Walkthrough: Level 24

by Prezes
    |     Predator: Concrete Jungle
Walkthrough for Level 24 “If it bleeds…

Level 24 “If it bleeds…”

Bonus: if you destroy each fan in numerical order you get a bandolier upgrade.

After the cinematic kill the aliens. This will open the doors. Use the Combistick (non-edged weapons) on aliens, or else their acid blood will harm you. Grab all the Pulse and Sonic mines in the room.

TIP: these mines are very handy—they can be dropped in front of gates to protect you while you open them, or attached to walls as you climb to slow or even kill aliens that are hounding you. They are also quite plentiful in the Main Chamber and Gen Room, so visit these rooms whenever you run low. Be sure NOT to use Plasma or Fire mines while climbing. They will knock you off walls and damage your health.

Jump up through the hole in the ceiling and pull yourself up into the small room. Go through the door. Turn right toward Fan One. At the end of the hallway, fall down to the bottom of the shaft. Move forward to the gate outside Fan One. Open it the same way you did the portcullises. After destroying fan, turn around and leave the room. Jump on and climb up wall ahead of you. Climb to the top and enter room at the end of the hallway. Drop down to the floor level of this large Gen Room. There are two doors here. There is a door marked 4 to the West and a door marked 2 to the East. Take door 2 (it’s the bloody one). Fall down shaft at the end of this hall. The Predator will grab onto the opposite wall near Fan Two. Gecko climb to it (it’s about halfway down this shaft and clearly marked).

After opening the gate and destroying Fan 2, exit the room and fall the rest of the way down this shaft. Follow this hall to the end. There will be a directional sign pointing toward Fan Three. Follow it (left). Fan Three is the first hallway on the right after the sign. Open the gate and destroy the fan. Turn right at the exit to Fan Three and follow the hall to the end. Jump the chasm here and climb to top level. Follow the short hall. Jump onto the wall at the end and Gecko Climb up and to the right to hallway. Fall off of the wall and proceed down the hallway here. You will end up back in the large Gen Room with two doors (2 and 4).

Go through door 4. Fall down the shaft, run forward, and then around to the left (there are signs pointing the way). Open the gate and blow up the final fan. Go back out the way you came (right at first intersection, then climb wall). At the end of the hallway is the Gen Room. Destroy the Generator by attacking the glass sides…level will end.

In the generator room is the Smart Disc upgrade.

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