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Alien vs Predator The Movie 2

Unfortunatly, Alien vs Predator the movie 2 probably wont be coming out ever, instead...

Alien vs Predator Chess Set

Ever wanted to play chess with your favorite species in AvP? Ever wanted to have a "Queen" go against a Elder Predator? Heres your chance!

AVP Popcorn Bag

AVPWorld, struck again and posted a rather bizzare article about Popcorn Bags. Thye posted a link to Superhero Hype where someone emailed them, talking about another avp promo, the popcorn bag: "I wish I had a camera to show you guys, but basically the two large sides are the same as the posters. One half Pred mask, the other hal alien face. The other sides just have the AvP logo. It's not a new image or anything but it is a kinda cool bag." Check it out


AVPWorld just posted a news article about an update over at Palisades, seems that they've added a site for the 3 new statues, this includes info and some new pictures: "The wait is over, as one of the most highly anticipated match-ups in cinematic history makes its way to the big screen this summer. Alien vs Predator. Who will win? One things for certain, whoever wins....we lose."


AVPWorld just posted a news article about an update over at Palisades, seems that they've added a site for the 3 new statues, this includes info and some new pictures: "The wait is over, as one of the most highly anticipated match-ups in cinematic history makes its way to the big screen this summer. Alien vs Predator. Who will win? One things for certain, whoever wins....we lose." Check it out Thanks to AVPWorld for the news


Palisades Toys have posted some info and a picture on their new AVP statues: "A Predator, stands atop an ancient staircase, his deadly blades raised, prepared to strike. An Alien, stands crouched on the ancient staircase, preparing to strike upward at an unseen foe. The Captive Alien Queen is depicted here, writhing against the chains that hold her, her acidic blood oozing from multiple wounds." Check it out


Well I've spent about a month updating the site AGAIN. New layout, new forum and new content again. Have a look round and please sign the guestbook with your comments. I have removed the .tk domain name and am keeping to .cjb.net and the oringial domain url which is www.angeltowns.com/members/avpworld/.

New Toys

Well Palisades Toys are making an Aliens Playset which comes with all your favorite marines(YEAH HICKS) and 9 aliens. Cool eh? Check out the picture Order your copy now Thanks to Bugstomper for the news.

New Poll

Ok people. There is a new poll up at www.absoluteavp.com The poll is on what your favorite types of each species are. Im not trying to create an argument here or anything so lets keep it civil. This is not a poll on which is the best species. Enjoy ALNS

New Poll

What would make a great AvP game. With the new poll you can have some input. not saying that anybody who makes the games actually comes here. but just to see what everyone likes the most. or would like the most for a new game. Hope you enjoy the new poll. ALNS

Comic Interviews

I have had 2 interview with the people involved in the fan comic AVP:Dissolution. I had one interview with Brian Watts, Writter and Director of the project and another with Miguel Fernandez, the artist in the project. Brian Briggs Interview and Miguel Fernandez Interview. Check em out.

New Comic

Well seems there is a new comic in production called Aliens vs Predator: Dissolution. This comic is being made by Rival Comics here's abit of the storyline: "When their ship malfunctions and is forced to land, Captain Lillian Bell and her crew find themselves on the surface of a strange jungle planet with few signs of life other than the plants and ancient, inhuman temples that stand on the planet's surface. Their attempt to explore the temples goes horribly wrong, however, when they find themselves in the midst of a Xenomorph hive, and nothing can prepare them for the horrors that are yet to come when they discover that there is another species roaming this planet as well: the Predator. Four months later, a Marine 'rescue' crew arrives, completely unaware of the hell that they will unleash..." Visit their site for some image of whats gonna be in the comic Thanks to Darkness of AVPGalaxy for the news.

ALien Predator Busts

Palisade Toys, they have posted up 3 of this years Alien and Predator bust releases for the first half of 2004. These include the Aliens: Special Edition Bust, the Predator Elder(same as AVP?) from Predator 2 and finally the Queen Chestburster from Alien 3. They claim to be releasing some AVP bust the second half of the year but due to FOX's request they can't post any details. They did however told us this was the movie all fans had been waiting for. Click Here, you may need to scroll down the page abit.

Hicks Figure in MM7

Well Spawn.com have posted up some of the new figures to be featured in the Movie Maniac 7 Series, and guess what my man Hicks is in. Not photo as of yet but theres a small page for him. Click Here.

AVP Movie Busts

Well, I found these sketchs of the new AVP busts from Figures.com, and they look very interesting: The Images may take some time to load, so be patient.

Alieb and Predator Figures

OK, so McFarlenes have posted pictures of their next set of Alien and Predator figures, due out this July. Their list includes: Alien Warrior Alien Predator Predator the Hunter My personal favorite being the Warrior Alien(Alien Drone) Visit the Site Here.

Century of Flight

Today is the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers' first flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina on 17th December 1903. Orville, who flew the first 12sec, 37m (120ft) flight, and Wilbur are credited with achieving the first powere heavier-than-air controlled and sustained flight, completing four flights that day. Their four-year design and test programme included windtunnel testing and led to a proven three-axis control system that is the basis of that used on today's aircraft. The Experimental Aircraft Association has staged a re-anacment of the first flight at Kitty Hawk, with just as much success as the brothers had 100 years ago. In less than a month I have witnessed the very last ever flight and landing of Concorde and enjoyed the marking of century of flight. So, here are a few pics of the Concorde as it 'came home', that's Bristol in the South West of England. The last ever Concorde built (which was also here in Filton), and the last one that flew. It was a very impressive sight, and so many people had turnded up all over the city as the plane did it's tour around the region. We all clapped, some people waved their flags, and very nice moment. I'm very glad I got to see it.


As most of you will know an AVP has been confirmed and fox has made a site for the movie.www.avp-movie.com. The site contains backgrounds for you to download for your desktop aswell as an option to sign up to be email with any new news on the movie. HAPPY HUNTINGS

AVP: Extinction Review and Alien5 release date

Hi all, Corpral Hicks here. Just bringing you your new of a new AVP: Extinction review over at Brit Xbox. Heres a bit from the review: "The three fiercest species in the universe have been locked in a bloody, galaxy-spanning battle for years. With each new encounter, it seems the on-going conflict will never end. After a small unit of Colonial Marines, dispatched to planet LV-742, reveals the presence of both Predators and Aliens, it is decided that the conflict must end once and for all." You can read the whole review here. And aswell I bring you news of a possible Alien5 release date. It is rumored to be released sometime around christmas 2005 and directed by James Cameron!

Alien Query

Hi all, Corpral Hicks here. OK all, I got an e-mail from a Paul Mills asking me questions about what we like about the Alien movies and so forth. I am pasting the content of the e-mail he sent bellow and I would anyone to send an e-mail to Paul Mills with your answers. The questions: I can manage with the research, but need to also survey people on the question of who their pick is, of the best alien ever and their (serious, or even humorous) reason/s why (in a maximum of about 35

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