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Content: Intro Positive Comments Negative Comments Conclusion The AvP community was up in arms for a long time before The Sequel came out, various hardcore fans screaming their demands, requests, pleas and a variety of threats across the available community sites and boards. One pleaded for the Predator to possess an ability to self-destruct [akin to the Predator movie], another demanded new guns/tools for the marine, a third brought back the notion of “alien spit” as a long-range weapon for the hissing monstrosity. And so it went for months and months. Disillusioned by AvP The Father [as produced by Rebellion], we waited for something deeper, fun and involving. AvP was a hallmark game, immensely scary, with a graphics engine that spewed out very impressive details, good textures and characters. But, there was NO storyline, only a collection of missions, which, between the three species, shared the same levels. The lack of proper editing tools also killed off AvP as a community building game. Fans watched in awe as UT, HL, CS and scores of other games began drawing in the available modding, mapping, skinning, voicing talent, and powerful communities were built, that carry the legacy of the original games with style and panache. True, often the original game is now only needed as the engine provider, while all the levels currently played are community-designed, still, a game’s legacy lives on. Not so in the AvP community. Despite impressive efforts by people like Bugmaker and Leinen to provide the necessary tools, AvP editing and modding remained an arcane and difficult art [only notable effort was by the AMP crew], so the frustrated community returned to watching the Predator and Alien movies, discussing the why’s, what if’s and whether’s that made up the AvP universe. Then, NOLF came out and we all got a first glimpse of the Lithech engine. The in-game movies were good and so was the gameplay. What clinched it, were the Austin Powers-inspired dialogues between the people you were going to kill. It was good to know they were human, had a life, petty squabbles, likes and dislikes. They were going to die nevertheless, but… One day, news began circulating that AvP2 was in the making and what was previously a simple “hardcore brigade” turned into a psychotic mob. I know- I was part of it. Then, as news of its engine emerged, many AvP players discovered NOLF and we finally knew what to expect. >>>Continue to next part: The Positive Comments Dear Reader: Don''t stop here!! Submit YOUR OWN AvP2 Review

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