Walkthrough: Level 08

by Prezes
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Walkthrough for Level 08 Under the gun

Level 8 Under the gun

Tips: There are green icons on the parking rooftop that provide hints on playing through this level. Make sure that the Predator avoids the sight of the cameras. A way to turn off cameras would be done as follows: At the start of the level, jump down from the billboard and proceed through the parking structure. Follow the street being careful of the cameras. There will be a police AI with an icon above his head.

Have the Predator’s wristblades unequipped and grab the police AI. Jump on the rooftop to the right ahead and then to the roof behind you (the only one you can jump to next). You will see the glow of the waypoint, beyond it inside the building there is a DNA Scanner on the right side of the hallway. Hold the police AI next to the scanner and all the cameras will be turned off. You must be fairly quick as you are on a timer to follow El Hongo.

The Predator will start on a billboard facing the parking structure. Drop down and proceed to the entrance of the parking structure. Go right and use the climbable fence to get to the parking structure rooftop. Proceed to follow El Hongo, who will be marked with a predator icon above his head. Follow El Hongo with extreme stealth. Follow him through the hallway and you will see the waypoint. Activate the waypoint and a cinematic will play El Hongo speaking with a guard.

(TIP: if you deactivated the cameras pick up here.)

Proceed through the hallway to the left branch and you will see the next waypoint. Another cinematic showing El Hongo talking to a woman will play. The next waypoint is to the left of the parking garage on a roof. If you have disabled the cameras you can go back through the garage the way you came and go left past the Serviteur lair. Look up to the left and you should see the next point. Once that waypoint is reached, another cinematic will show. Proceed to the next waypoint (on the elevated railway behind the Predator’s shoulder) quickly because there is not much allotted time for this one. After the cinematic showing the Neonopolis Bank, proceed to the next waypoint on a building ledge. Jump to the ledge shown and go around the corner. You should see the next waypoint.

After activating the waypoint a cinematic, viewing El Hongo and a Matador guard talking in front of an Open Late sign, will show. Continue forward on the ledges and follow them around to the left.

Jump up here (X marks the spot) and the next waypoint will be on the roof of the Matadors safe house.

(Timed section ends at this point so you can relax and enjoy your mission.)

Your new mission is to kill all the gun dealers. The six gun dealers will be shown on the radar as hollow circles and seen as hot dog stand vendors. Make sure you are cloaked because if you are detected you will fail the mission.

Bonus Mission: Find the three supply vehicles and destroy them. There is also a Plasmacaster upgrade west of the parking structure.

After killing all six dealers the level will end.

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