Walkthrough: Level 14

by Prezes
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Walkthrough for Level 14 A Night to Remember

Level 14 A Night to Remember

After the cinematic, start the level and proceed out of the alleyway onto the street. Proceed to the waypoint and a cinematic will play showing the police arrive. Continue on to the next waypoint. Retrieve the spears as you will need them later. Climb the Fashion Show billboard to get to the waypoint above. Activate the waypoint and a cinematic will play. After the cinematic, proceed down through alleyway until the player sees a fire escape to the right. Climb the fire escape and back flip to the rooftop in front of it. (There are spears here that you can retrieve if you run out.) Jump onto the large fence along the wall in front of you. Climb the fence to the right until the next waypoint is reached. A mission to kill five Mafia Lieutenants will appear. Use the Neuro mode to find them. If you can kill most of them from the ledge do so as then you can reload before proceeding.

Bonus mission: kill all snipers and receive alternate costume. If you stand in various doorways you can cloak and take a little extra time taking out the snipers.

Jump down into the courtyard and hunt down the five mafia lieutenants. They will appear to be wearing a vest, shirt, and tie. Once they are killed, a cinematic will appear showing a door opening and the next waypoint.

Proceed through the newly opened door and through the alleyway all the way until the end where there will be a fire escape to the left. Climb the fire escape all the way up and back flip off to the rooftop behind. Once on the rooftop, activate the next waypoint.

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