Walkthrough: Level 17

by Prezes
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Walkthrough for Level 17 Escape

Level 17 Escape

Once the cinematic ends repeatedly press the light melee attack buttons to free the Predator from his restraints. Then proceed to the opening above. Proceed through the corridor and through the catwalk until the room with the naked AI is reached. Jump down and kill all the guards in this room.

Proceed out of this room and into the main hallway. Proceed right (East), all the way to the end of the main hallway (kill the guard here), and into the room with the lab tables and scientist. Grab the mask on the far back table and proceed back out into the main hallway.

You can either use the voice mimicry process or just sneak around. If you sneak around you have a better chance as the Ronin will not appear. Proceed to the other end of the hallway (West) and into the last room on the left. Proceed all the way and down the stairs on the right side.

Bonus: Kill the scientist with the icon as soon as the player enters this area or else the scientist will run away. You must do this quickly as there is a guard in this room as well. You have very little health and he will kill you easily if you delay. Bunny hopping can help. Armor upgrade awarded.

Grab a senior scientist (Neuro mode helps) and a waypoint will appear in front of the DNA Scanner out in the main area. Proceed to it and activate it. A door will open; proceed through it. Make a left at the first intersection into the morgue. Proceed to the other end of the room and wall jump up to the opening above. Or use the platforms to avoid the guards.

Proceed through and up the shaft. Jump up the platforms until you reach the opening on the West side. Proceed through the opening into the next room. Once in the next room, proceed along the edge of the room to the recharge point on the West wall. Be very careful here.

You may want to time it so you can stealth kill the guard between you and the next ledge. Take the time to recharge your health as well. Once that is done a waypoint will appear in the elevator shaft down below. Proceed to elevator shaft/waypoint.

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