Walkthrough: Level 19

by Prezes
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Walkthrough for Level 19 Prey of the Clan

Level 19 Prey of the Clan

Hint for this level and the following: The helicopters can be taken out with the Plasma Mines. The trick is that you have to be close to them on the same level or above.

Once the level starts run up the left ramp a little way past the turn and turn around, another Predator will show up. The other Predator is on its way to kill the scientist at the weather station. Kill the other Predator as fast as possible.

Tip: Use the disc to slow him down if he gets past you. Once he is out of your range you may as well start over as you will fail anyway. Once the other Predator is dead, continue up the path (labeled Apollo Heights).

Take the path until the sign Neptune Peak, jump onto the climbable wall. Climb to the top. Drop onto the ledge on the right and proceed straight and to the left till the end of the path and jump down to the right. Proceed north and the player will see another Neptune Peak sign. Proceed past the sign and past the sign ahead labeled Venus Beach.

The Predator will come upon the platform with the scientist. Grab a scientist and a waypoint will appear. Bring the scientist to the DNA Scanner. A cinematic will play.

After the cinematic, kill all of the remaining AI. Doing this will deactivate the force field and allow the Predator to proceed to the next weather station. When facing the DNA Scanner, run left and take the path of the Venus Beach sign. Run towards the Unicon building. This will take the Predator to the sign labeled Callisto Spire. At the sign run right and grab a scientist, a waypoint will appear, head to the waypoint by heading into the building with the globe symbol above the entrance. Proceed through the hallway and this will take the Predator to the outside of the building where the DNA Scanner will be located to the right. A cinematic will show. Head back into the hallway. When out of the hallway, proceed left and left again until there is a sign labeled Callisto Spire. Go up the pathway under Callisto Spire, and the Predator will pass a sign called Triton Crest.

From here, grab a scientist (waypoint will be revealed) and drop down to the lower level where the DNA Scanner is located. Once the scientist is brought to the DNA Scanner, a cinematic will appear. Kill the remaining AI and a force field will deactivate. Head past the path where the force field was deactivated.

There will be a green Apollo Heights sign. Jump on the climbable wall behind it. Climb it to the top. Proceed right and jump down to the lower walkway.

You will see another Apollo Heights sign, which will lead the player to the Atlas Round sign. Try and kill the two enemy Predators in this area. Once the energy of Stoneheart (larger Predator) has been depleted he will run away. Once Longspear (the thinner Predator) has been skull ripped, a ritual challenge will be unlocked and the level will end.

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