Walkthrough: Level 21

by Prezes
    |     Predator: Concrete Jungle
Walkthrough for Level 21 Come to Mother

Walkthrough for Level 21 Come to Mother

Bonus: if you kill all the Ulysses on this level you receive an energy upgrade.

In the starting room pick up the pulse mines and run into the hallway to destroy the box that is keeping you out of the room.

The door will then open revealing a room full of Ulysses robots. Destroy them to unlock the next door and give you a new way point.

Up the stairs leads to a box that when destroyed opens the door the next room. Out the door head left into the office area and look on your radar for a tiny little white circle with a little white dot in the middle of it. This represents the target you need to grab.

Make sure your wristblades are unequipped and grab the office worker. Doing this brings up a new way point.

Bring the worker to the way point that is a DNA scanner. Doing this opens up the door to the final way point. Proceed to the way point to end the level.

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