Walkthrough: Level 04

by Prezes
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Walkthrough for Level 04 Dead Man Walking

Level 04 Dead Man Walking

BONUS ENERGY UPGRADE: Destroy the arms caches. From the spawn point move left and jump up onto the roof tops. The second crate is located where the “Arms deal” goes down.

A Combistick Upgrade is located at north side of map on the rooftops near the Arms Deal.

Once the level starts, the mission will be to find the cloaked beacons. Predator will start on an elevated platform. Jump down and jump on the rooftop of the building to the left with the purple IMP sign. There will be a beacon on the higher building (this is to the left of the church as you are facing it).

The next beacon will be to the south, on the elevated railway in front of the church. The final beacon is located on the rooftops, one block east (right) of the church. Once that is complete, a cinematic will show an ambulance, and the supply carriers (women).

Complete the mission: kill all four of the supply carriers. Be sure to Cloak: If they see you they will run and you will fail the mission. Be as quick as you can. If any one of them reaches the church the mission will fail. The spear gun is particularly useful here. Proceed to the next mission (waypoint), Arms Deal.

The waypoint will be marked on the radar. It is up on a roof near the harbor. Once the waypoint is activated, a cinematic will play showing another meeting at the parking lot below. Drop down and kill all the gang members at the meeting. Once that is complete, proceed to the next waypoint (near the church) which will be the Mugging mission.

After the cinematic, kill all the gang members. Once all that is complete a new mission that will have the player head to the church will be shown. Make sure to be cloaked when proceeding to the church.

Proceed to the ‘Recording a Password’ green icon hint that is on top of the elevated railway. This will explain how to use the mimicry function. Switch to first person, zoom in and target the AI with the Predator symbol above his head. Record the password per instructions. Once the AI enters the church, target the speaker, and press the vocal mimicry button.

A cinematic will play showing you entering the church.

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