Walkthrough: Level 12

by Prezes
    |     Predator: Concrete Jungle
Walkthrough for Level 12 Raze the Depot

Bonus Mission: Wait for Executive to walk down from the office to take him out for the Energy upgrade. The best waiting spot is near the shuttle.

Start the level and proceed to destroy the power boxes. Tech vision is the only way to go through this level. They show up on the Tech Scan radar as incomplete circles. There are big double blue lines that lead from the center of the level where the elevator is to each of the four power boxes.

If you proceed around the edges of the compound to the left you will have the easiest time finding each box while escaping detection. If you get up to the shuttle you can wait for the exec to show up. You can recharge your cloak just around the corner from the ship. This is the easiest way to kill him. Be prepared for a wait.

You can disable the cameras by capturing the guard near the third box and taking him to the scanner around the corner and up one level. The guard is where the circle is the scanner is up and around. Be aware that the Ulysses will see you do this. You will have to avoid rockets at the same time.

After all four of them have been destroyed; the elevator shaft will open up in the middle of the level. Proceed all the way down the elevator shaft.

Hint: it is easier in this next section to take out the Ulysess robots first. Use Tech vision to spot all the emp mines, then if you run around and detonate them you can then go cloaked around the floor. A few seconds in the elevator shaft will allow your cloak to recharge. The humans are much easier and you do not need to cloak as much.

Proceed to the East wall and jump on the platforms with the glowing cylinders supporting it. Then jump onto the upper walkway and notice that there will be a large silo with blue liquid inside.

Go up to the window and attack it until it shatters and is about to explode. Stay away when it explodes or the Predator will sustain potentially fatal damage. The increased beeping frequency will be an indicator of when to run. Proceed to the next two silos on the walkway and attack it the same way as the first. The last silo will not be connected to the walkway.

You will have to jump on a ledge in the wall (West) and from there jump to the last silo. Destroy it.

Once the central power supply is exposed, head back to the upper walkway and destroy the large blue cylinder in the middle. Once that is destroyed, move fast to the waypoint in the elevator shaft (as you are on a timer) and the level will end.

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