Walkthrough: Level 01

by Prezes
    |     Predator: Concrete Jungle
Walkthrough for Level 1 Midsummer Nights Massacre.

Level 1 Midsummer Nights Massacre

After the level loads jump down and kill the enemies that enter the courtyard, as you approach the door opposite a cinematic will bring you into the hallway. Move forward and you will receive ‘Execution’ instructions. Proceed through hallway to the red waypoint (triangular symbol on the floor). Practice your newfound skills on the enemies in the hallway. Through the hallway beyond the doorway a cinematic will show the Predator jump from the ledge onto a car, and onto the street. Once on the street, head left (West), to the next waypoint in the alleyway. Going forward the waypoints are easily followed and you can practice your killing skills as you go. You will reach a point where you are instructed on the Juggle and Grab attacks during this process.

Bonus Mission here: Kill the Irish mob Boss, Broken Face. He is marked with a red predator symbol above his head. (See pickups and unlock sections for details.)

Once the Predator activates the next waypoint, a cinematic will show the Predator jumping on the wall.

Climb the wall up to the rooftop and activate the waypoint. A cinematic will show the beams above collapse and fall behind the Predator.

Jump across the gap to the ledge ahead, turn left (West) and walk to the edge. Follow the way points until the cinematic of a building’s wall exploding out. Jump across to the new opening in the burning building. Follow the path and run up the caved in ceiling to get to the floor above. Go left and jump out of the opening (South) and across to the rooftop ahead.

Turn right and proceed straight (West) to the end of the rooftop. Jump across to the ledge in front of the large Champion bread sign.

Jump up to the ledge above the sign and get to the next waypoint, and then proceed to the following waypoint. When you try to jump to the next way point the floor will collapse and a cinematic will bring you to the next level.

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