Walkthrough: Level 18

by Prezes
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Walkthrough for Level 18 Rescue

Level 18 Rescue

Once level starts proceed to lift up the portcullis up ahead. Once it has been lifted, proceed through and kill all the guards in the room. Once that is done, the two doors (East and West side) closest to the portcullis in the main hallway will unlock. Proceed to the East door. This will lead to the first enslaved fellow brethren. To free the brethren, go around to the back of the restrained brethren and there will be a silver gas tank. Destroy the gas tank and the brethren will be freed.

Tip: Be sure to leave some AI because they will be needed to open the locked door by bringing them to the DNA Scanner. The Green Soldiers are needed for the scanners in the rooms after the large door opens up.

Smart Disc, Combistick, and Maul Upgrade, Glaive and Spear gun retrieval, and Bandolier upgrade from killing the Pack 9 AI in the opened rooms.

The other room on the West side will be a room containing weapons for the Predator to pick up (speargun). Predator will have to grab any of the AI and bring him to the DNA Scanner next to the locked door.

Once the door is opened, retrieve the speargun and head back out to the main hallway. The two doors left that were locked in this part of the hallway should now be unlocked. Proceed to the other door on the East side and proceed down the long hallway until the player ends up in a room. Proceed left and down the stairs to retrieve the smart disc.

Proceed back to the main hallway and into the door (West) opposite the door the Predator just came out of. The player will have to grab an AI to bring to the DNA Scanner in front of the locked door. Once the door is opened, retrieve the glaive. Once that is done, take out the rest of the AI. By doing this, the large door in the main hallway will open up. Proceed through and kill the AI’s present until the rest of the doors in the hallway open up. Beware that once these doors open up, the Monster Squad AI will come out.

The two doors on the East side will house the restrained brethren. Proceed to these rooms and free them. The northwest door will contain the combistick, retrieve it. Grab an AI and bring them to the DNA Scanner in front of the locked door. Proceed to now kill the Monster Squad, skull rip them, and a waypoint will appear near the large glass window in the main hallway.

Player does not have to kill the Monster Squad AI to proceed since the ending red waypoint has already appeared.

Go to the waypoint.

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