blow. Pred Sniper If itís a sniper then < ahref="">read my other article about sniping Melee Preds They usually come after you with whatever weapons they please and donít care if they die or not. They can be annoying since they have no value for their lives. The best thing is to grab a hold of a flamethrower or smartgun. Flame will show them to you long enough for you to pick a different weapon and finish them off. Smartgun well they wonít come near you if you got one of those. EMPs are a great choice as well. Predators with discs. Man donít you get pissed at those guys. They disc you and brag about how good they are. The only way to dodge a disc is to run behind a corner. You can try jumping out of its path but that much much harder. You can do one of two things, quit the server, or get over it and grab yourself a rocket launcher. Fight fire with fire so to speak. Blast him a few times and call to him and say ďI wonít use rockets if you wonít use disc!Ē If they have had enough, theyíll stop and agree. Most people do this at the very beginning of a level, but sometimes all a disc-addicted pred needs is a few rockets up his ass. Plasmacasters Usually a last-ditch effort to kill the marine. Commonly comes into use when you run into the pred unexpectedly before heís had a chance to grab another weapons. Predators start out with wristblades and their shoulder cannon. Which do you think he will use? The best way is to jump and weave around, sidestep and try to last long enough for his energy to run out. Since shooting it takes 3 dots of energy away and you have 54 dots to start out with, I say you have 18 shots (the pistol takes away 6 dots so you have 9 pistol shots before he runs out. I highly doubt you can live long enough for him to run out. Pistols kill pretty fast with their splash-effect). After the assaulting predatorís energy is depleted, he is forced to take you out with the old-fashioned wrist blades. He cant cloak and do it because, guess what, his energyís out! So he can either run from you sifting and die, or run at you slicing and die. Netguns. Oh god do we hate those. The smart predator wonít waste time and kill you with any weapon that doesnít require him to be near you. If he decides to try and act tough and blade you, launch a grenade into the ground right below you. Take yourself out and him in the process. Therefore you can gloat about it later. Most marines think all the hope they posses goes right down the fu**iní toilet once your netted, therefore not doing anything and simply waiting there for death. Smart predators realize this and take the time of you sitting there moaning to sift and get ammo. Once you figure out that heís not going to kill you then and there, you knife yourself free only to discover that the predator refilled his energy and ammo supply. Bombs. Well thereís nothing much you can do to defend yourself against a hail of explosives. Basically try to find out which direction the bombs are coming from (this can be found out by the way the bombs stick in the dirt/wall/etc, and by catching them in the air, tracing their path to the general area in which he is hiding, and blasting everything you see. Another possible alternative is to place proximity mines (not spider mines for prox mines do more damage) on the bombs and hope for the best. One last thing. This is reserved for the experienced marines. As you may or may not know, certain items (when destroyed manually) may not respawn. Thusly, find the bombs/speargun/whatever the predator is fond of, and destroy it continuously. It will eventually pop 30% of the time. If or when it does, you will be on easy street. But be careful, the grenade launcher is the marine weapon, which pops the fastest. Hope the predator doesnít know about this tiny secret of ours. Well I hope this helps you out. Being a predator a lot I learn to be good as marine for I know all the predator secrets, hiding spots, etc. Send me an email if you have any comments, good or bad. Iím at [Discuss in Forums]

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