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More walkthroughs posted!

Loads more walkthroughs have now been posted. If I was to list them, we would be here all day. We now have listed walkthroughs for levels 1 to 18 !!! Go on have a browse, Predator: Concrete Jungle section.

Continued Predator: Concrete Jungle Walkthroughs

We have been continuing to upload more of the Official Walkthroughs for the most recent member of the Aliens vs Predator Genre, Predator: Concrete Jungle. Have a browse in out section relating to this game for the full list of available walkthroughs.

Predator: Concrete Jungle

We have 2 more walkthroughs for you for the Predator game. Level 2 & Level 3 These are from the officialwalkthrough, if you have your own segguestions and comments feel free to post them up in the forums !!!

Screen Shots of Predator game

I have set up a dedicated section in our gallery for Predator: Concrete Jungle game related pictures. There are also screen shots from the game to give you the initial taster of the game. Post your favourite screenshots and share it with all of us!!!


We have brought you the walkthrough for Predator: Concrete Jungle.

New Predator Game info coming soon...

We have been working hard to bring you loads of new stuff for the new Predator: Concrete Jungle game. Check back soon to start discovering the truth.... [enough with the X-Flies chit-chat]

Chapter 3 of "The Tracker" is up

Just thought I would let you all know, that I dug out the disc and dusted it off. So here is chapter 3 of The Tracker, I will be checking chapter 4 then posting it as well. Here is an excerpt: He walked over to a portal or window and then pointed at me to look. I did and when one sees space from the first time not in a movie or from a planet, it is rather disconcerting. I stared at the black space, small streaks of light from distant stars all going by . I felt small, very alone and unable to speak. I did not hear the old one leave my side, but I dropped the carcass of the rat thing and just stared into the vastness of the inky blackness that I saw before me.

Predator Gladiator

Want to test your predator melee skills against an onslaught of endless drones, runners and praetorians??? Well heres your...

Predator: Concrete Jungle Delayed

The predator is back, only now hes in the past..or is it future? Well, its both actually! Vivendi Stuidos has announced that Predator: Concrete Jungle will...

More on Pred Game

Well over at GameGossip they've posted an article about Vivendis game from last year and the upcoming ones this year: "Additionally, following various reports around the net, Vivendi confirmed that 2004 will see the release of Predator across the Xbox, PlayStation 2 and PC platforms. Check back later today for more news." Check It Out.

Trapped Within Freedom: Chapter 1

Well, it has been a short while, but out of the ashes rises the once proud, defiant body of Mar. I am back, for now at least, while i have been away there was a lot of writing done, this and a new fic of mine that is on the way soon. This is the latest chapter of TWF, theres a small teaser down the newsie, and the rest is on gamestory, have a read, comment on the threads etc, hope you like...

Predator Game

Hi all Corpral Hicks here, bringing your a com. of the new Predator Game. So far, we know the game isn't a 1st person shooter but most likely a 3rd Person Adventure/Shooter. The Game is due out sometime chrsitmas 2004 and it is being produced by Vivendi! Happy Huntings Corpral Hicks

Endeavoring: Chapter 2

Greetings, the next chapter of Endeavoring to Achieve Greatness is up on the GS webby, its called Growing Up. heres a small teaser...

Double X Chapter 5: The B&M Campaign

The next chapter of Double X is up at Gamestory, its called, The B&M Campaign. In this chapter, the real truth is revealed to Vinny about project Double X, Enjoy! Mar. Vinny spoke in a soft yet deadly tone that Hicks had never heard before;

Endeavoring To Achieve Greatness: Chapter 1

Ok, the next chapter of Endeavoring to Achieve Greatness is up on GS, its called the Birth of Pre'len-ja. Elaborates a bit more on the life style of Mar'kel-ja and Kaht'ay, and of course the birthing of their young daughter. Enjoy it! Mar. Mar got to his feet and walked around to his mother, at the foot of the sleeping mattress, a small bundle of blankets was passed from his father to himself. Mar looked down into the face of his young daughter; she smiled back up at him and reached out for the large Kainde Amedha tooth that hung around his neck. Both Mar'kel-ja parents laughed at the actions of the young child, Mar just stood there looking down into her young face, bursting with pride..

Trial For Glory Chapter 6

Ok guys and gurls, the next chapter of TFG is up on GS its called Retribution, so umm go and have a read!! ENJOY!! The creature hissed at its threat, Mar roared at it, intimidating it, it opened its mouth and lunged at the stretcher, the big Skar'ku pulled himself off the stretcher and groggily got to his feet, the creature was not as tall as him, and looked quite delicate, but there was more to it than any one person knew....

New Yautja Site in the Mix!

Ok guyz and gurls! I have just recently made a new site mainly yautja based, but there is a few xeno bits here and there, it has only just been uploaded so there is still alot to go, as far as i am concerned it is FAR from finished. the address is: www.freewebs.com/markhyland enjoy!! Mar.

Trial For Glory Chapter 5

Ok here it is, Chapter 5, its now uploaded to GameStory so go and feel free to read it!! all comments etc please post on the DX, Chapter 4 Thread, Thankyou all!! ENJOY!! Pre'la-tor hung off the side of the platform as the Ooman typed in the code on the door. Pre'la-tor quietly slid himself back onto the walkway and stood. The Ooman finished and the door opened. Pre followed the soft meat inside and the door shut. He looked around the small room occupied only by him and this Ooman....

Trial For Glory

OK!!! The next chapter for Trial For Glory is finally up on GameStory!! For those who were waiting for it here it is!! ENJOY!! Mar

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