Walkthrough: Level 20

by Prezes
    |     Predator: Concrete Jungle
Walkthrough for Level 20 Ten Thousand Ways to Die Walkthrough for Level 20 Ten Thousand Ways to Die Bonus Mission: Find and activate all 3 beacons throughout level. At the start of the level, jump down and proceed to kill all the enemies in this area. Once they are all killed, the force field will be deactivated. Proceed down the pathway where the force field was blocking (Marble Point). You will come upon the Titan Rise sign. To the right will be a force field. Kill all the AI in this area. The player will have to jump upper part of the building to take out the guards standing on the pillars. Once all the AI are killed, a Ronin bodyguard will appear. Attack him until he runs away. Once that is done, the force field will be deactivated. On the upper ledge of this building will be the first beacon. Proceed towards that pathway and there will be a Ulysses robot guarding that bridge. Destroy the robot and proceed on the pathway. This will lead to Coral Soar. Proceed on pathway where there will be a building to the left with the arrow markings pointing up. Proceed to the last set of arrows pointing up and jump on the platform above it. Go right and drop down to the walkway below. Head North, and follow pathway. The Predator will see markings on this side of the building of arrows pointing down. Switch to Tech Scan and notice the white lines that will lead to a power box directly above the first (most Eastern) set of arrows. Destroy the power box. This will deactivate the force field in the hallway below the second set of arrows pointing down. Go in the hallway and destroy the power box. This will deactivate the electrified wall that the Predator will have to climb. Exit out of the hallway and turn left and take the pathway to the climbable wall. Climb up the wall fall onto the platform and run around to the right. Fall off to the right and jump across to the other section just under the Paradise Meadows sign. From here make a left then fallow the path that leads around the building and crawl up the climbable wall. At the top go left, and jump down onto the bridge underneath the Terra Verde sign. Kill all the AI on the platform to deactivate the force field. Once they are killed a Ronin Guard will pop out, defeat him pronto! Doing this will deactivate the force field. Proceed down the walkway towards the colossus bowl. On the lower platform of the Colossus Bowl is the second beacon. Jump up to the top platform and kill all AI in the area and using the Plasma mines destroy the super Ulysses. Proceed to the Delta Shores sign, (straight ahead at the end of the walkway will be the last beacon and on the other side will be the glaive upgrade). Observe the cinematic and head back to the Colossus Bowl to finish off the missile launching guard. Proceed inside the room where the Ronin Guards are waiting patiently inside ready to be slaughtered mercilessly.

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