Levels: Alien

by the_demigod
    |     AvP 2 by Monolith
Level outline for Alien [Go to Species: Marine] [Go to Species: Predator] [Discuss in Forums] Mission 1 Birth Date: November 23, 2330. Time: 10:13PM. Incident: -1 day, 7 hours. Location: Cargo ship. Western Landing. Primary Operations Complex (POC). LV-1201 Part 1. Facehugger country... Scramble across the floors and ducts to hug... Part 2. Chestburster.com. Having hatched you now gotta survive... Mission 2 Surprise Part 1. You're a big boy now... Get through compound. Part 2. Save fellow xenos. Visit labs. Part 3. Get to Hive. Mission 3 Escape Date: November 25, 2230. Time: 5:18AM. Incident: start. Location: Animal storage. Primary Operations Complex (POC). LV-1201. Part 1. Get through some sections [remniscent of A3 and its foundry] Part2. Ditto... Part3. Surprise country. What?? You'll find out... Mission 4 Vengeance Date: January 6, 2231. Time: 9:50PM. Incident: +6 weeks, 16.50 hours. Part 1. Feel like the Xenomorph from "Alien" sneaking through ducts and corridors. Part 2. Free a fellow monster from captivity. Part 3. Free the Hive. And get out... Mission 5 Abduction Date: January 6, 2231. Time: 11:35 PM. Incident: +6 weeks, 18.25 hours. Location: Hive. LV-1201 6km northeast of the Forward Pods. It's a race against time through a lethal killbox... Mission 6 Pursuit Date: January 7, 2231. Time: 1:50 AM. Incident: +6 weeks, 20.50 hours Location: Near Hive. Access tunnel and neighbouring archeological dig. LV-1201. Another race through industrial sections, vehicle paths and tunnels. Mission 7 Freedom Date: January 7, 2231. Time: 2:55 AM. Incident: +6 weeks, 21.50 hours. Location: Tunnels leading to the Auxiliary Landing Pad. LV-1201. 2km north-east of the Forward Observation Pods. Part 1. More tunnels and vehicle tracts. Part 2. Mess with W-Y staff manning a landing pad. Part 3. Mess with the Big Guys to prove that you're the best Xenomorph killer out there... [Go to Species: Marine] [Go to Species: Predator] [Discuss in Forums]

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