Walkthrough: Level 03

by Prezes
    |     Predator: Concrete Jungle
Walkthrough for Level 3 Sacrifice

Level 3 Sacrifice

Start the level and kill all the Serviteur enemies in the courtyard and in the building. There will be a mix of visible and cloaked Serviteur gangsters.

To kill the cloaked Serviteurs, switch to Tech Scan. Once all the gangsters are killed, a cinematic will show the Servituer boss come out from the building. Proceed to kill the boss.

Tip: Cloak and stand at a distance so that the boss will not block the attacks.

Equip the speargun and try to aim for the Serviteur boss’s head. The firebombs and any other weapons work as well. If you run out of weaponry a standard circle slash attack works well. Try to avoid his skull bombs as they will deactivate your cloak for a short time.

Ritual unlocked when the boss has been skull ripped. Once the boss is defeated the level will end.

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