Species: Marine

by the_demigod
    |     AvP 2 by Monolith
Marine outline [Go to Species: Predator] [Go to Species: Alien] [Discuss in Forums] Marine Andrew Harrison- your USCM unit is coming back from a tough mission where you lost some good people, a synthetic, and plenty of equipment. Weyland Yutani has suffered a slight "problem" and your crew is ordered to visit LV1201. Will the USCM elite be able to surive the lovely planet?? Its all up to you. Weapons: Combat Knife Good for opening cans and killing insects. Primary Fire: slash Secondary Fire: M4A4 Pistol Ammo Type: Armour Piercing or Anti-Personnel Ammo Capacity: 12 rounds Primary Fire: fire Secondary Fire: change ammo type Shotgun Ammo Type: slug or buckshot [thx Sammer for correction]. Ammo Capacity: 6 rounds. Primary Fire: Fire Secondary Fire: change ammo type. M-41A Pulse Rifle Ammo Type: M309 10mm x 24 AP rounds. Ammo Capacity: 99 rounds per clip [why not 100?] Primary Fire: Standard Armour Piercing [AP] round fire Secondary Fire: Underslung M40 grenade launcher. 8 grenades per clip. M-56 Smart Gun Ammo Type: M250 10mm x 28 caseless rounds Ammo Capacity: 500 rounds per clip. Primary Fire: Auto-track mode Secondary Fire: Free-fire mode [auto-track disabled] M240 Flamethrower Ammo Type: Napalm canisters Ammo Capacity: 100 units [per canister] Primary Fire: Standard fire Secondary Fire : NONE M92 Grenade Launcher [independent] Ammo Type: Proximity, Timed, EMP, Smart mines. Ammo Capacity: 6 per each grenade type Primary Fire: Standard fire Secondary Fire: Switch grenade type M6B Rocket Launcher Ammo Type: normal rockets, tracking rockets Ammo Capacity: 3 per tube Primary Fire: Standard fire Secondary Fire: change ammo types M90 Minigun Ammo Type: Specifications unknown Ammo Capacity: Primary Fire: Standard fire Secondary Fire: pre-spins barrels for faster response WY102 Sniper Rifle Ammo Type: Ammo Capacity: Primary Fire: fire Secondary Fire: scope. Hold down for magnification. Equipment: Hacking device A cool tool to override electronic security systems. Welding Torch Used for opening blocked doors. Medkit Ahh, if only real medicine was as good. Each gives you 100 health. As a Marine you WILL need plenty of them... NOTE: you pick up ENOUGH health to take you back to FULL- rest stays in kit for later pickups. [thx Vesuvius for info] Armour That heavy thing which protects you from...death. Not always available. NOTE: you pick up ENOUGH armour to take you back to FULL- rest stays in kit for later pickups. [thx Vesuvius for info] Best moment? Yes. You and the alien meet over YOUR armour. You need it. It... doesn't... Motion Detector Taken directly from the movie "Aliens", this little gizmo warns you of impending danger. Covering 180 degrees [left, forward and right of you] it will 'inform' you about any movement. Drawbacks? Yes. Limited to a range of 30 meters. Doen't tell you the vertical positioning. Can only be used in 'normal' vision mode. Forces you to spin around, checking your soft 'rear' for dangers... making you expose the very same 'rear' to the front, which is now your back, which is where the enemy is... Shoulder Lamp Casting a beam of light wherever you look, it will provide enough light to see death...fast approaching death. Drains battery [once switched off battery recharges itself] Image Intensifier Boosts light levels. Watch out in well-lit places- blinding. Flares Those boring thingys used to light up the environment. 20 max. Can be picked up in 10 flare packs. Ammo Throughout you'll be able to pick up additional ammo for those 'close encounters'.... Battery The thing needed for powering of your lamp and intensifier. Drops volts QUICKLY. watch it. And then.... there is [my new love] Alice Comments?? I didn't think so.... [Go to Species: Predator] [Go to Species: Alien] [Discuss in Forums]

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