Walkthrough: Level 02

by Prezes
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Walkthrough for Level 2 Copycat.

Level 2 Copycat

PICKUPS: Wristblades upgrade. From the start point go left, notice the elevated railway. Move along the railway and notice the two bridges. On the bottom bridge is a wristblades pickup. (see screenshot)

The beginning cinematic will introduce the Les Serviteurs. Game play begins with Predator on a building. You will want to stay cloaked and in Tech Vision for most of this level. Make sure to deactivate the wristblades as you will kill the prey prematurely.

Locate the Copycat killers. They are invisible (they use the Predator’s cloaking technology) and show up on the Tech Scan radar as a hollow circles (as you have noticed all your current targets will show this way). When one is found, go up to the target and repeatedly press the light melee button until Predator grabs the Copycat. (The AI can be grabbed when the hand icon is above the AI’s head). Once you have your prey take the AI to any of the newly marked waypoints. Once the Copycat is brought to any of the waypoints, a cinematic will appear showing the Predator flay the body.

Bonus: Near the Servituer base is the Psychopath Health upgrade. Go to the harbor behind the parking garage (The third waypoint for the flaying) to find and kill him.

Have the Predator locate and flay two more Copycat killers. A new mission will appear to kill all the riot police in the level. You can now switch out of Tech Scan to normal vision. They will be marked on the radar by the hollow circles. Proceed to kill all the riot police including the Ulysses robots.

Note: Be sure to destroy the police cars in each section first so the police cannot radio in for back up.

There will also be Ulysses robots you will need to eliminate. In order to easily defeat them, jump on the robot from behind and attack from on top. To jump on the Ulysses robot: cloak, maneuver behind the robot, lock on to it and once the downward arrow icon above the robot appears, jump. The Predator will jump on the robot; press light melee button to destroy it.

Once all the riot police officers and the Ulysses are defeated, you must locate the Serviteur lair entrance. Switch to Tech Scan and locate the two hollow circles on the radar. The two circles represent two more copycat killers guarding the entrance to the Serviteur base. After killing them a waypoint will appear in the alley nearby.

Once you step into the entrance, the mission will end.

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