The Nature of Aliens

by BiomeXhanoid
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When you know the nature of a Thing... [Discuss in Forums] The following treatise has been deemed to be Knowledge That Must Be Suppressed, For The Good of Ignorant And Foolish Species Who Would Subvert It And Thus Destroy Themselves. I would like most heartily thank my assistants, Drs. Hrelleck and Vichtok’n and the esteemed Yautja H’Thraus’Ka, [Deviser of Ways and Technologies to further understand Prey, to better enhance the Hunt.] Drone: This form of Alien delineates itself by its smaller stature, and the total lack of appearance outside of hives. The average drone is approximately the same height as a female of our species. It appears rather diminutive when compared to other of its ilk. Its primary functions are the processing of hosts for cocooning, maintenance of the Eggs and the chamber they are contained in, and care of newly hatched “chestbursters” They are just as aggressive as warriors when a breach of the hive is detected, though they are not nearly as well equipped to deal with potential threats. Drone, “Architect”: This is a specialized form of Drone, whose almost sole function is to build and maintain the Hive. It’s rather obvious distinction is the gross enlarging of the dorsal ejectors. This adaptation is, of course, endemic to the role it serves within the society, that of builder/developer. The Architect is forever maintaining, repairing and adding to the environment of the hive. These Aliens can often be found in groups, toiling ceaselessly to create the ideal environment in which their brethren (and potential mothers) can live. As an aside, my compatriot H’Thraus’Ka noted with sardonic humor that Yautja raiding parties had, on numerous occasions, severely underestimated a group of civic minded Architects whom had promptly melded the interlopers to the walls of the Hive, to be disposed of with embarrassing efficiency by warriors subsequently. Warrior: This ubiquitously versatile Alien can be found at the foray of any conflict, at the center of any infiltration.. and at the heart of any invasion. These Aliens are the most often encountered, and often the first warning of more dire events to come.. The Warrior is distinguished by its profound malleability, a trait which serves it admirably in the defense of its home and family. Warriors are found in an alarming variety of configurations.. but they share one undeniable trait. Lethality. Warrior, “Praetorian”: This super-specialized form of warrior is invariably found within the presence of a Queen. Easily distinguished by its massive size in relation to it’s brothers, The Praetorian is also visibly altered, Sporting wicked spines instead of ejectors, and an enlarged head, with similarly enhanced striketeeth. The Praetorian’s acid spitting abilities are also legendary, in regards to distance and accuracy. Encountering these Aliens is invariably an affair fraught with peril. And usually rather short. Queen The First of the “Royal” spectra of Biomechanoids, the Queen is the primary producer of eggs within a fully-established hive. She (the usage of “it” among the others is also interchangeable with he) also acts as the anchorpoint of the colony, directing the other aliens in times of crisis. Once a Queen has been established, a Hive has been firmly entrenched. A Queen, despite her size and capabilities, is not ideally suited for combat, but nevertheless has proven to be an extremely dangerous foe when forced into a fight. Regent: Once thought to be an anomaly, it is now known the Regent is a naturally occurring member of the race, thanks in large part to information given by Yautja clan Lords. The exact function of a Regent within Alien society is still poorly understood, but its ferocity is well (and horribly) documented. It appears to be a warrior of absolutely enormous size, with unusually elongated and enlarged limbs. The tail sports an unusually long stinger, and instead of neurotoxin, blood is directly injected into the hapless victim. Not a pretty sight. Phaedron: This Alien’s role in society is almost exactly analogous to that of the Praetorian, with the caveat that the Phaedrons protects the Empress. They appear almost as a fusion of the Queen and Regent save for that the Phaedron sports NO vestigial arms. All four are quite functional..and quite deadly. The claws alone are capable of rendering most known materials into shredded wreckage in seconds, much less the other weapons that any Alien can bring to bear.. Empress: The Grande Dame of the Alien Hierarchy, The Empress is only found in the largest of Hives. Possessed of absolutely staggering size, the crest alone dwarfs even the Phaedron’s considerable mass. The Empress’ psychic assault alone is capable of decimating all but the strongest willed of opponents. I am informed by H’Thraus’Ka that only one Empress has been taken in a Grand Hunt, and that the trophy adorns the wall of the Lord of All Clans’ private chamber. That was all the evidence that I needed of the potency of the Empress in battle circumstances.. Primarch: Long thought to be a fabrication, evidence of the Primarch has only recently, and chillingly come to light. An automated surveillance drone was dispatched to a colony located on the world of Ceriax-5, a planet roughly the size of our world of Heynark, or the Terran Planet of Jupiter. The hive located there takes up approximately 2/3rd’s of the planet’s landmass. The drone took almost 4 months to traverse the hive’s interior. When it finally reached what we believed to be the center of the hive, we were greeted with an awesomely chilling sight. Within the unimaginably huge chamber were the forms of no less than eight of the Empress Aliens… and within the center of these still gargantuas preserved forever in the indelible image of our records, was an Alien of absolutely lethal majesty. Possessed of four arms, two tails and a head reminiscent of a Warrior Alien, the Primarch’s form left no doubt about its capabilities as a form of destruction incarnate. Of an even a more frightening Nature, as soon as our drone settled in to scan more closely, the creature took note of our presence. The drone, composed alloys and composites designed to withstand the impacts of asteroids, and also take close orbital scans of solar bodies, was literally crushed in one bite. One of my assistants fainted immediately, and even I found myself unable to retract my tentacles for two subcycles. Our visiting extraterrestrial compatriot H’Thraus’Ka was heard to say “Most Honorable Trophy” for innumerable times afterward, and her trilling was most rapid… I even think she was drooling. However, our excitement was tempered with the previous orbital scans of the planet.. which showed a mass of abandoned ships of many designs and ages. The warning was clear. The ONE There exists a legend among the Yautja of an “supreme” Alien, a creature so powerful that to even gaze upon is to die.. while you can be assured that all manner of beings would take this tale with understandable skepticism, the evidence of an actual Primarch raises some interesting and I must say, quite disturbing questions…. 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