Walkthrough: Alien

by Cougar
    |     AvP 2 by Monolith
Outline for those unable to walk through it. [Discuss in Forums] Mission 1: Birth Part 1: As usual in an alien life cycle, you will be starting off as the infamous 2nd stage in life; the infamous face hugger. But this is one of the best details for the game might I add. You will start off being born from an egg that was being transported in a drop ship. Just after you’re born behind the crate and too the left is a wall that goes up. Use your wall walk key (default: Left Shift) and climb up this tunnel. Note the blue arrows at bottom, sides or top of the screen, these indicate if you’re the right way up or not. As you get to the top you will wonder around a lot of vent shafting nothing particularly difficult yet. Remember not to pounce or attack as it creates noise and you will be attacked. As you get to a large room with 2 scientists in, You will need to wait for them to go back to their computer consoles before dropping down the hole in the middle of the grating: Once through the door you must go right where you will come to a corner turning left. On the roof here is a red vent shaft, go to one of the walls and walk up it to get to the vent and on the right hand side depending on which wall you walked up, should be another vent, go into this and continue along it and you should come out in a short corridor with a hole underneath a control panel at the door you dropped down facing. Go into the hole and walk up the wall to another vent follow this and you should go to an opening. Don’t walk out yet! You should hear 2 technicians talking. When they finish you should hear them walk away, when you hear the walking stop go out and turn right, there should be a door that is a little bit open, walk through this door and you should come to a junction, go right and into the open door to the right again. A man should be sleeping in a chair, attack him above the chest and the level completes. Part 2: The mission should start off inside a red area, facing the brightest part of the red attack, which should be the bite attack, bite until you get through to the outside and you should be in the room again. Turn left and there shall be 2 Windows, climb through the windows onto the paths below, and keep descending until you reach the ground. This is the hardest part of the campaign I think! Basically there is no easy way to say this or to guide you, as there is only 1 route. But avoid being seen by the guards. When you get to the end you should come to a small room filled with boxes and crates and wire mesh on the left, go through the hold on the bottom, which should be there and go into the animal cage areas. End of Mission… Mission 2: Surprise Part 1: You’re now a fully-grown Xenomorph! Kill the guys in the first area and if you have lost health, remember to bite their heads and destroy the remaining of the body to recover health. Once done, on the left of where the last 2 guards come from there should be a large door, go into it right to the end where the door is opened by guards, kill the guards and go straight on to where you go right. Go straight up killing all that appose you. Then go left you will come to another corridor. Watch out for the turret on the ceiling, ignore it and keep going where you turn right. Kill the 2 personnel and go left. Go right. Go straight on (hehe) and there will be a smart gun guard (kill em) then kill the others. Climb up the wall and through the corridor on the left, follow it to an identical place where you kill the next guard(s) and then on the roof there is a hole. Go through it and on the roof there shall be a vent on the right hand side. Go through it. Part 2 begins: You will follow the vents to this cafeteria: Kill the guards if you wish then stay on the roof and go to the vent on the far side. You will come to another cafeteria. Go down kill the guards and go through the corridor on the far side of the room. Follow it out into the main corridors of the POC (Primary Operations Complex) then you kill the guards in your way and continue right up the corridor and turn in the door to the left. Kill the guards in the room then smash up the controls freeing the captured aliens. Then go back. Part 3: Once past this area where guards will flamethrowers are, its mainly corridors with only one way. Forward! Here is the sequence: Forward, Left, Forward, right, left, forward to the end of the hallway and you’ll come to a vent, go down it to the end and end of the this part of the mission finishes. Mission 3: Escape Part 1: You’ll start from underneath a vent and a long corridor is ahead of you… You need to go down this corridor: Kill the guard. Turn left at the right place and down the ramp there will be a sentry gun and 2 guards, kill the guards then the sentry gun, and continue down behind the guards into a generator room. Kill the patroller and the civilians and go out, go to the opposite side where there is a ramp up, kill the 2 guards and go back and go up the ramp where you first came down to kill the sentry turret. Go up it and turn around above the ramp is a vent, go into it and next to the fans there will be a lead going to a power box, destroy the power boxes and go along the vent to the fans and do the same, go back out and down the ramp and turn right and in the right corner there is a vent, break it open and continue to the next part: Part 2: You’ll come out of a vent above a tunnelling system of water. Jump down onto the walkways at the sides of the water tunnel and kill the guards to recover health if needed. Go straight to the end of the water tunnel and on the right/left side is a vent, smash it open and inside a large room are some more fans which you need to power off then go to the vent on the right and continue down it and now this was a short part, we go onto the last but not least, Part 3: You will start in this vent, with 1 guard facing down a large elevator shaft. Be silent and you can eliminate him with a quick headshot without him knowing. You then need to proceed down the elevator shaft. Don’t worry, the jump is long bit safe, and looks fun! When you get to the bottom you need to destroy the turret and kill the guard and go down the ramp and there will be 2 fans. 1 turned off and 1 turned on. Kill the guys outside of the one turned off and go through behind the fan. On the right there is a vent, go through it behind the fan that works, don’t worry its safe! Proceed down the next vent and turn around and there are 2 boxes. Rip them off the wall with your claws and the fans stop. Now go back out the way you came in and turn right and go down, then up the ramp to the left to a control room. Kill the 2 guys and break the glass, jump down and run to the door on your right, as you get to it, it will open revealing 2 guards and 1 civilian, kill all 3 for good health’s keeping… go down the ramp and there is a predator beneath you. But be careful for this part! Kill the predator, when he starts to laugh in a scary way you must leave immediately the way you came in, you have about 10-15 seconds before he self destructs and if your in the room where you killed him by that time you will die, no matter when in the room you are! After the explosion finishes go back inside the room and down the collapsed floor and down the corridor, end of the mission. Mission 4: Vengeance Confusing time, some of this information will not be completely accurate since there are too many rooms we cannot tell you which one to go in and which one you don’t. You need to follow the main corridor though into a small control room where you can kill the 2 civilians and then smash the controls so they never work again! You then need to go back to the newly open door, into the artificial hive and then escape. You follow the path from the hive into the elevator shaft compartment with the walkways. Shown below: Once you reach this place you should be in the second part of this mission. You need to go up each one, killing the occasional guard each time until your at the last one at the top, then there should be a large fan with one part exposed so you can go through. Wall walk up the shaft walls to the open part and then walkthrough and then the mission is complete (short but a very confusing mission!!!) and now for… Mission 5: Abduction Part 1: You are going to be racing against time to stop the Weyland Yutani troops and synthetics from blowing up the hive entrances. They have stolen the queen; you must go along the route (which is the only route) to the end. There are three bombs in all to destroy. You need to destroy the box above the T.N.T. explosives to disarm them. The bomb is armed when the lights above turn red. When they are no colour they are destroyed. Watch out for synthetics as they don’t show and pheromones (no blue auraus’) so its hard to see them properly. When you get to the end there will be nowhere else but to wall walk down the cave walls onto the pathway going across. Go on the left side and the next part begins. Part 2: There are no bombs in this, just the simple will to survive to rescue the Empress! Follow down the path again destroying any marines, troopers, synthetics and turrets you see. Destroy anything in your way and get to the end of the route. You need to wall walk down the left side again where you come to 3 alien drones curled up asleep and scared. Go past them into the queen’s layer and kill the 2 guards. The queen is gone! Continue down to the right now and end of the mission. Mission 6: Pursuit Part 1: Another maze of corridors. At least we can help you in this mission with the routing! You’ll start on a road as after a few seconds are guard starts running at you, kill him then turn left. There is a shaft, wall walk up It then jump on the top of it, kill the sniper and the guard and go down the path/road part. When you get to the closed door, to the right there is a box connected to the door buttons. Destroy the box and the door opens up. There will be 3 boxes in the middle of a room and 2 ways out. One-way is sealed off and the other is not. Go to the right to the open one! Turn left (the only way) and run down to a door that’s sealed with no electrical boxes. Above you there shall be 2 vents, 1 with 2 fans and the other your break open, climb up it and then follow then you’ll drop out in a long corridor. Ahead of you there is one guard. Kill him then go out into the hall. Above you there is a fan, and 3 boxes with green lights. Wall walk and smash these three boxes and the fan should start to stop. There are 2 guards above the fan kill them then proceed onwards, kill the synthetic but ignore the 3 guards and 2 turrets, as you stand no chance against them. Instead go left. You’ll come to a vent, which leads to a generator room, kill the guards and then go up the catwalk and to the controls and smash them. This will blow a generator up and leave a hole in the wall, go inside the hole without hitting the fire and come out from a grating that has been dug out. Kill the 3 guards but don’t go down the corridor, as there are the 2 guards with chain guns and turrets. Instead again, go to the door and it opens, there are 4 guards, take them out easily and an A.P.C. should be heading down a ramp. Follow it and mission accomplished! Mission 7: Freedom Part 1: You come out here at the way to an open cave with a bridge, which is blown up by the predator on the other side. Yes… Again you are pitted against your most deadly enemy, the predators! You must jump to the other side and kill it! Once this is done to your left there should be 2 pipes, 1 you cant go into but the one with steam you can, don’t worry this steam will not hurt you, you need but to go inside and down the tunnel. You’ll come out at a corridor manned by a sentry gun and a guard destroy the turret and kill the guard (for more health of course) and go into the vent on the right hand side. Next part… Part 2: For this part it’s a little short, all you really do is a bunch of things to get the doors open! (Hehe) You’ll come out at the corridor behind a guard. Don’t drop down, as there is fluid. Walk on the wall until your close enough and head bite the poor guy! (Ouch!) Once done go to the right and there is a door, smash the box on the left hand side and it should start to open. It’s too small. So you need but to start hitting the door until it is opened big enough for you to go under. Then there is a large shaft again. Wall walk to the top and through the door into the corridor, kill the guard standing by the vent and 2 more come out of a door. Kill them if you want. Then go down the vent in front of you, which you smash open, and follow it until you come out in front of a guard. Kill him then go left and kill the guards in suits, as they tend to use miniguns. Go through the first door, which is open, and on the opposite side smash the box of the wall and then the hydraulics go down a little. Go out and onto the next-door, do the same and then they say that they have lost the Hydraulics! Then onto the NEXT door (tiring and boring) and there is a vent in the far corner. You should have gone down the vent from the last part and come out in this small control room. There is a civilian, kill him then smash the controls. Look outside the window and there will be two predators who kill the guards and synthetics guarding the platform now just go back not down the vent but the door is open. Go through it and down the ramp on the right… Follow the corridor until you come to a ramp that goes up outside. End of part. Part 3: This tending to be the shortest alien chapter is rather simple! Basically, when you start your on the ramp going outside. Wall walk up the wall and you will come to being on top of the landing pad. Kill the predator in the middle (no self destruct) and then the second predator will jump down, you must kill this one. He also uses the net gun. (No self destruct either) then turn around to the platform where a guard is. Kill him and on one side there is mesh with a truck behind and the queen trapped on the back. Also, a door, go inside and smash the vent to the right. Go up using wall walk and turn left as you are up. Another control room. Kill the two guards and smash the controls again! Then the drop ship crashes because navigation is down and you go back outside onto the landing pad. The queen is breaking free and Dr. Eisenberg is running towards you, pounce at him! (Kill him) and mission is over. The end film for alien is cool too (LoL) Status: Debriefing Time: +6 weeks after incident Time: 3:24 am Location: Alien Hive (POC) [Discuss in Forums]

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