Walkthrough: Level 11

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Walkthrough for Level 11 Sink the Shipment

Level 11 Sink the Shipment

Stealth is critical
Tip: When the alert meter rises too high, proceed to a hidden area, out of sight of any AI and cameras. The meter will slowly drop. You will hear the music change when you are in a safe area. Also, the speargun is the recommended weapon for the stealth part of the level.

Start the level and proceed to the cargo container across from the room where El Hongo is being entertained by Baby Blew. Switch to first person and lock onto El Hongo and press the vocal mimicry button. The next objective will be for the Predator to find Pulse mines. Proceed back to the spawn point on top of the silo.

There will be an open cargo container. Go in there and follow the path until it drops down. Once the Predator drops down, turn around and follow the path (this will lead to the area where the pulse mines are). Try to kill as many guards as possible before leaving the safety of the shipping containers. Use the speargun and first person zoom. Jump on the walkway to the left and proceed forward until the end. Down below, near the gate, there will be the bonus mission to kill the Serviteur. There are two more guards here as well.

Health upgrade awarded by killing Serviteur AI

There will be a metal beam above. Jump on it and proceed to the top of the silo. Once on the ledge you can take out the remaining guards; one patrolling along the other walkway, two in the hangar and one on the containers in front of you. After this you can easily go into the hangar to pick up the mines. After you pick up the pulse mines you are under another timer so you will have to be very quick.

There is a Maul Upgrade in the hangar.

(There is an alternate way to play as well. Instead of going to El Hongo first head Left to the open container.

You can complete the pulse mine pick up before you trigger El Hongo, making it easier to follow the guard. You can hang from the overhead scaffold that has a view of both the generator room and the room w/El Hongo.)

Once the mines are picked up, proceed, quickly, back out to the cargo container that leads to the area. Follow the path until it ends. Jump out and onto the cargo containers ahead to get to the rooftop of the building ahead. From there, jump onto the next rooftop and turn around. Look down and wait for the target girl to appear.

Once she does, switch to first person and target her. She will then walk over and say the password to open the door. In first person, look down and target the speaker. Press the vocal mimicry button and the door will open. Two guards will come out, wait for them to walk away and proceed back along the rooftops to drop down behind them. Sneak up on the unsuspecting female and stealth kill her. Have the pulse mines equipped and throw them at the two generators in the room. Once they are disabled, the Predator can now cloak. A cinematic will show the gates opening that will lead to the large ship.

Proceed to the ship area by jumping back to the small bridge and heading down the alley. Be careful how and who you kill. If you kill too many you will fail by detection.

Use the platforms along the sides and at the very end, to the left, will be the opened gate that leads to the ship. It’s ok to kill these guards and proceed through the gate and use the scaffolding to the left or run down the center stretch while cloaked. Jump on top and proceed to the crane at the very end, on the right.

Notice in tech vision mode the highlighted area that the Predator can use to climb to the top of the crane. Climb it upwards to the top. From there, jump and hang from the crane’s arm. While hanging, proceed forward, hand over hand motion, until the Predator is above the ship. Drop down onto the ship and into the cargo area.

Once inside the ship, proceed East and attack the blue liquid filled canisters. Once the canisters blow up, the Predator will have a short amount of time to get out of the cargo area of the ship. Predator is safe either on the ship deck or off the ship entirely. Proceed back to the front gate, near the start point, and kill El Hongo (he is represented as a circle on the radar and will also have the red icon above his head). Feel free at this point to kill as many other enemies as you want.

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