Walkthrough: Level 07

by Prezes
    |     Predator: Concrete Jungle
Walkthrough for Level 07 Death in the Family

Level 7 Death in the Family

Bonus: Predator can kill the Don for the Armor upgrade. The Don is located on the second floor, behind the curtains in the back.

When level starts, the objective is to kill the Ulysses robot.

Have the Predator cloak and jump on the Ulysses robot’s back and press the light melee attack. The Ulysses will throw the Predator off its back after a short time.

Repeat process until the robot is destroyed.

PICK UP:M The glaive can be retrieved from the central case. There are extra weapons in various cases in the room.

Next, proceed to kill all of the mafia guards and importantly the mafia enforcer holding the mini gun (ritual unlocked for skull ripping him). Use the plasmacaster for this enemy. This will end the level.

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