Walkthrough: Level 06

by Prezes
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Walkthrough for Level 06 La Famiglia

Level 6 La Famiglia

After the cinematic intro, proceed forward and a short cinematic will show an objective to grab a Mafia Lieutenant and the use of the DNA Scanner.

Be aware of EMP mines throughout the level.

Use tech scan so you don’t lose your cloak. These can be jumped over or you can drop and hand over hand along the bridges w/o triggering them. Go to the left bridge which is to the Southeast. Make sure that the Predator’s wristblades are not equipped.

Head to the small bunker and grab the target Mafia lieutenant and go to the newly shown red waypoint that is in front of the DNA Scanner.

A cinematic will play showing the turrets being shut down. Next proceed back over the bridge back to the main walkway.

A Speargun upgrade is at the top of the mansion. You should get this before disabling the next scanner. Bunny hop through the guns approaching the mansion and head left. There will be a glass conservatory that you can use to jump up to the roof.

Tip: Kill as many mafia guards as possible en route to the next bunker. This will lessen the amount of guards that will attack the upcoming Ulysses robot (which will be the last mission for this level).

Proceed towards the direction of the mansion and go to the next bunker on the right side (Southwest). Grab the Mafia Lieutenant and bring him to the DNA Scanner on the second bunker.

Once that is done, the new mission will have the Predator protect the Ulysses robot. Proceed back onto the main walkway and protect the Ulysses by killing mafia guards. (Note: mission will fail if you do not kill enough guards soon enough.)

When the Ulysses reaches the front door of the mansion, the level will end.

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