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by Kodiak
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A Pentagon File SC-XT-03 by Maj. Gen. Peter J. Quinn SCCOM [Discuss in Forums] NOTICE! THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS NEED-TO-KNOW BASIS ONLY, and EYES ONLY. THIS INFORMATION IS CLASSIFIED TOP SECRET Overview The following is a compilation of all information we have on the Hunters. The only information included is events that have been directly observed or credibly reported. Only highly probable assumptions are made, this situation is far too critical for haphazard guesses. What are they? The Hunter, sometimes referred to as a "Predator of Man", is an alien species. It is far beyond being merely sentient life. Rather, it is highly intelligent, exceeding the vast majority of humans by orders of magnitude in technological know-how and ruthless cunning. It is normally considered highly dangerous, and not from any biological component. It is capable of using weapons of its own apparent design, and does so, to lethal effect. Physical Characteristics Most estimates of Hunter size place the specimens that have been observed between 2 meters and 2.5 meters. As they are apparently an entire race, as was noticed in the LA incident, some specimens are probably shorter and some are probably taller. The average height would be around seven feet, far exceeding the standard Western adult male average of 5'8". The Hunter is extremely physically powerful, to the point where it nearly defies comparison in all fields, such as speed, agility, endurance and raw physical strength. It is an expert climber, capable of bounding up to medium height branches with little effort, and climbing up a sheer face skyscraper. They can also drag dead weights of two hundred pounds after them as they climb a nearly blank wall. Strength is extreme. A single punch from a Hunter can leave a near foot-deep indentation in a tile wall. They can easily manhandle even the strongest humans, and can tear a man's head clear off with a simple hand motion. From the LA incident, it is apparent that the creature can run at a sustained speed of at least forty miles an hour, and possibly far, far faster, as one attacked a moving subway train. Whether the Hunter was lying in wait or ran it down is unknown. Weight is considerable, with 350 pounds likely as a bare minimum and possibly far more. What is known is that the creature left three-foot-deep indentations in the roofs of cars bay running across them. High jumping is impressive, but running broad jumping is more so. Effortless jumps from rooftop to rooftop of fifty feet or more were common in LA. Appearance The Hunter has long, slick tendrils for hair, often described as snake-like. These are braided, and have some sort of clamps on them, possibly ornamentation. The head is usually described as repulsive, once it is observed after the creature removes its helmet. The skull itself is massive and of an alien shape. The creature has two forward facing eyes, indicating a predatory nature. The mouth is double-layered, with an outer layer of four ant-like mandibles, and an inner layer of sharp teeth. The entire skin of the creature is a mottled color, which is usually described as vomit. Exact colors vary from creature to creature. All creatures have human-like hands, four fingers and a thumb, and the thumb is opposable. The fingers end in long black nails that are very sharp. The feet are different. There are only four toes per foot, and not only do they have claw-like toenails, they also have a large curved claw that comes from the ball of the foot, like a dinosaur. The creature has green blood that glows in the dark, but also has a very thick consistency to it, implying death by blood loss would take far longer than it would for a human. Technology Exact capabilities of this species in technology are unknown, but we do know some things. They have a functional space-travel engine capable of extreme speeds. They have an invisibility device, one that is damaged by exposure to water. *NOTE: it used to be thought that the Hunter was biologically adapted to be invisible. Not so. It is a technological tool. They see predominantly in infrared, but can also apparently see in other parts of the spectrum. NOTE* This also was only recently proven, at the expense of several Federal Agents' lives. The creature carries a medical kit that seems to be based on a hot blue material that rapidly heals injuries. Composition unknown. This material seems to convert static matter, like rock into a material that can be applied like a liquid bandage. Weapons The Hunter is a walking arsenal. The centerpiece of this arsenal is the smart targeting shoulder-blaster. This has been used by them in all encounters that we have recorded. The weapon is laser-targeted by a tri-beam laser, mounted in a firing cluster. The bolt that emits from the gun is a raw form of plasma, and instantly kills anyone it hits in the chest or head. It will easily sever a limb. Just as standard are the "wrist knives"; twin blades composed of a compound that we cannot identify. Multiple elements not found on the periodic table. They feel metallic, but may have a crystalline component to them. They are far harder than any substance on this planet, diamond included. These knives are very long, some 18 inches at maximum, and very sharp. They can hook and disembowel or skin a man in seconds. Some have top serration, some have bottom serration, and some have serration on the sides. This appears to be strictly a matter of taste. Footage from a security camera in Ramon Vega's penthouse in LA indicates the creature firing a powerful net weapon from a pistol-like tool. This net is metallic in texture, and strikes with such force that it cuts the catch to the bone. The police officer that killed the Hunter in LA was also netted, but cut out of the net using one of the creature's own weapons. Footage and eyewitness reports also indicate that the creature has a powerful fighting staff, normally contracted to around one meter, but it can also extend to three meters. It is a throwing, stabbing, and clubbing weapon all rolled into one. Both ends are ultra sharp, and stagger back on several levels of points, impact of which send the target into dying shock almost instantly. This staff can be thrown a great distance, through any thing in the way. The creature has at least two "derringer" weapons. One is a small crossbow like device that fires a razor-sharp spear tip into the target, a head strike from this being fatal. The other is something mounted on the wrist. This is some kind of small, but highly potent rocket. It can be fired by raising the arm and jerking the wrist, and impact is extremely impressive, destroying a Class III Kevlar vest, as well as a Class IV police trauma plate. The trauma plate melted on impact. Whether the rocket is high temperature, or highly corrosive is unknown. It could be both. The last weapon that we have seen is something resembling a discus. This device is normally compact, as is most of the creature's equipment. When it is used, it extends to a full 18 inches across, and flies like a boomerang. This reportedly will destroy anything that it hits, and is what was used to kill the creature in LA. [For more info on Predator weaponry visit the Predator Databse: Inventory] Physical Durability This creature is extremely tough. It can fling itself off of buildings over a hundred feet high, and take no apparent damage. It can survive temperature variations from liquid nitrogen to red-hot iron. It wears a tough, tough set of armor, including protection for the neck, forearms, shoulders, right upper arm, groin, knees and shins. Its head is covered by a very strong helmet mask, that assists in breathing and also protects the entire head. The creature is immune to most low caliber rifle fire, and all pistols up to and including .45 ACP police grade. .357 and .44 magnum rounds are moderately effective. This is partially a result of armor, and partially a result of an extremely thick hide, one that requires massive force to pierce. In addition to being tough, the creature is also very, very evasive. It can dance around in a small room against several men armed with machineguns, and not be hit once. Against single opponents, it can dodge rifle fire after the trigger is pulled. In addition, the creature is very resilient to injuries that it does sustain, and can also still function despite them. In the LA incident, the creature was hit with a full magazine of shotgun slugs at point blank range. It was knocked down, and appeared dead, not breathing. Then it sat up, grabbing the police officer by the throat, and threw him across the room. It then shattered the shotgun like a glass vase. In an incident in Central America, one ran for quite a distance with an M-60 slug in its leg, a wound that would drop a person. When it was later fought again, little more than 12 hours later, it showed no damage at all to the leg. An astonishing regenerative capacity. Also in Central America, the creature ran extremely well on a broken ankle, and survived having a massive log drop on it in a trap. It was still conscious, and might have possibly survived, but chose to blow itself up. Behavior The creature has been referred to as being honor based. The honor based theory goes that it will never kill an unarmed target, or a woman or child. This is a potentially dangerous assumption. The creature, as will be outlined below, is very smart. And no smart warrior has an absolute honor code. It seems unlikely that it could be fooled. It is more sensible to state that it will respond to force as it deems needed. If the target has a gun, it is likely that the energy cannon will be used. If the target is going for a gun or had a gun in the past, the same rule seems to apply. There seems to be no "in hand" rule, no hands-up. If the target is armed only with a sharp weapon or its fists, the Hunter will likely attack with similar equipment. But will also resort to heavy equipment if the fight goes bad. It seems to want to keep the fight real, but not too real. It doesn't want to lose, but it wants to provide a chance. NOTE: This chance is often an extremely small one. The incidents in which children and women are spared are probably related to the realization by the creature that there is no real "sport" in it. There is nothing it can do [Discuss in Forums]

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