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AlienTimline & Alien Encyclopedia

For those that have not visited these Hosted sites, SM has uploaded some updates. Wonder over and have a look at whats new ! That an order marine! Cick on the link on the left

New AVPWorld Forum

Well due to the deletion of Allied Forum, myself and Slof have taken seperate path, Slof as started her own and so have I. AVPDose is dead, so dont expect to see another forum or site. AVPWorld Forum Its follows a new layout and colour system, and banner. The colour syheme and banner will be whats avpworld next design. Of course it doesnt have as many members as before but check it out, sign up and chat.

New Forum for Alien Experience

Hi all, Corpral Hicks here. Just a message telling you all that the hosted site The Alien Experience has now got a new forum. The Forum is simpler to the AVPWorld Forum. It is a great forum but only a few members are reguestered including me. Head on over there and have a look. The Alien Experience Forums Comment on the forum here Corpral Hicks out.

Hosted Sites !!!

The end of AvP2.Net has come You can now find all the hosted sites here at AbsoluteAvP.Com Visit these sites, a small glimps into the vast AvP community...

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