Yautja Stalking

by {Fox I.}Alloran[T.C]
    |     AvP 2 by Monolith
How to stalk in AvP2 [Discuss in Forums] Stalking is essential for any Predator in multiplayer Avp2. In single player missions the computer will notice you if they get close enough, but in multiplayer, they can bump into you and not know your there (only a moron would keep on walking but I am simply saying they wouldnít see you). In this brief bulleted list of hints youíll quickly become better at silently following and observing your prey. Note: this is against marines. You canít stalk an alien DUH. I need not tell you to cloak. If you donít cloak and try stalking someoneÖwell never mind I wonít get into name-calling. Common knowledge. The marines motion tracker faces in front of him only. If you see his back turned to you and you got to move, MOVE. Donít stalk with your wristblades open dude. There is always the chance that theyíll get lucky and notice you and be sitting perfectly still just waiting for you to shoot their head off. You canít do that with your wristblades can you? Carry around your speargun or anything else that wonít uncloak you. For the marines: If youíre being stalked, Back up into a corner and blast anything and everything. Keep a smart gun handy because once he believes that you might actually spot him, heíll take off running with his tail between his legs. Thatís when the smart gun comes in handy. Back to the predators. If you notice the marine is smarter than you and knows all the things to keep you guessing, find a spot, donít leave that spot, and kill him with any high explosive weapon you have (pistol, bomb, and charged up plasma shot.) Quick note to you marines: If you notice the predator is done stalking and has come balls-out after you, donít try to evade him by jumping from somewhere up high. For Christ sakes heíll come down after you unscathed. On the other hand, a small fall will kill you and you will watch him drop by and take your head. Common sense people. Ok that about wraps it up. Iím a much better sniper than I am a stalker so donít trust this to be the best article on the subject out there. I hardly stalk I just put this together from whatever scattered facts I could scavenge on such short notice. Feel free to send me any tips and suggestions on stalking as I am trying to get better at it myself. Iím at FoxInter2000@cs.com send me an email with any thought you might have. I donít hold grudges with people who think my work isnít good. [Discuss in Forums]

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