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A massive indepth and thorough insight into the world of Aliens. [Discuss in Forums]

Introduction This article is an investigatory insight on Aliens; within it I have summed up my ideas and other peoples ideas on the Alien species. This article in its entirety is based on the movie Aliens and has nothing to do with the Aliens found in the novels or in the comics. It has loads of speculation on the Aliens from all 4 films, I doubt you will be disappointed. _________________________________________________

Alien Origins : section one The first human encounter with Aliens was in ALIEN, when the crew of the freighter Nostromo is awakened from their deep sleep by a distress call from planet LV-426 (a.k.a. Acheron). The crew of the Nostromo quickly land on the supposedly un-inhabited planet to find the crashed derelict spacecraft; which belonged to an ancient advanced species nick named "Space Jockey" due to their enormous size. Within the derelict one of the crewmembers finds a field of "alien" eggs, which were protected or entrapped in a stasis field. Upon closer inspection, the egg opened up like a flower to release a parasite, thus the Alien saga begins. But in order to know where we're heading, one must know where we were. One theory suggests that the Aliens themselves are biomechanical weapons created by none other than the Jockeys themselves, they were used as weapons, as bombs to infest enemy planets. It was also suggested that due to the Aliens massive amounts of bioelectricity they were used as living batteries to power Jockey ships and other sorts of unknown machinery. The theory sounds plausible but before you believe one must take the various possibilities of how the Aliens ended up on the Jockey ship. The Aliens could have: A) Infested the derelict spacecraft when it landed on LV-426, suggesting that the planet itself may have been the Alien home world. B) Infested the derelict ship before it took off from where ever it was only to crash-land on LV-426 C) Been placed there by the Jockey pilot only to escape (naturally expected) and crash land onto LV-426, and multiply. Truly little is known about the Aliens' past, or their future for that matter, no encounters with the Aliens have ever been recorded after the events of Fury161 until the experiments on the Auriga. They are considered extinct, yet no one can confirm this. It is quite possible that Aliens have been around for so long that they themselves have evolved into perfect organisms that could easily adapt to any foreign environment, which includes space. If Aliens did in fact venture into various planets, then chances are they have VERY quickly adapted to that environment and stored it within their DNA to pass it on to future generations of the species, which may explain how the Aliens on Auriga have memories. Although this may sound skeptical but what if the Derelict spacecraft is infact a complex, rather than a ship. A structure that was placed on LV-426 to study the environment and its inhabitants. It could even be a Alien production facility or Alien "farm" where Aliens are bred and housed for military reasons or maybe even medical reasons. Who knows but one thing is for sure, once the Aliens attacked the Jockies, a signal was set up to ward off incoming ships, unfortunately for the crew of the Nostromo they mistook warning signal for a distress signal. _________________________________________________

Alien Physiology : section two The Alien physiology has brought new meaning to perfection; thus I will take time to analyze the various aspects of the Alien physiology. ------------------------ Exoskeleton Aliens time and time again demonstrated that their exoskeleton is a masterpiece of strength and design; it appeared very resilient to attack on many occasions in the Alien saga. The Alien Exoskeleton is truly astonishing; the Alien in ALIEN was affected more by the distance that was put between it and Ripley than the harpoon she just fired into its chest; a sample of just how resistant to pain it really is. The Alien exoskeleton however is not immune; this is due to the fact that its JUST TOO DAMN HARD that it simply shatters when high energy weapons impact it such as M40 grenades and Pulse Rifle rounds, it can withstand fire from a small pistol, even from a close distance, the bullets will bounce off. The exoskeleton proved just how strong it is in ALIEN3 particularly when audiences were astounded by the fact that the Alien exoskeleton can withstand EXTREME temperatures, both hot and cold. The Alien in A3 was buried alive under hundreds of tons of molten lead for approx 30 seconds; bear in mind that no technology exists today that can withstand the enormous amount of heat and pressure for this period of time. The Alien rose from it's hellish grave unaffected by the pain. It was in a raged frenzy yet with great precision managed to climb up the pipes towards Ripley until it met its doom by her hands. The Alien exoskeleton can also tolerate extreme cold; this was clearly demonstrated in A:R when the Alien survived the few seconds of freezing nitrogen while its human counterpart was immediately killed - the Alien also demonstrated in ALIEN that its exoskeleton has adapted to the coldness of space; it was unaffected by it and was clutching to the Narcissus even when death was on the horizon. Aliens exploit the fact that their exoskeleton is extremely tough, they use it in all forms of actions such as ramming live and inanimate objects to a pulp; to survive great falls that would easily kill humans, and also to withstand to a degree projectile weapons. Think of the Alien exoskeleton as a Spider's silk, which if upsized to human scale would be stronger than steel yet amazingly flexible. ------------------------ Senses The Alien has demonstrated that it indeed possesses terrestrial senses such as touch, smell, and hearing, but it also possesses quite Alien senses. We know nothing for sure about whether Aliens possess "eyes" or something similar or if they have taste buds - thus many Xenobiologists decided to speculate on what Aliens might possess that allows them to navigate so accurately. One must note that in ALIEN3, the viewer was finally given a chance to see through the Aliens eyes, the world appeared farther away, as if looking through a fish lens, sounds are semi-distorted but their echo could be heard from vast distances. This might be how an Alien really sees the world, but some argue that the Alien vision (sight) was there for special FX only. Pheromones are common here on earth, they are chemical substance that are secreted either purposely or without the organisms awareness that can be detected by other animals. Some people suggest that Aliens detect pheromones from other species by their extremely advanced smell glands; thus allowing them to navigate directly to the source. But pheromones on their own are not enough for the Aliens awesome hunting/navigation skills. It is also suggested that Aliens use pheromones as a form of communication; like terrestrial animals that secrete pheromones to summon/ward off others of its species - or even to mate. This may be true since the Marines in ALIENS as I recall mention something about a strange stench in the hive (or it could be the smell of rotting carcasses). Aura Detection is another theoretical way for Aliens to detect and track down prey. Auras are electrical fields that surround the body, they change in brightness and color according to how the organism is feeling. Such a navigation system is used by some of the great predators of earth, like the Shark whom with special nasal organs can detect electrical impulses released by prey from miles away, the Shark homes in on these impulses and kills prey with complete deadliness. Aliens are perfect hunters, well adapted to many environments; It would be fit if Aliens can actually detect electrical impulses released by prey to hunt them down with incredible precision from vast distances. Aliens themselves possess massive amounts of bio-electricity which in turn explains how they can work together easily (by knowing exactly where the other is, since electrical impulses are usually unique to an individual) and also how they can do various actions without the need to feed. Although like pheromones, Aura detection is in no way backed up by the movies other than by the notion that the Aliens can sense fear and panic; The Alien in ALIEN only struck Dallas when he was overly panicked which meant an extremely fast heart beat thus more electrical impulses released. Sound Reverberation is the Aliens ability to detect sound from long distances as if the source was a few feet away. The theory suggests that Aliens like bats may use sound waves to detect what objects are in front of it. Although this ability may work in conjunction with the Aliens other organs/senses, on its own it isn't that efficient and doesn't really meet the demands of a 'fast paced' predator like the Alien. ------------------------ Various Details *** Aliens have inner jaws that act as tongues, they are able to extend up to 12 inches, once they reach full length the jaws quickly shut and snap back in.. The inner jaw has demonstrated that with a quick thrust, it can penetrate human flesh and bone easily. The inner jaw is not a solid bone, it is flexible to a degree, suggesting that it might be like an elephants trunk, made up of lots of muscles. *** Alien heads are elongated and sometimes vary in appearance from smooth to ridged; the presence of a large head does not necessarily mean that Aliens have a large brain; the large is more than likely due to the fact that Alien have a lot of complex organs/senses, perhaps more than what us humans possess - its also been suggest that the elongated head is that way because Aliens are well adapted to swimming. *** Alien hands and feet are very large and are rumored to contain suctions that allow the Alien to stick and climb any wall or ceiling with out any effort; as if they they're walking. The Alien hands are "adorned" with strong claws that allow it to slash both living and inanimate objects (doors). *** Aliens have acid for blood. It is extremely volatile and corrosive and can eat through multiple layers of metals before halting. The acid blood can be used by the Alien -perhaps with a mixture of saliva to lower its acidity- as a projectile, spat by the Alien onto the facial area of a target. *** Aliens possess 4 large dorsal spines and one spike that reach out of its back; the spike is smaller than the rest and is hidden under the head. Their true purpose is unknown, but its been speculated that they may be used for balance when walking on 2 (which explains why the Alien in A3 did not possess them; but then again the dorsal spine may interfere with its head) - its also been suggested that dorsal spines secrete the Alien resin that they use to decorate the hive and cocoon hosts. One theory even suggests that the dorsal spines are used by Aliens to carry an egg on its back by placing it in the center between all 5 dorsal spines, effectively immobilizing and securing it on their back, as they travel and climb walls with great speeds. *** The Alien according to some does have an endoskeleton - automatically removing the possibility that it's an insect. Besides Aliens are only similar to insects, they really are very different. Aliens have lots of body tissue and ligaments. Insects do not. *** An Alien possesses a large tail that is equal to its body's length, the tail is strong and is used by the Alien to strike down and impale victims; the tail has a very sharp blade at its end. *** It is not known whether Aliens do in fact possess genitals or even gender, since the only Alien with a confirmed gender is the queen - it is suggested that normal adult Aliens are sexless and can switch genders like some earth animals. _________________________________________________

Alien Intelligence : section three The concept of intelligence is very difficult to identify, since we can only relate to terrestrial intelligence. So to quench our human hunger to categorize everything, the question has been asked... Are Aliens intelligent beings or simply dangerous animals? To know whether Aliens are intelligent, one must understand truly what is intelligence? For me, I will take on this subject from the point of view that intelligence is reasoning or the ability for an organism to coop with totally new situations, thus the organism must rely on pre-meditated thought rather than instinct to survive new situations. Aliens through out the saga have demonstrated cold and calculating attacks to vicious assaults; it appears to choose its victims in most occasions based on how much the loss of that certain victim may impact the opposing group negatively. The Alien attacks show frightening and swift accuracy, these Aliens don't waste their time - Here are *some* various situations from the Alien saga that demonstrate the Aliens intelligent nature. ------------------------

ALIEN -------- During the chase scene between Dallas and the Alien - the Alien somehow senses that it was being tracked and watched, it was able to outsmart Dallas by circling around him and still remain undetected; allowing his fear and panic to cloud his reasoning thus making Dallas blindly walk into the Aliens arms and die.

ALIENS -------- Since the Aliens knew fairly well their way around the LV-426 complex, its very possible that they intentionally cut the power and exploit the humans shortcomings. One may argue that they probably cut it unintentionally but it could again be easily argued that Aliens knew very well about humans inability to see in the dark which explains why they attack at night "mostly" - Aliens exploiting another species own weakness to their own advantage? Sounds like some sort of intelligence to me. Another good example from ALIENS is the" Queen-inside-the-elevator" scene, the Queen clearly understood what an elevator was, after observing Ripley use it to escape her, she probably realized that by using the elevator she not only can escape the immediate danger but she can also reach Ripley and avenge her species.

ALIEN3 -------- The most obvious example of reasoning in ALIEN3 is the candle blow-out scene, the Alien most definitely observed the inmates lighting the candles, hence it understood that by blowing out the candle in some way, it can lure them towards it. The curious inmates gave in to their fear and fell into the Alien's trap. The first inmate died in screaming agony; which caused chaos and panic among the 2 remaining inmates; and like ALIEN, the inmates walked blindly into the Alien's devious plot, it exploited their clouded moment to strike death upon them. A far more cynical and sinister situation is superintendent Andrews death. Did the Alien take him out in front of the whole group to cause great panic amongst the inmates; by taking out the leader figure, the followers would be blind with no where to go. Even if the panic attack was temporary, the Alien clearly did this calculated attack intentionally to make the hunt easier and if you want to take this far, to fulfill the Alien's own sadist pleasures. The Alien behaved at the end as if it was in fact aware of Ripley's plan to lure it and kill it; which explains why the dead corpse that was being to be used as bait failed. The Alien at that point quickly analyzed the situation and decided to quickly grab the corpses and retreat.

ALIEN RESURRECTION -------- One of the best example of Alien reasoning and understanding, is when the Alien was imprisoned in cell block 3; One of the Aliens "misbehaved" and was sprayed with liquid nitrogen; it later learned not to "misbehave" knowing that it will be punished. But that's not all; when the tides turned and the Aliens rebelled, the Alien used its inner jaw to intentionally activate the nitrogen sprays on a human; not only did the Alien demonstrate its quick capabilities to learn but one may suggest that it killed the human in that particular method for its own individual hunger for revenge, to treat the human the same way they treated you - an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Another "best" example of Alien thought and reasoning is the incident in cellblock 3; in which the Aliens utilized their own bodily fluids like no "animal" ever did before. The Alien not only was aware of its body fluids horrid nature but it recognized the effects of the acid on the cell floor itself. The Aliens decided to sacrifice one Alien for the good of hive and managed to melt through the floor and escape; thus causing a chain reaction and freeing the rest of the Aliens. Another thing should be pointed out; the Aliens initiated their "plan" when they noticed that they were not being monitored, which increases the chance of their "plan" to succeed. Again this attack like the one in ALIEN sent the human population into panic and chaos; the Aliens took advantage of this and struck with deadly precision, crippling and scattering the remaining populous. REMARKABLE! One of them naughty Aliens set quite a smart trap, like no other before. The Alien used a gun to lure a human being into his demise - Elgyn fell for the gun which was oozing with Alien slime, a clear sign that it was held and placed their by an Alien. Once Elgyn was in place, the Alien quickly pulled the floor from beneath him and chewed monstrously at his chest. As you can clearly see the Aliens have demonstrated CLEARLY that they are capable of pre-meditated thought and reasoning, Aliens were able to do make a choice based on the surrounding environment and the current situation. ------------------------ Emotions Something that needs to be pointed out is that Aliens have emotions, they are not mindless heartless killers, they have feelings too (LOL) - The Aliens have demonstrated that they are indeed capable of feeling various emotions; here are a few samples to convince you. The Queen in ALIENS was visibly enraged by Ripley's act of grievance; the Queen allowed Ripley to leave but in return she expected Ripley to leave her alone. Ripley betrayed her and attacked the hive. The Queen vowed revenge and with hate and anger pouring from her, she followed Ripley until her ill-fated death. Something that should be noted is the fact that the Queen mistook Newt as Ripley's daughter - she was attacking Newt and trying to kill her when Ripley was not present, as an act of revenge against Ripley whom also killed the Queen's "children" In ALIEN3, the Alien was clearly enraged when it jumped out of the molten lead pool - it was so enraged that it lost control of its sense of morality and would have definitely killed Ripley regardless of the Queen she hosts. In A:R, the sacrificial Alien in cellblock 3 behaved very weak, it lowered its head as if it was begging the other Aliens to grant mercy, as if the Alien itself knew the value of life! Another oddity in A:R should be recognized, the "sex" scene between the Alien and Ripley was a clear sign of acceptance and even perhaps love - The Aliens all together recognized that Ripley is no mere human, but is in fact like a grandmother to them. They were affectionate to her and did not want and would not harm her. ------------------------ The facts regarding Alien intelligence are before you; judge for yourself... Are these ancient creatures mere animals? Or are they intelligent beings with intelligence that is in fact "alien" to us? _________________________________________________

Alien Life-Cycle : section four The Alien life cycle is quite complicated; it spans various stages, which are explained in detail below. ------------------------ Egg ; Stage 1 In the beginning there was an egg. Eggs are almost 1 meter high and 2 feet wide - they have 4 petal-like lips on top that open up when they are ready to hatch. Eggs are laid by an Alien Queen and have tendrils that allow it to attach to a surface. Although they lack these tendrils at first, they appear to grow them as time passes. Eggs harbor facehuggers, which are the foundation of any Alien hive, they also contain various liquid substances inside that are suggested to help develop facehuggers and keep it alive. Its been rumored that eggs do not require any nutrients of any kind to survive and come fully equipped, but recently its been suggested that they can draw energy and nutrients from the surrounding environment, using their tendrils perhaps. Another theory suggests that the egg is capable of recycling the facehuggers wastes into usable nutrients that keep it and the facehugger alive. It has been argued that the egg themselves are living organisms, and have a mutual relationship with the facehugger. The eggs main purpose is to awaken the facehugger inside upon detection of a potential host, it is also believed that the eggs die after the facehugger within them leaves. Eggs are rumored to live for hundreds if not thousands of years in hibernation, since they survived in the derelict for at least a couple of thousand years because the "pilot" was in fact fossilized, a process which takes a long Long LONG time. ------------------------ Facehugger ; Stage 2 Facehuggers come out of eggs to find suitable hosts for the hive; they are almost a meter and half in length (including tail). Facehuggers have 8 legs that allow it to move at surprising speeds, it is also rumored that Facehuggers can scale walls and ceilings like its adult kin. Facehuggers have a long retractable tube at the bottom of their chest; it is rumored to be its mouth but since no one ever saw a facehugger eat (it may not need too), its been suggested that the tube is in fact some sort of "alien" genital. Facehuggers have 2 sacs on both bottom-sides of is body that supply air to host and maybe even the embryo inside during the "sex session". Facehuggers will rap their tail around the hosts neck, which will automatically cause the host to open its mouth wide open for air; the facehugger will then proceed to shove it's long tube-like organ down the hosts throat and rap its arms around his/her head to ensure that the host remains in place while the process of implantation occurs. The facehugger's lifespan is unknown, but it appears to die after implanting an embryo. Although some people suggest that a facehugger can implant multiple embryos within its short lifespan. The most well monitored facehugger was that aboard the Nostromo, it couldn't implant another embryo due to the fact that it was trapped, so it simply died. In ALIENS, the facehugger did not need to implant multiple embryos because there was enough facehuggers to go around. In ALIEN3; our idea of facehuggers changed drastically. Lots of speculation exists on whether there were in fact 2 facehuggers or simply 1 facehugger. Since the idea of a super facehugger was scratched, fans relied heavily on educated guesses on how 2 Aliens came to being. One theory suggests that the facehugger implanted 2 embryos on 2 hosts simply because there was 2 hosts available within the facehuggers short life span, further more - the facehugger was obligated to push itself to the limits and implant 2 embryos since its species was on the brink of extinction. Again this is just speculation. The question whether the facehugger impregnates or transmogrifies has also been disputed various times. Does the facehugger simply insert a small embryo within a host and allow it to grow? Or does it secrete special chemicals that "transmogrify" the host's DNA and force the host to develop a new organ that is in fact an Alien embryo? The reason the theory of transmogrification was created was mainly to explain how the Queen in A:R managed to be part of Ripley's DNA, and how the Queen and Ripley were molded together in the various Ripley clones. By accepting the theory that facehuggers actually alter the host's DNA and allow his/her body to develop the embryo, the incidents in A:R can be explained; and also shed new light on the possibility that the embryo relies on the host for nutrients simply because it is part of the host. The facehugger upon transmogrifying the host's DNA can leave to implant another embryo or just die. May I add that the reason Facehuggers stick on the host's longer than required is to insure that the embryo and the host are safe in the early stages of pregnancy. ------------------------ Chestburster ; Stage 3 While the Alien is still inside the host, it is speculated that it uses some of the host's nutrients to grow, which explains why hosts feel extremely hunger after regaining consciousness. The Alien embryo hides behind the host's sternum, in the chest cavity. The embryo is speculated to develop as a new organ due to the DNA modifications made by the facehugger, but its also been suggested that the facehugger plants a small embryo with the host that quickly latches onto the host, it unleashes chemicals to stop the host's body from attacking it since it is a foreign tissue; either way the embryo remains in the host for several hours, Queen embryos are suggested to take a longer incubation period due to their more complex structure. If a host dies with an embryo inside him/her this doesn't necessarily mean the embryo will die too because there's no evidence to suggest that it's tied into the host's main systems. Hours later, after the embryonic phase, the young Alien will violently burst out of the host's chest (this explains why it has been nicknamed "Chestburster") by thrusting its small yet sharp jaws into the hosts sternum until it reaches the outside; it will then proceed to scurry away and hide. The Chestburster is a small serpent like creature with under-developed limbs and head; it uses its strong tail to push its body across the floor like a snake at surprisingly high speeds. It is unknown whether the Chestburster feeds during its growth phase, but its confirmed that it strangely does NOT chew on the host's body for food. During the growth phase, the Chestburster will molt its skin 1-2 times and will within a few hours grow into a full sized adult (2 meters tall). The Chestburster growth does vary according to the host; in ALIEN3 the Chestburster was much larger than a human-born Chestburster, the reason is speculated to be that Dogs take less time to mature than humans do. ------------------------ Adult ; Stage 4 The climax of a typical Aliens life is adulthood; in this stage the Alien gains access to abilities that give it it's horrid reputation. The Alien becomes 2 meters in length as its exoskeleton hardens, 5 tube-like appendages rise from its back and its head becomes very elongated. The Alien's jaws become immensely powerful, as they are also able to secrete acidic venom that can dissolve flesh and if it reaches the blood stream may cause paralysis. The Alien gains access to acute sense (mostly located along the head) and suction-like structures on its hands and feet, effectively allowing it to cling and crawl on walls and ceilings. The Alien's internal organs are unknown, its lifespan is also unknown, but its rumored that they can live for hundreds if not thousands of years in hibernation. Various theories regarding the adult Alien different looks exist, which are explained below. Caste Theory suggests that adult Aliens are separated into varied castes, each that differs slightly physically and in their hive duties, like the terrestrial ants. Caste Theory states that adult Aliens are separated into 2 breeds, Warriors and Drones; Warriors are slightly larger, have more fingers and smooth heads while the former, Drones are slightly smaller and have ridged heads with 3 fingers. Warriors have the duty to protect the hive and the queen, they are bred to hunt and kill, while Drones tend to the Queen's needs and manage the hive. Like all theories, this one has its flaws. Cowl-Loss Theory suggests that the reason Aliens differ physically is due to age, the Aliens in ALIEN, A3, and A:R are all a few days old while the ones in ALIENS are far older, their age is at least more than week. The Alien has a complicated brain, one that serves a lot of purposes, during the Aliens early stage of adulthood; a transparent cowl on the Alien's cranium is used to protect its still-developing brain. But once it has aged enough, the cowl like the Aliens skin in the Chestburster stage will molt off and reveal a complex ridged design embedded within its head. The main reason this theory is accepted is due to the fact that the ridges are visible beneath the transparent cowl in the younger Aliens. The reason this theory is denied credit is due to the fact that the ridges beneath the cowl are different than those ridges of "Drones" - The argument against this accusation is the fact that the Alien's head has not completely taken form, and the ridges are still developing and changing in size and numbers, once the cowl is lost - ridges that are very similar to that of the Aliens in ALIENS may be revealed. Exo-Manipulation Theory simply states, that the reason we have so many different looking Aliens is because the Alien manipulates its exoskeleton in its Chestburster stage to make it more appropriate for the environment it has been born in. The Alien in ALIEN had a silvery gray color attached to it with a smooth cowl due to the fact that it was a smooth silvery/gray/white environment, While the Aliens in ALIENS had ridged bodies and darker skin due to the fact that they were born in the hive environment which is adorned with intricate "ridged" designs across its walls and ceilings. The reason is for this is that Aliens need to make the best out of the environment they're in, to take advantage of it they must blend in with the surrounding and camouflage themselves to better their chances to catch hosts and kill enemies. Either way, Aliens regardless of their shape, color, or type are awesome creatures, which have proven to be extremely well adapted to every environment known to man. It is in their nature to be perfect predators; it is the reason why we are so fascinated with them. For more information regarding the Adult Aliens physical body, check section two. Adult Aliens also have a strict agenda that they must comply with. Adult Aliens' duties vary from taking care of the Queen and her eggs to secreting a resin that engulfs the walls and ceiling of the hive. Adult Aliens must also find and capture suitable hosts for the hive. They do so by grabbing and dragging hapless victims to the hive and cocooning them in a layer of strong resin. Sooner or later the victim will be attacked by a facehugger and become host to a new Alien. Adult Aliens must also protect the hive. As seen in ALIENS, the Adults swarmed against the intruding marines as soon as they were alarmed by their presence. Adults willingly sacrificed their lives for the safety of the Queen and her nest. Aliens will do all that is in their power to survive and protect themselves and their kin. ------------------------ Queen ; Stage 5 The Queen Alien is the bigwig of any Alien hive, what she says goes. The Alien Queen's purpose is to basically act like an egg laying machine, she lays with the aid of some Aliens multiple eggs using her egg sac. But from where does her royal majesty come from? The first and most factual way is the Queen is implanted by a facehugger (its been speculated that there is a unique type of queen laying facehuggers, but no truth exists behind this since the idea was scratched from A3) into a host as an embryo, this embryo physically looks different, it has an extra pair of arms and its head has a more "queeny" look to it, this embryo also requires more time to develop as observed in the events of Fury 161. The Queen Chestburster will most likely hide until its ready to come out and develop and egg sac to speed laying eggs drastically, soon her small realm expands into a massive hive that flourishes with Aliens... But what if there is no facehugger or queen to lay more eggs, what's an Alien to do now? Well one theory suggests that the adult Alien rubs itself with royal jelly secreted either from it or the former queen, hence allowing it to molt into a full-grown queen, with all her capabilities. The Queen's Physical Characteristics vary greatly from her smaller kin, she is approx. 4.5 meters tall, with a massive head that is almost 2 meters in length, it has been nicknamed the "cranial crown" because of its uncanny resemblance to a crown. Its tail is massive and far stronger than its smaller Adult Alien counter part; it is equal to her length. Her inner jaws are proportionately bigger too (36 inches long). Like a turtle a Queen can hide the front part of her head inside the cranial crown until she is awakened. The Queen also has 2 pairs of extra arms that are thought to be used during mating, but this idea was looked down upon when the Queen in A:R was born fertile and did not require any sexual aid from the Aliens. Hard/thick resin strands usually suspend the queen in mid-air with her egg sac attached to the roof of the hive. The Queen's legs are massive, but due to her awkward walk scene at the end of ALIENS it has been speculated that Queens are not made for walking, since they rarely move and would only do so in cases of emergency when she is obligated to detach herself from the egg sac and relocate to a safer place. The Queen's ovipositor or egg sac is a large 8-meter long structure attached to the Queen's "genital", like the Queen, it too is suspended in mid-air. The purpose of the egg sac is to harbor multiple eggs at the same time and allow them to develop quickly and safely so that they are laid full-grown and ready to hatch. The egg sac is also responsible for positioning the egg in an up-right position and safely placing it on the ground. Its been speculated that the Queen does not require the ovipositor to lay eggs, since their purpose is to speed development and ensure safety to multiple eggs at the same time, this speculation arises from the possibility that the Queen laid under-developed eggs aboard the Sulaco at the end of ALIENS as a last attempt to save her species. This is backed up by the fact that the egg did not hatch immediately after being placed but took time to develop and even after hatching they still appeared smaller than average egg. _________________________________________________

Conclusion In conclusion, this investigatory report on Aliens took awhile to conceive; I hope you learned much from the experience of reading this article. Our curiosity and fascination with Aliens drove many others and myself to write such insightful reports in hopes of breaking through the mysterious wall the surrounds the Alien species. Their evolutionary perfection can only be matched by their vicious agenda. I doubt we'll ever unravel the mystery behind these creatures, as much as I hunger for knowledge about them, deep down inside I know that the mystery behind them is what drove me into their madness in the first place. Disclaimer: This article is a semi-factual yet a speculative article. My motive is to provide a creative and comprehensive read rather than a stale boring one. Most if not all speculation is personal opinion and interpretations; the reason being is that I'm open to new ideas and theories. Now that that's clear I hope you enjoyed my article. [Discuss in Forums]

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