Marine Strategies

by Static_J
    |     AvP 1 by Rebellion
The Art of Survival [ Discuss in Forums ] As many of you know, playing AvP online is a totally different experience than playing single player. On the AAP message board there was a thread started to give tips to some of the other members. I thought id share some of the strategies that i use with you guys due to the shortage of good Marine players in AvP:Gold Edition. It's to help you guys that play marine to maybe learn how to play a bit better. Ok, youre probably wondering, "why the hell should i listen to you anyways?" Well, i have been playing as Marine for about 2 years now. I consider myself to be one of the best marines and alot of people tell me that im the best that they have played. Not to brag, but i know a thing or two about playing as marine. ;) Allrighty im gonna teach ya how to be a killing marine machine. First, you have work on your video settings: -------------------------------------------- 1) Press esc in game, go to Audio/Video settings and turn up the Gamma Correction to your preference. Depending on what kind of computer you are on then you might not want too much Gamma. On older less powerful systems the gamma does not bother you so much so you can turn it up all the way. But on higher end machines, especially ones with Windows XP, the explosions and lights will be too bright if you turn Gamma all the way up. This is not good since you can lose your enemy if the explosion is too bright. Higher Gamma lets you see bugs and cloaked preds easier than before. You still gotta know where to look and have patience but using your resources is good. 2) Next, Go to the same menu and then go to Details Level Menu and turn off Light Coronas. Now the lightposts in Subway and Flares will not mess with your vision like before. Their intensity will be much lower than before. Allright, Second, gotta work on your movement: ---------------------------------------------- 1) Strafe alot. Alot! If you dont know what strafing is, all it is- is running diagonally. (wtf, 2 "is" back to back...i know its correct but it looks weird) Anyways, strafing makes you faster. I have been told by newbies to the game that i run too fast for a marine. Thats just because i always strafe. 2) Know your level. Know where you are and where you are going to go at all times. If you get lost then youre most likely going to die. You have to use the level to your advantage. Learn the different routes through the level so that you can cut your opponent off. If you pop out in front of them and catch them off guard then you have the advantage. 3) Never follow anyone unless they are an alien. And even then it can still be risky. Chasing Preds and Marines is almost certainly death. They will just try to lure you through a door or down a corridor and time their shot to meet you as you round the corner. So dont do it. 4) Some people play as what i call Grasshopper Marines. They leave the jump button pressed as they move and strafe so they are always jumping. Jumping is good. It also speeds you up. But you have to learn when to jump. Some people (like me) can time your jump and shoot in front of you and hit you as you jump. Or shoot the ground near the place you will land to damage you. Jumping comes in handy though. Especially in levels like Meat Factory. I jump up stairs in order to move through the level faster. I jump out of windows to escape my enemies and i jump from different sides of the catwalk to gain a better angle or get behind my opponent. Knowing when and where to jump will definitely help you out. Finally, you have work on your weapon handling: ----------------------------------------------- 1) Learn how to use the weapons by practicing with them. Know what they do and how strong they are. The weapons that i use are Pulse Rifle (for marines and aliens) and SADAR (for preds). Pulse Rifle- 1 direct shot for aliens and marines. 3 shots of splash damage for marines. 3 direct hits to kill a Predator. SADAR- 1 direct shot will kill anything. 2) Work on your AIM and Reflexes by playin Skirmish or Coop with your mouse sensitivity to the fullest. This makes it very hard to control but does wonders for your aim. 3) The best advice i ever got was this from my recruiter and friend AAP-FROST. He told me "Dont shoot where they are, shoot where they are going to be." You do that and youre on your way to becoming a lean mean fighting marine machine, just like moi. I found out that learning to play with a combination of Pulse Rifle and SADAR will make you even better. The skill that it takes to use each really compliment each other. I started out as a Grasshopper Pulse Marine. I got very good at it and then decided to take up SADAR. Since sadar is slow to reload, i knew that i couldnt miss much. So i practiced until i got down the speed of the missle and was able to time it with the running speed of my opponents. I can hit just about anything with SADAR, even from long distances. Since i learned that, now that i play with pulse i dont play recklessly. SADAR taught me to play conservative so now i use my pulse grenades efficiently and strive for direct hits. Because if you miss with SADAR and are caught in a bad spot, then you are most certainly dead. The Most Important Thing To Remember Is: ---------------------------------------- 1) PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!! There is nothing that will make you better than Practicing. Play the best people around and you will up your skill. But try not to play against the same person TOO much. If you do then you will just learn THEIR style of playing and you will do things to beat THEM but pick up bad habits. Not everyone plays the same. Thats it for my Marine Strategies. I hope this will help you guys play better. Now that you have the knowledge, all you need is the experience. [ Discuss in Forums ]

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