Walkthrough: Level 09

by Prezes
    |     Predator: Concrete Jungle
Walkthrough for Level 09 Skin Trade

Level 9 Skin Trade

After the cinematic showing El Hongo and Lucretia talking, the level will start. Predator will start on an elevated railway. Jump down onto street level, still cloaked, proceed to follow El Hongo’s car (it has long bull horns on the hood). Follow behind the car, STAY cloaked, and do not attack, jump, or even touch on El Hongo’s car or the player will fail the mission. Once the car stops in front of the destination point, a cinematic will play showing El Hongo meeting with a pimp and going inside the building.

Bonus: Bandolier upgrade by killing the eight whores: hunt down the 8 Matador whores before you kill all the pimps. Use the same technique as below.

Proceed with the new mission of killing seven Matador pimps. Look for a particular pimp holding a gun and go into first person. Switch to Neuro Scan and lock onto the pimp. Once that is done, switch back to normal vision and third person. All the Matador members will have a down arrow icon above their head and will show up as white dots on the radar.

Once all seven pimps are killed, a cinematic will show El Hongo leaving.

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